Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Kinder Garden

I know better than to think I've seen everything the woods have to offer but I have to admit I never expected to find a nursery school of little maples.
Taken April 24, 2010
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  1. Ah coochie coochie coo. What cute little babies.

  2. Good morning everyone!

    Andi again I agree with Lori. What cute little babies.

    Today my big project is to go and get new glasses. Since I just destroyed my newest set of glasses, I've been wearing an old pair that has to be about 25 years old. I can see through the bi-focal part fine, but looking through the regular lense it's so blurred I can't make anything out.

    I'm still basking in the knowledge that with the plumbing fixed I'll have a hot shower waiting for me. :)

    It's hump day and I hope everyone's day will go great.

    Take care


  3. Aren't they just. Too bad, Lori, most of them won't make it past sapling. But it's going to be interesting to see what that area looks like over the next few years.

    Yeah for hot showers, FM. And for glasses you can see through -- the better to take pond pictures with (jeez, I am such a nag).

  4. Well of course I'm going out today and take pond pictures, or maybe I'll recycle some old one and hope you don't catch them. :P

  5. Maples are my favorites, especially in the fall. We don't really have them out west.

    Then again, I like aspens and cedars too. Guess I don't really have a favorite. But it'll be nice to see what happens there, andi, true.

    Yay for pond pictures, Fam! (just adding a little pressure). i've never seen one, so I won't know if they're recycled.

    Appraiser was nice yesterday. Hope he likes my house just enough.

    Guacamole for dinner tonight, in honor of Cinco de Mayo. Maybe a margarita, too!

    Hope everyone has a great hump day - sliding into the weekend!

  6. Baby trees, FTW! Happy Cinco de Mayo, gang--feeling WAY better today, thank goodness.

    Still no a/c, but I'm off to the mimes where it's cooler.

    FM, new glasses, yippee!! I'm still dealing with my old ones until the eye doc thinks my eyes have settled enough to get a new RX. whee?

    Office open house is tonight so I'll be getting home later than usual, darn it. I'm definitely in the cranky "I've seen too many people recently" mode. The older I get, the less I tolerate crowds. :( Nevertheless, I shall paste on my smiling face and pretend!

    Happy Wednesday!!

  7. I'm getting that way too, Maria. I'm pretty content to stay home and not see anyone. But I think that's a function of not liking it here.

    The masses in India and SE Asia cured me of wanting to be around crowds forever. I was in NYC for 1/2 a day and that was enough - I wanted to find a corner and hide. Way too much energy.

    Hope you can find someone you know/like, and avoid the rest of the small talk tonight.

  8. What incredible GREEN!! Love it.

    Andi, do you have my new email address? Cause I need your street address again, plz., cause I keep lousy records. (Okay, that one by Boz Skaggs is good.) My email now is nanpickard at (p.s., if anybody ever loses me and wants to find me again, it's always possible through my website or facebook.)

  9. Pat yourself on the back, Nancy -- you sent me your new email address way back when you first changed it. Email with address already sent.

    Thanks to a very wet couple of weeks, it's hard to find any place around here that isn't buried alive in green, which -- despite sounding like a John McDonald mystery -- is a lovely place to be.

  10. Speaking of snail mail addresses, I'd love to have all y'all's (see how I worked the Texan dialect in?).

    You can email me: mylima AT gmail dot com.

    I'll return the favor if you want mine. :)

  11. iPod blogging. Drive by hi, waves to all.

    I hope that your new glasses are ready soon FM. I now wear mine most of the time.

    See y'all later!

  12. Wow, the maple nursery! Hope they all find homes where they won't be so crowded when they get older.

    My email is FARfetched58 at aim dot commie, if anyone is missing it.

    FM, getting new glasses is on my list too, but not today. I'm planning for September, as Mason will be a year old by then and (I hope) out of the grab-glasses stage.

    Beth, we're going to the Mex restaurant in town for lunch. They're giving away t-shirts, one per table, and Mrs. Fetched has specified it's hers this year (Daughter Dearest got it last year).

    Maria, I'm not much of a crowds person either. I start getting all Sheltie and trying to keep everyone I'm with in sight. I'm better if I'm by myself, though.

    Hey ho to Lori, Nancy, Boran, and the later-comers!

    The Boy has Mason outside in the stroller, playing some guitar for him. They both seem to enjoy this. Makes happy FARf happy. I bought Mom a Kindle for Mother's Day, she really was interested in mine and it would be handy for her when she's traveling through the summer. Free 2-day shipping as part of the promo, so she'll get it Friday (early for a change!).


  13. They are some pictures of the pond at FM's place, Beth like here and here.

    Happy Cinco de Mayo to you, Maria. You can take the opportunity to teach everyone at the party about this date and that way something useful will happen at it. Also, I zipped off my email to you with mine.

    Sound like a fun Mom's day gift, Farf. You are good boy. :)

  14. Oops, missed our legal eagle flying by. Howdy b2.

  15. Oh thanks, andi! What a gorgeous pond. I'd be sitting down by it all the time, water baby that I am.

  16. Oh hey, guess what's the "main selection" in the B&N weekly email thingie: "Scent of Rain and Lightning." Yay, Nancy!

  17. Testing - earlier post disappeared.

  18. "Hi" from a dreary Thursday morning.

    Lily's got her first "heat" and is mopping around the place, or alternatively wanting to go outside in hopes that her prince might come. Here Prince, here Prince. I send mama with her to protect her chastity, should any male dog show up.

    Neither of Luna's previous "six-inch-suitors" have appeared - one, I know, went missing months ago, the other was old, and may have died by now.

    Why anyone would have an un-neutered dog that wasn't a breeding animal, I'll never know.

    Dozens of Fairy wrens flitting about in the cherry trees. All in their eclipse clothing now. A friend, a local, thought the bright blue ones migrated north to the mainland when Winter came Had no idea that the dull brown ones he saw in the Winter months were the same birds. The only remaining hint of the males' Summer finery is their dusky pale blue tails.

    (Added a few comments on Captcha)

  19. Just got home from office open house. Was loads of fun, though overly warm. Food: fantastic. Fun to see clients, spouses & SOs.

    Came home to a wonderful sign: THE A/C IS ON! Yippee!!!

  20. Grumpy day.
    I've about had it with kiddos, so might just kick me a few baby maples.

    Read today's hello and what's goings on with a glass of whine and feel much better.

  21. So Beth you can see why we need to keep pestering FM to take bunches of pictures of the pond for our viewing pleasure.

    Well I'm glad you didn't disappear with it, Dina.

    Poor Lily/Lilly. Are you going to breed her? The foosp one was good but the cocot was completely brilliant (monocot and dicots *snort*).

    You can kick those little maples all you want, Lisa -- I'm all for maple stomping as mood improvement. It could be a whole new money-maker for us. ;)

  22. Almost forgot -- you are so cool, Maria. :D

  23. I don't know if I'll breed Lily. I like to see my girls all grown up before I can really evaluate whether they are worth adding to the gene pool. Lily certainly has the looks. But she's too immature for me to really gage her temperament, and then there's her health to consider. I'll start thinking seriously when she's two and half.

  24. Too bad there's no way to get Pyr puppy videos without actually having to have a pregnant dog. I guess you could just play the old ones and pretend that they were new puppies. ;)

    And so to bed.