Thursday, May 27, 2010

Life Imitates Art: Van Gogh

Taken May 15, 2010.

Click image to see larger version


  1. Love Impressionism in the Wild, Andi.
    Sonboy comes in town to go with hubby for a testosterone weekend with a large group that gets together each year. My baby is 22 today. I'll get a quick hello before they leave.

    I'm starting exams with my kiddos today. Next week are the academic exams. Juggling act to keep those busy that don't have exams. Next week working with a lady that's getting alternative certifcation for teaching. We're going to work with the ninth grade on creating Villians. Wanted a fun activity for next week.

    90s here so stay cool all.

    Thursday winking at Friday to All.

  2. Eww… almost looks like what's washing up along the Gulf coast.

    Lisa, somehow I expect the kiddos will like the segment on creating villains. Just sayin'. :-)

    Quiet few moments before I start mime time. I think I'm supposed to drive over to the mechanics with Mrs. Fetched's mom so she can drop off her van in a few.

  3. Morning, all! Nearly mime time and I've managed to waste another perfectly good hour* messing about with iPhoto albums/settings, etc.

    This is called procrastination... ::g::


    Catch you guys later.

    * thanks to Car Talk Guys for the quote.

  4. Happy Birthday to Sonboy, Lisa. Creating Villains sounds like a lot of fun -- hope you'll share some of the results with us.

    I cleaned up your double post, Farf. And your comment on the pictures just adds to my firm belief that I can never predict how people will react to the pictures I post.

    Happy End of the Work Week, Maria. Time spent messing with programs is never a waste -- it's just an opportunity for enhancing your ability to put up with frustration.

  5. Sorry, Andi… I tend to post first impressions (no pun intended) and that one was no exception.

    Hey Maria, now that you've fixed your tweet-link, what prompted your re-think about writing tools? What do you plan to try next?

    Yeesh, The Boy and Snippet are still snarling & snapping at each other this morning… I thought they'd gotten over themselves but maybe not.

  6. Farf and gang - I entered a blog post that might be interesting to you writerly types re: tools/equipment.

    And Farf, thanks again for catching that link hijack!!

    I am @ the mimes and not really focusing on the work stuff. ::g::

  7. Waves to all !

    Cool photo Andi!

    Cooler here today. Looking forward to the long weekend. See y'all later on. This iPod blogging is a drag. :-(

  8. Hey Farf, no apologies needed -- I was just making an observation. I really am always surprised by the different reactions people have to the pictures.

    Hiya b2. I'm impressed you can type anything on an iPod. Jim's iPhone always defeats me.

  9. Afternoon, everyone! Still trying to make my deadline, so my computing time has been spent working today. Lunch with my cousin and dinner with a HS friend tonight, so that'll be fun.

    On the road tomorrow. I told you I got a Verizon Air Card, didn't I? So I'll never be wireless again.

    Will post from the hotel tomorrow, whenever I get there. Long driving day, but a party waits on Saturday night, woo hoo!

    Hippo birdie to your son, Lisa.

    Hope everyone had a good mime day, and you have a peaceful evening ahead!

    Oh and andi, I have no clue what the picture is, but I love it!

  10. I'm in Omaha at a mystery convention and I've already spent time with our Dina! Maria, you're seriously missed, just so you know. :)

  11. Cool on being eternally connected, Beth. Now we'll expect updates every five minutes on your travels. :)

    The picture is a reflection made squirrelly-looking but ripples.

    Hiya, Nancy. So how do you solve a problem like Maria ... not being in Omaha? ;)

  12. Hi all. I hope everything is going well for all and sundry. I've been busy with the renovation and a bit of miming.

    Plus broken tooth drama and visits to the hospital to get meds changed, etc. The good news is that the upped dosage on my anti-spasmodic seems to be helping both my tremors and my nerve pain. Yay. And it looks like I'll be attending weekly sessions with the Pain Clinic starting early July. You'd think, that after all these years, I'd have leaned that I can't just ignore my body because it has the temerity to contradict what my head says should be the case. Apparently the Pain Clinic is going to help me tweek this personal paradigm by teaching me some real life skills.

    Anyway, it is what it is.

    Lisa, any discussions of villainy should include the famous: If I Became An Evil Overlord list (scroll down for the list).