Monday, May 3, 2010

Just Looking

Taken April 26, 2010.

Taken April 24, 2010

Taken April 30, 2010.
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  1. Love to start the week with the pups, Andi.

    Enjoyed the poetry yesterday, but couldn't stop to write.
    I got another couple of chapters done and then a family thing for the father-in-law. Very nice but took most of the afternoon.

    Have been loving the sun and warm but I 90s are predicted for later in the week so the concept of Summer is no mirage.

    Next to last counseling session tonight--WooHoo. There really is an end to the year.

    Marvelous Monday to All.

  2. That green is so fresh and new, andi. Love it - and the pack, of course!

    Hot here too, Lisa. Humidity descended Saturday. Hoping it goes away for a little longer - I'm not ready to live inside air conditioning just yet.

    Actually spent an hour in the sun yesterday, after painting the wall. I felt decadent!

    Last day with Keeper. After he woke me up at 2:45am, I'll be relieved when he's gone home to his papa tomorrow for good. Although it's been fun having dog energy around.

    Still waiting for the appraisal. Getting antsy. Hard not to get excited about moving, but I might not be, so am trying to control myself a little longer.

    Hope everyone had a stellar weekend, and avoided the nasty weather. I'm off to watch more Johnny. Waving!

  3. Highlight of the mystery fan/writer conference I just attended: feeling a tap on my shoulder, turning to look up and see Maria's smiling face. We got all of about three minutes together, but there will be much more time to talk about all of you when we see each other again soon, in Omaha.

    Beth, yes, the green is so fresh. Love the top photo especially, Andi.

    Waves to all!

  4. Glad I can give you a good start for the week, Lisa. I hope the kids decide to do the same. And good work on doing good work on your book. :)

    It seems like appraisal always seem to take forever. Even the ones done for property tax assessments here way overschedule. I hope yours is much quicker and turns out good.

    I'm definitely jealous of your getting together, Nancy, though not so much going to Omaha (and yes I've been there).

  5. Rainy humid Monday here. But at least the really hot 90 degree temps have stopped for a while.

    Off to court.

    Congrats on the chapters Lisa!

    See ya later.

  6. Morning, gang. Lovely to get my 3 minutes with Nancy at the con, indeed!

    Unfortunately so hot in the banquet Saturday night that I ended up leaving and coming home--to an equally hot apt. No a/c yet. :(

    Woke up Sunday with con crud and today, stayed home with same. I think it's a mix of too-hot home, too many people and a cold. Bummer.

    A/c will be on sometime this week, according to management--they're suffering, too! Horrible humid heat wave hit at wrong time.

    Lisa, congrats on the chapters--Keep that great energy up!

    I'm just trying to keep as cool as possible today.

  7. 90!!??!! Damn, I'm sure glad we didn't get that, b2.

    Damn, hot there too, Maria. Lucky us in Indiana, we didn't get the heat wave and even though we got lots and lots of rain over the weekend, we didn't have anything like the deluge in Tennessee and Kentucky.

  8. Hot? That's cruel - we've had a lovely April but May is damp and droopy. Today is a Bank Holiday so naturally it's rained.
    Am trying not to watch any news of Thursday's election: I just want to make my mark and get it over. I predict universal misery as it's now such a close race. Nobody will be happy!

  9. Hey all!

    Pups caught in that frozen moment before they go baying into the woods after whatever it was they're looking at, right?

    Lisa, yay for chapters! And for the eventual summer break. Daughter Dearest is home for the summer now… halfway done with college!

    Beth, Keeper sounds like a baby with the wake-up calls through the night. Good to hear you won't be getting woken up so much now.

    Nancy & Maria, cool to hear y'all hooked up, even if for 3 minutes… hoping next time will be longer.

    Boran, I don't think we got to 90 on Planet Georgia last week! Sheesh. Nowhere near that today what with all the rain.

    Nicky, from what I've heard your election season is a LOT easier to put up with than ours.

    The weekend seemed, in retrospect, to go on forever. We dodged the worst of the storms, slept way too late this morning, then there was a leak in the office roof at the mimes. Meh. Hey, at least I got to post a White Pickups ep that I've been looking forward to for a while.

    Now I'm looking forward to getting home & going to bed early. Yeah right. :-P Later!

  10. I hate election time on tv -- it's just spin, spin, spin so even though it might not be quite as awful as in the U.S., you have all my sympathy, Nicky.

    Farf, the dogs will bark at anything ... or nothing. So ready for bed yet? :)

  11. ZOMG, I just found your Captcha Chronicles. I'm still trying to figure out what word would best describe the fortuitous occasion of finishing the last of the guacamole dip with the final corn chip. Maybe the chroniclers can help with the research.