Friday, May 28, 2010

As Above So Below

Taken May 19, 2010.

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  1. Where's My Windshield Wiper???

    Lori, your Evil Overload List is a HOOT. Sorry to hear you are having to deal with the body being less than we would like. Damn not being young in body when our spirit is soaring.

    Omaha--is that like Cabot Cove? With all those mystery writers there must be a need for multiple funeral parlors to deal with all the dead bodies.

    Last Friday for kiddos--WooHoo.
    Like herding cats that have been put in a box and shaken up then released in the room.

    Hubby and sonboy are off on their manly adventure at the Machine Gun Shoot. Hope sonboy survives dad's demands for--help me with this.

    Daughter and I are on a quest for a coffee table for sonboy's birthday. Wish I could pass by a garage sale and see one. Never when you are looking.

    Maria, Interesting post about the new digs and the change in writing Karma. I couldn't live without my recliner--though I don't write in it. I couldn't give up the laptop. That is why my house has so much clutter, so good you are divesting of what you will not use. My laptop is more a desktop though I have traveled with it some. I'm looking for that better travel idea. Does the iPad sync with a keyboard for use as a "writing" tool? Netbooks are the other option. Pocketbook limitation keeps these ideas as dreams right now.

    Beth, glad you are enjoying family, friends and working some. All come in really handy.

    Farf, Having Son and Snippet at home with Mason--and all still are alive--I tip my hat to you. I may be needing to channel your temperament when my brother moves in later in the summer while he looks for a job.

    High Five, Jim.

    Fabulous Friday for All, but Lori who is already enjoying the weekend.

  2. Lori, I suspect that Hector has been to the Evil Overlord page. Great news on the pain management and tremor reduction.

    Ah Lisa, bonding adventures. I'm not a shopper but if I had to choose I'd be going with you and daughter -- I hate loud noises.

  3. Morning, gang!

    I have no idea why I'm awake since I don't have to be. Body weirdnesses abound, but Lori, hon--I feel for you!!

    Lisa, the clutter was driving me mad, which is why I finally turned the corner on my natural tendency to save things because OMG-THAT'S A PERFECTLY GOOD [fill in the blank]. This past year's been all about fitting my space to me. iPad would work fairly decently in a pinch, mostly b/c I use Scrivener to write with and they're not creating an iPad edition. I do have Pages for the iPad, though.

    Andi, I'm with you on the noises. One of the greatest things about my new place is the QUIET. Even during a weekend day when tenants are home. It's bliss!!

    Finished galley review last night, now to type up and email to editor. w00t!

    Then, back to the proposal.

    Happy Holiday Weekend to USians!! Happy weekend to them that ain't. ::g::

  4. Our schools are on half-term holiday next week, Lisa, but don't finish till late July and this weekend (Thurs-Mon)I'm looking after my youngest's 3 children (7,5 & 20months) while daughter and her husband have a 10th wedding anniversary trip to Greece. (How did I manage to look after my own 3 kids and keep my sanity? Ah, it was 30+ years ago and I was young!)
    It's fun, but I'm wiped out already getting two to school and coping with a teething toddler (and 'helpful' husband) and it's only lunchtime! Waves a limp and exhausted hand to all who pass this way...

  5. Happy Friday! Yay for a long weekend, for those who have one.

    I need to have you guys teach me about reducing - needing a 10x20 storage shed to store my stuff is ridiculous, when all I want is a teeny weeny cabin in the woods somewhere.

    Quiet is always my first choice - hence not living in big cities. I always wanted 100 acres with a house in the middle of it. Enjoy your shopping and daughter time, Lisa - coffee table vibes heading your way!

    Driving 10 hours today, after I work for a couple of hours this morning. I'll be singing along with Willie - on the road again!

    Andi, enjoy your girls weekend!

    Happy day, everyone!

  6. Morning! It's Friday & a 3-day weekend looms… and I don’t think Mrs. Fetched has caught on yet. :-D

    Lisa, I think I'd rather have The Boy & Snippet & their antics than have to deal with your kiddos. Maybe you should go on the Machine Gun Shoot too, blasting through a 50-round clip can be a great tension-reliever (I remember hearing something along the lines of "If God didn't want Texans to have machine guns, He wouldn't have invented armadillos"). BTW, the iPad has an optional dock w/built-in keyboard, and you can sync a Bluetooth keyboard to it. iPhone 4 (later this summer) is supposed to bring BT keyboard support too.

    Maria, I wish I could knuckle down & get rid of stuff. I keep saying I'm going to Freecycle a bunch of stuff, but it never happens.

    Good luck with the grandkids, Nicky! Mason took a couple steps (across his playpen) last night, so we're going to be baby-proofing very soon…

    OK, off to the mimes…

  7. Forgot to mention, this is my favorite kind of spider web: too small to walk through & covered with dew so you see it coming anyway!

  8. Hello to all who are here now or later. Looking forward to a three day weekend!

    Ignoring the spider web. Maybe I should warn Manny.

  9. Great news on the galleys, Maria.

    Hi Nicky. As my cousin Carol always said "A good kid is one who goes home with someone else".

    Thanks Beth. You have a good one too.

    Farf, even better that spider web was on the ground so no chance of walking into it.

    Hope the long weekend is an enjoyable one, Mary.

    And I'm off to get ready to leave for the Old Broads gathering. I'll have internet so I'll be around (though hopefully having to good a time to be around much). I expect it will be a quiet weekend here on the blog anyway. Ta for now.