Monday, May 24, 2010

Hey! Whatcha doing up there?

Taken May 4, 2010.

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  1. Giddy and Bebo are looking for the rest of the Monday's for the school year. THERE ARE NO MORE.
    Last one Today-WooHoo.

    Beth, you are a good friend to help others pack. Hmm--the traveling packer. Could be an interesting business. Have boxes will travel.

    Maria--hope the proposal is coming along.

    Watched a mini marathon of Lost to get caught up. Have the finale DVRd to watch later in the week. I read about the ending this morning. Not sure that I'll be happy with the way it goes, but doesn't sound like any earth shattering surprises.

    Lori, hope the plumbing and the fix-its didn't do you in. It's been mighty quiet from down under lately.

    Enjoy the week Jim.

    Andi, thanks for my daily shot of Mother Nature.

    Waves to NP, B, CG, MB, Jen, Farf, Kelly, Nicky, Dina, FM and all others that come by.

  2. Yay for a summer's worth of no-school Mondays, Lisa! BTW, did you see my book recs in Saturday's comments?

  3. So I guess things are looking up for The Pack this week?

    Lisa, yay for last Monday at school! Good luck keeping the kiddos focused this week.

    New episode should be up now. Next week's starts off a little steamy…

  4. Hooray for Lisa's final school Monday!!

    I'm sort of Monday meh this a.m. Synopsis isn't happening easily. But, like most this, it will get done eventually.

    I'm off to the mimes in a few as I need to run by PO (which is now out of my way).

    Hope you all have a great start to the week!

  5. Hi Maria!

    On the way to the mimes this morning, I found out how White Pickups ends… sort of. Book II has lurched over the horizon & I'm already yapping notes into my iPhone for later transcription. I guess this is what happens when a piece of flash fiction gets into the growth hormones.

    I need to string a few pieces together, but I think I know how now. Color me simultaneously relieved & appalled.

  6. Waves to all. Packing for Omaha. The car comes at 5 AM tomorrow so I won't be around until next week.

    Don't do anything I wouldn't do (that leaves a lot of room!)

    Enjoy the weekend.

  7. Well, Farf, things are always looking up for The Pack ... because they've chased those things up where they're looking. Off to FAR Manor to read.

    Maria, it's a lucky person for whom pissed off is not on the way to work. ;)

    Hope you have a good time, Dina. Take notes so you can tell us all about it.

  8. Heyo folks, book launch tomorrow with splash from that soaking time through early June, so will be even more lurky than I have been for a while.

    Lisa, congrats on the end of your school year. My wife's done with students but still dealing with a lot of department chair stuff for another couple days.

    FarF, congrats on seeing the ending. That's a lovely feeling.

    Andi, where did you take the pic from? BTW, it looks like a great way to get doggie feets all covered in green and squishy.

    Halloo to Maria and Dina and those who in later. Got to go do book stuff now.

    Speaking of which, my agent just announced it, so that make the whole deal officially public news. The Chronicles of Aral Kingslayer sold to Anne Sowards at Ace. It's a high fantasy/detective noir hybrid and the initial deal is for three standalone books built around the same lead character, with a possibility of more later if these do well. Should be out Dec '11, June '12, and Dec '12.

  9. That picture makes me feel dizzy! I have no head for heights.
    Just back from a week in France where it was chilly, while lovely and warm in the UK.
    And congratulations,Kelly, sounds a great deal. I also have book news, though not so illustrious. Same publisher as before and mostly sales to public libraries, but I'm chuffed: a contract's a contract after all, and I've just signed one (with Robert Hale Ltd) for a contemporary cozy mystery, out next year sometime. The working title is: Murder Fortissimo.

  10. Oh Lisa, no more Mondays for the summer sounds heavenly. Congrats!

    Dina. Omaha. huh. Well. Have fun!

    Hi FarF - glad the ending came to you. Must be a nice feeling.

    And Congrats to Kelly and Nicola. I like the working title Murder Fortissimo - nice and LOUD! :)

    Hope everyone had a good day. It was HOT here. I guess summer has arrived.

  11. Woo hoo! All kinds of good news today. School ending, books coming, muse poking...thanks for all of the wonderfully wonderful stuff, folks!

    Made it to my aunt's house safely. Now a few days of hanging out, seeing high school friends, and doing family stuff. We had spaghetti for dinner, my all-time favorite meal.

    Hope everyone has a lovely evening - and congratulations again to everyone for all of their wonderful news!

  12. w00t to Kelly & Nicola on books!!

    Andi, re: pissed off - heh.

    Beth, glad you made it to your aunt's okay. Still wishing you happy trails.

    Cleaners are coming tomorrow instead of Weds, which, yay, but that means I have to move some of my mess so she doesn't have to deal with it. :)

  13. Woo hoo on the book launch, Kelly. On the picture, we have steep-sided hollows so it's really easy to get shots with sharp angles by standing on the edge and shooting down.

    Great news, Nicky -- so a music theme? And I'd say based on your writing success that you've got a fine head for heights.

    Hot here too, Mary. And humid. Yuck.

    Sounds like you're having a lovely time too, Beth.

  14. Dropping in before dropping off. Hope everyone had a great day.

    Nicola, congratulations! That's fantastic news.

    Beth, glad to hear you made it in safe. If your travels this summer bring you near the Twin Cities let me know, and maybe we can get together. We're going to be trying to gather some moss this summer and we've got a guest room you're welcome to occupy for a couple of days if the timing's right.