Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Poetry Post

Benthic Macroinvertebrate Study of Sycamore Creek

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— Liz James, gr 5, Woodbury, MN

The creek that gives me happiness
with water trickling down the rocks,
the plopping of wet mud,
many thorns and bushes scratch my legs,
small rocks that can cut your feet
without shoes on,
a creek I read in and splash around in,
the misty air with birds of all sorts
to chirp and breathe it,
the creek that wipes away my sorrow,
the place I’ll never forget,
the creek I spat in three times.

Andi found this poem here.


  1. Such great visual images. These are the types of poems I love to show the kids. Makes them feel like they can do it too.

    Hubby and I drove to some nearby bluebonnet trails. Some beautiful spots but past the peak. It was just nice to hang out together and drive a bit.

    Farf, son is so lucky to have the stability of you and the Mrs. amid the turmoil of his life. We hope that our kiddos will figure it out and make good choices and often they do. But life is rocky and being so in the middle of his for you is HARD. Cyberhugs.

    Maria, you are a red-steaked hoot. I love the independent spirit that radiates from you.
    Stamps foot and shoves the story fairy your way. She has been playing hide and seek so well these days. I gave her something to give you for the story. Have her open her hand and show you.

    Jim, I get out the first week in June. I'm only counting down school days.

    Waves to FM, Kelly, CF, B, Lori, Nancy, Beth, Dina, Nicky and all others who may stop by.
    Sensational Sunday to All.

  2. Great poem! That we all could be as brave as children and simply write.

    Love the hair, Maria! Yay for redheads!

    Good thoughts for a Sunday, Lisa. Glad you and hubby had some good together time.

    Much of the same here today. A little music this afternoon, otherwise trying to beat deadlines. But they're calling for thundershowers, so I have my fingers crossed.

    Epcot tomorrow!!

    Peaceful Sunday to all.

  3. I wrote a lot of poetry in junior high (7-9 gr). I agree with Lisa, it's always good for kids to see another kid has written something… kind of knocks the "I can't do that" out from under 'em. ;-) Hats off to the teachers here… doing everything you can to get the kids an education in spite of NCLB, the TX board of indoctrination oops I mean education, and all the other roadblocks.

    Twitter meets podcasting: They have smartphone apps so you can rant about traffic at stoplights, too. I feel an essay coming on, probably posted next week.

    Lisa, I do it because that's my job, heehee. He'll get it right sooner or later, hoping sooner.

    Good luck with the weather, Beth. Remind me to send Daughter Dearest down to enjoy Dizzy with you.

    Andi, we had plenty of rain yesterday, even a tornado watch, but I think the worst had passed before they even posted the watch. The worst stuff got pulled north into TN before it got here. Not a big chance of rain today, but lots of wind might dry things out.

    Waves & hugs to all!

  4. Gloomy Sunday here. Hope there is light and joy where you are.

  5. Good morning all.

    We had some pretty bad weather here yesterday and last night. We were in tornado watch most of yesterday. I heard some of them hit around us, but they were in un-populated areas.

    Lisa I'm glad you and hubby got to go on a nice drive. Drives like that always put me in a relaxed mood.

    Beth I hope you meet your deadline and that you have a wonderful time at Epcot.

    FAR the audioboo is pretty cool. Sorry the Boy get kick off the band, but I agree with you, there's something else going on.

    Dina I hope your gloomy Sunday brightens up soon.

    Maria I like the new do that you got.

    I hope everyone is having a good Sunday and take care.


  6. heh, the last line of that poem is unexpected.

    FM I WONDERED about you last night when I saw the weather that was going through. We had a tornado here, although further west of me. I was in the basement. You take care of yourself and George if you see one coming. Do you have tornado warning sirens in your town?

    Went on the local house tour today. Not a great day for it because there's been a fine rain all day, but at least no storms like yesterday. We did a lot of walking because the houses were spread out. Now I'm home drying out.

    Hope everyone had a good day.

  7. Hello from Monday morning. We had our first real frost last night. As a result the Superb fairy wrens all look like little fluffy puffballs with jaunty tails.

    I'll know by mid-day which of the veggie garden plants survived. We're still hoping to get popcorn out of our mini blue-popcorn patch. Unfortunately the kernels are still in the milk stage (Hector just loves his occasional mini-cob treat).

    Today I get to run some copper pipes through the holes I bored yesterday. When we moved in here all the water and waste pipes came up through the floor and ran along the surface of the interior walls. Slowly but surely I'm re-routing them to inside the walls - it looks so much nicer. Besides, all the galvanized pipe needed replacing.

    Maria, that's a rad Do. Suits you

    Andi, EEEEK on the red vine (although not the liquorice one, that one I like).

    To everyone else, enjoy your Spring.

  8. Hi all,

    Lisa, I hate counting down days. I start behind at 180, and when we get to 0, I'm still behind. There are some kids that I realize I only have them for 180 days, but their parents have them for the rest of their lives. Countdowns are depressing usually. This year there was one that was fun. After the first day of school, one of the young teachers and I crossed paths in the hall, and she said, "One down, 179 to go." My reply was, "Nope, only two to go." She was puzzled until I went on, "Only two more first days of school." 19 more staff meetings! Unfortunately, only two more trips to Bradford Woods.

    Beth, not every kid is able to "simply write." I have kids who self edit their names on their papers.

    Farf, education is getting worse than you can imagine. This is Indiana's governor's view of teachers. Go in about 2:50.

    Dina and FM, we had the gloomies yesterday and today, but didn't have the rough weather of FM.

    maryb, I love that line. The last book I use each year in Lit. with my kids is Walk Two Moons; the two central female characters both spit near the end. It is a symbol of their disgust with their families, themselves, and their freedom from their pasts. I'm probably reading too much into Liz James poem, but that's the way I want to read it.

    Good morning, Lori. Good night most everyone else.