Monday, May 31, 2010

How to deal with Mondays: Holiday Edition

A very pleasant and relaxing Memorial Day to all.

Both pictures taken May 16, 2010
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  1. Hi everybody. Last morning with the old broads and then I'll be heading home. Had a great time. You all should have one too. See ya later.

  2. You make me want to be one of the pack. Bebo and Sniff certainly know how to take it easy.

    Glad you are having a wonderful time, Andi.

    Jim, thanks for taking care of the home front so children are well loved in her absence.

    Daughter will be leaving tomorrow to go back to Austin for summer school. I still have a couple of Mom-can-you-sew-this-hole-up shirts to mend for her.

    Looking forward to a slow, lazy day. Some typing in, some reading, some dozing.

    Hubby will be headed home but may stop at Cherokee for the day so not sure when he'll be home.

    Off to get coffee and enjoy the morning.
    Big Cyberhugs to Blog friends.

  3. Hey all! Enjoying a day off so far, despite the 'net being unplugged to dodge t-storms (thank heaven for iPhones). Mason has chowed down & Mrs. Fetched is fixing breakfast. Andi, good to hear you & the broads had a good weekend…

    Waving to Lisa & all who come later!

    New White Pickups ep rolled in this morning, with a little steam…

  4. I think this could be interesting to most of us here. J.A. Konrath is conducting a little experiment to see if piracy actually *does* hurt book sales. He links to an anthology of his short stories, and is encouraging people to copy it here, there, and everywhere. Quite a contrast to whats-her-name having a hissy fit over the last Twilight novel getting leaked.

  5. Morning, all! Thunderstorms in Chicagoland too, but so far just a distant rumbling. I'm hoping they hit with a vengeance - after we do our internet stuff this morning!

    Hope everyone's having a relaxing holiday weekend. We've been mainly sitting around chatting, with the occasional glass of wine. Yesterday we toured the area and had authentic Chicago Deep Dish pizza for dinner - egads, it was delicious! Leftovers for lunch today, yum yum.

    Otherwise taking it easy today. Caught up on sleep last night, after the short night before. Still unwinding from the chaos of leaving FL.

    Enjoy your family time, down time, writing time, reading time, and time spent with friends. Glad you had so much fun, andi! Nothing like time spent with friends.

    See y'all later!

  6. Hi, to one and all.
    I had ambitious plans to plant fleurs today, but I got mugged by the fierce mugginess of a storm that refuses to storm. Wilted like a pansy, I did. Yawn. Move over, Sniff.

  7. I had a fine time, Lisa, but as always I'm glad to be home. Hope you had that slow, lazy day.

    As soon as I get my energy back, Farf, I'll be heading over to read your latest.

    I always loved watching storms over the Lake, Beth. Actually I love watching storms just about anywhere so long as I've got shelter nearby.

    Hot and humid here too. We had a scent of rain and lightning in Terre Haute Sunday -- there was a huge downpour and lots of rumbling while the sun was out. Pretty cool.

  8. Big thunderstorm today but it went by fast - only an hour rain delay at the Cardinals game (which I watched from the parental unit's home). Three day weekends go much too fast.

    Glad you had a good time with the Old Broads Andi.

  9. Probably didn't feel so "only" if you were at the stadium. And thanks -- there really is something special about spending time with people with whom you can talk about how you did in the P.E. Golf class you took together 41 years ago. :)

  10. yeah, I'm having a weekend like that in a few weeks. We'll probably talk about the mistake our gym teacher made when we were supposed to be learning softball and on the first day she told us we could pick our own teams.

    We never got out of the first half of the first inning. She assigned teams the next class. :)

  11. One of the reasons I travel, to visit old friends and enjoy the longevity of our friendship - not to mention sharing those kinds of memories!

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