Monday, May 10, 2010

Location Scouts Look for Photo Ops

Taken April 25, 2010.

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  1. Bebo is such a photo hog showing her best side. The green looks so fresh and young.

    Nice weekend with the kids. Daughter stayed until midafternoon and we had a fun visit. She'll be back in about a week to hang out between Spring and Summer sessions. Not sure what she'll do but pamper pets and watch trash tv and sleep--sounds like a good recipe really. This is finals week for both of them.

    Got music uploaded on the iPhone so now have an MP3 player with more than 30 songs. Mine was from the cave techno days. Got the Pandora app so can listen to it too. WooHoo.

    Last Monday Night Counseling tonight--Big WooHoo. I enjoy it, but it takes a lot of energy to work over twelve hour day.

    18 kiddo days left--It's hard to believe.
    Gotta keep the momentum up with the editing to meet my goal of the end of June. So off the get some more pages behind me.

    Marvelous Monday to All.

  2. Morning, peeps. Woke to news of Lena Horne's death and a cold front (brrr!! it's 45F!!). Not a good way to start a week. :(

    Lisa, glad it's the last Monday night for you. You need relax-time!

    I'm excited about my noir short story (not due until end of July)--of course, you *know* it's going to have paranormal elements!

    Next up: my essay for FILLED WITH GLEE about 2 of the secondary characters (Mercedes & Tina, for those of you who watch). That's due in 1 week.

    Note to self: learn how to ask about when stuff is due BEFORE committing!!

    Hope you all have a good Monday.

  3. Whatever Jim & The Pack are doing, it looks a lot more fun than going to the mimes.

    Lisa, hope the last 18 days go quickly and easily… yeah right.

    Happy writing, Maria!

    Mason slept all night, hooray! And woke up in a good mood, more hooray! And now I must be off to the mimes.

  4. Been having trouble posting but hope this one actually goes through. Waves.

  5. Lisa, I think your daughter's plan sounds awesome -- I'm tucking it away as one of my retirement options. :)

    Maria, I would love to see a noir story where the main female characters is absolutely ordinary looking and beguiles (and outsmarts) men (and women) with her wit and intelligence.

    Farf, Jim is trying to take a macro shot, the dogs are -- as always -- looking for something to eat.

    Hey Dina, you're here! See me waving back? (And sorry for all the trouble but glad you're persistent).

    I'm off to go spend the day playing chauffeur to my mom. See ya later.

  6. Hallooo, *waves madly from behind teetering stack of paperwork*

    Hope everyone has a survivable Mondaiiiieeee! *stack collapses in paperlanch*

    *camera pans back to shot of room filled to waist depth with paper*

    *long silence*

    *hand breaks surface and waves one last time*


  7. Good morning everyone!

    It's overcast here today and a little cool - 64F. Nothing like Maria woke up to, but cool/comfortable.

    I went into town last week and ordered my new glasses. Sears has a special where I can get two pair of progressive bifocals for around $200.00. So I got that and figured it will take four or five months to pay it off, but worth it. I found out I should have called the place where I had gotten my last pair of glasses. On my newest pair I destroyed the frames by sitting on them - don't ask. So I call the shop and ask how much a pair of new frames would cost. I was thinking that I would'nt be able to output that much money at one time. The lady said hold on and she came back and told me new frames would cost $10.00. I asked her to recheck, she did and said yep $10.00. So it looks now like I'll have three sets of new glasses. When it rains it pours. :)

    Every time I take George out now I'm keeping a sharp eye out for the Water Moccasin. I was thinking what would I do if George saw it and started going up to it and barking. I would hope I could overcome my phobia of snakes, but I'm not sure. So he's been going out to the front yard a lot more lately.

    I hope everyone's week starts out good and keeps that way.

    Take care


  8. Good heavens, Kelly, you are being taken over by state directions!

    Frames are pretty cheap, FM, though $10 bucks is impressively cheap. All of my dogs bark at snakes but none of them every get that near to them so I don't think you need to worry too much on that count.

  9. woo hoo FM, when it rains glasses it pours glasses. :)

    Maria I love Mercedes so I'll be interested in what you do with her. She needs more air time.

    It has been very cold here but I've been too busy to be outside so that's ok.

    Hi to Lisa, FaR, Dina and the rest.

  10. Howdy from home - glad I didn't miss all of the fun! Waving at Kelly sinking in his paper-mire. Yay for babies that sleep through the night, new stories, school years ending, dogs eating, mom chauffeuring, snake avoiding, cheap glasses buying...what a busy day!

    I met with my financial advisor from home, drove cross the state, and now need to unpack - and start packing. Organizing my to-do list for the coming week. My sis is coming to help me pack this weekend - I'm floored and thrilled.

    Life is looking better every day!

    Hope everyone has a stellar evening - I'm off to find dinner and start packing the boxes my wonderful St Augustine friends found for me.


  11. Cold here too, Mary. We've had frost warnings the last two nights but it looks like a little warm-up is about to start.

    What better friends could you want than ones who will find packing boxes for you or better sisters than one who will come and fill up those boxes. No wonder things are looking better. :)

  12. Rainy outside.
    Sleepy inside.
    Waving hand rises to cover yawn.