Thursday, May 6, 2010

Early Morning Storm Warning

Taken April 25, 2010.

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  1. Hope this isn't a stormy prediction for school today.

    Andi, Maple stomping actually sounds very soul satisfying right now. But the forest won't be quaking--I don't have the energy to stomp too many.

    Maria--A/C--things are looking up for you. WooHoo and is it even Friday for ya?

    Beth, glad appraisor guy was cute. Now the romance novel would have you falling for him just as you are selling the house.

    FM--Pretty Pond. New glasses--on my to do list. Hope you get yours soon.

    Farf--Mason and the boy playing guitar--I love the small moments.

    Off to work on story.
    Thursday winking at Friday except for lusting Lily and her crew in the future.

  2. They say love will find you in the strangest places, Lisa. I just hope he likes my house to the right dollar figure! Still no word - hopefully today.

    Today's title made me think of this song by Bonnie Raitt (and some interesting storm footage):

    Storm Warning

    (Hoping this is how you do a link - I never can remember.)

    You know me and storms, always anxiously awaiting the next one!

    Off to Disney - Hollywood Studios today. Then a weekend in St Augustine to take my mind off waiting for the appraisal answer. And to test the ability to do this new job on the road.

    Hang in there, Lisa - summer's around the corner...

    I'll post as I can. Hope everyone has a great Thursday! Send your storms my way!

  3. I hope not too, Lisa. Come on up and visit and we'll walk over and get started stomping -- I'm sure you'll feel really energized. :)

    Thanks for that link, Beth. I love Bonnie Raitt. Have fun on your trips. And don't work too much. Positive vibes on the appraisal continuing to emanate from Indiana.

    Speaking of links, Mary had a link Barnes & Noble interview with Nancy [LINK]. It's very good and last about 10 minutes. And her sales is 6! Hope it's even higher by the time any of you watch it. Way to go, Nancy!

  4. Morning, gang!

    Yup, Lisa, it's Friday for me. I decided to take sick time for those earlier days this week. :)

    Love the eerie yellow sky, Andi. Used to see that color before tornado watches in Texas.

    Beth, Bonnie Raitt = love!! I got to see her in concert one time in SA. She was amazing.

    One of my colleagues posted photos from our open house. A few pics of me made it in the mix.

    Here's hoping all of our respective days go well!

  5. Did my comment get eaten again? Dangit.

    Oh well. Working at home, caught a carpenter bee amongst the roses this morning.

  6. I'll bet those skies look a lot scarier when you can see them going on for miles and miles, Maria.

    Sorry the comment monster got you, Farf. Dang thing is well fed. Looks like a nice place to work -- especially if you like purple. ;)

  7. Hi, everybody. Want some allergies? I have some extras right now.

    Andi,thank you! It went up to #2 on its first day out, and is now (on the front page list) at #4. I'll take it! I managed to beat Laura Bush the first day, but she has the last laugh, wouldn't you know?

  8. Quick hi and hope this goes through. Glad that I am not the only one that gets her comments eaten. I could get a complex. (One that I don't already have!)

  9. Nancy, your book will be still be attracting new fans long after Laura Bush's can't even be found on the bargain table.

    Obviously, I need to get a guard dog here (now where would I find one of those) to protect everybody from that comment-eating monster.

  10. Heh, it was probably the dog that ate my comment.

  11. It was probably Giddy -- she'll eat anything.

  12. Luna and Lily were having 3-day dead possum at 3am, so I wouldn't put it past either of them to be the culprit.

  13. Storm warning photo is appropriate here! Too busy holding my breath to say much, except to pray Mr Bean and his slimy gang don't slither back in somehow. Aaarrrgghhh