Thursday, May 20, 2010

Everybody is a Star

Taken May 4, 2010.

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  1. ,.. continued from last night.

    Great news that everything went well, Beth. You aren't homeless, though; you're just very good at finding home wherever you go. Happy (and swashbuckling) travels to you.

  2. Good Morning Star Shine.

    Workshop today, so no kiddos for me. Got things set up for as easy a day as possible for aide and sub.

    Beth the tumble weed is on her way. We'll look forward to following the adventures.

    Maria--YA way cool. This professional writer gig--I'm having to adjust my green sheen of envy as I read all your opportunities.

    Dina, part of that wand landed down in Texas. Hope you didn't have any risidual effects.

    A great Thursday Winking at Friday to all except for those already experiencing the cusp of the weekend.

  3. Thanks, andi - I like that perspective. And Lisa - tumbleweed I be.

    I'll drop the insomnia wand in a swamp on my travels, and let the gators deal with it.

    Fun night with friends last night - off to Disney today. Magic Kingdom, my favorite. And St A tonight. It's all good.

    I've already taken my shower, so sorry you can't follow me there today. :-)

    Have a great day, all - I'll check in when I find a wireless connection!

  4. ::yawns mightily::

    That's no star back there, that's that evil fairy sneaking away after bopping me on the head but GOOD last night. (And Lisa, too evidently).

    Lisa - re: the pro gig. It's REALLY weird how this all just started to happen. An old friend told me years ago, when I was finishing up the first edition of the final draft of Matters, that things would just start to appear once I got published. I didn't believe her, but she was so right. I think the key, as in any profession, is to mentally have that door of "yes" open and be willing to try new things.

    Beth, have a FABULOUS day at Mouseworld!!

    I may run off soon in search of caffeine...

    Happy Thursday, all!

  5. Happy no-kids day, Lisa. And even happier one day closer to summer break.

    Looking forward to the pictures, Beth.

    It also helps, Maria, to be a very talented, very imaginative writer. :)

  6. Morning! The tree-eclipse…

    Yay for kiddo-free workshop, Lisa? Hope you get some sleep tonight. Too bad about the Insomnia Fairy making a swing by you & Dina… but I'd love for the Early Wakeup Fairy to come around & really work over The Boy and Snippet.

    Beth, I'll be good & refrain from shower commentary. :-P Enjoy Dizzy and your re-found freedom!

    Maria, best of luck with the YA. Hope you've got a new wrinkle, vampires pushed dragons aside in YA… maybe you'll start the new trend?

    Mason's been doing pretty good about sleeping all night, now waking up at 6:30. He treated us (as I was typing) to a major nuclear waste dump with a minor containment breach. Daughter Dearest is usually pretty blasé about those, but she was griping.

    Awright, time to fire up the mimes machine. Olga has been distracting me quite a bit, dictating episodes that fill in some stuff upcoming and tying stuff together in the #50-#70 range. I have to trust that I'll know how to wrap it up once that all comes together. Something that looks like a shudder Book II occasionally peeks over the horizon…

  7. Farf - I do indeed have a different twist. :)

    Andi - aw, thanks! I hope that I entertain!

    Interesting start to the day. The fire alarm and OMG VOICE OF WARNING started up around 10:15. Thing is, part of the evac plan is that I stay on the floor, in HR office along with Dir of Admin. I found that I can't physically handle 12 flights of stairs. Director wasn't in yet (she has a later schedule) and no one knew what to do. So I just remained in my place, which is next to the window that firefighters would access. Was freaking out a bit. Then, thank goodness, someone called up to me that is was a drill. Whew.

    After it was over, I found out that the evac coordinators all got chewed out for leaving me here alone. Someone was supposed to stay with me. I'm on the official list of folks that can't take stairs, but evidently, the procedure is to leave a person with me. Oh well, now we know!

    I'm rather comforted by the fact that they do treat this seriously.

    Off to lunch in a bit!

  8. Waves to all. Slept last night with a little help (I love pharmaceuticals!) So did everything today I needed to do for the last two days.

    Tired again.

    Maria, glad you know the drill now. Beth, enjoy.

    Everyone, sleep well.

  9. I'm sure you'll figure out how to put it all together, Farf.

    Hey about that, Maria -- a plan that is really a plan. Nice to know those exist.

    Hi Dina. Pharmaceuticals are nice, getting things done is even nicer.