Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday Poetry Post

The last photo I took from my 3 day camping trip with 81 sixth graders may be the most revealing.

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Turn Off the TV!
by Bruce Lansky

My father gets quite mad at me;
my mother gets upset—
when they catch me watching
our new television set.

My father yells, “Turn that thing off!”
Mom says, “It’s time to study.”
I’d rather watch my favorite TV show
with my best buddy.

I sneak down after homework
and turn the set on low.
But when she sees me watching it,
my mother yells out, “No!”

Dad says, “If you don’t turn it off,
I’ll hang it from a tree!”
I rather doubt he’ll do it,
’cause he watches more than me.

He watches sports all weekend,
and weekday evenings too,
while munching chips and pretzels—
the room looks like a zoo.

So if he ever got the nerve
to hang it from a tree,
he’d spend a lot of time up there—
watching it with me.


  1. At least you got them away from the idiot box for a few days. Love the photo, and the t-shirt.

    This damn television

    I hate this damn television that my wife just bought.
    When I ask people if I'm intelligent, they say I'm not.
    This TV only picks up one channel and that really blows.
    It only has one program that's about washing clothes.
    This one show is irritating and it's starting to make me fume.
    Why did my wife put this damn television in the laundry room?

    Randy Johnson

  2. I love it, Lori. I only watch sports on TV (well, and the occasional "House" episode). I didn't grow up with one, and really don't like them very much. Although I know if you're selective you can find good information, I'd rather take a walk or read a book or have a conversation.

    Anyway, very nice, folks! I think many Americans would be happy if all they had was a couch, a TV, and a cheeseburger.

    When is your trip, Jim? You know my memory.

    Met the folks who hopefully can buy my house yesterday (fingers crossed that it appraises at the right price). Very nice, and very excited. He was born in the same town my dad was. Small world. And it rained last night - woo hoo!

    Hopefully more rain today, more work, and dinner with Keeper's dad - he's cooking to thank me for watching his dog this winter.

    Hope everyone has a relaxing Sunday!

  3. Our "TV" only has the washing channel (we love our Bosch front-loader). If we want to watch TV shows or movies we either watch them online or rent a DVD and play it on the computer.

    We've been flat out with renovating this weekend. Since we're redoing the bathroom I have to pull out the fixtures every morning and put them back every afternoon. It's that or go without showers and use the bushes. Once I get underlay completely installed and all the waterproof coatings painted on the walls and floor I can leave the fixtures in place and start to tile.

    No rest for the wicked.

  4. Lori, I've seen that channel. :-)

    Beth, we went last Monday - Wednesday. The next one will be at the end of March.

  5. How did it go, Jim?

  6. It was one of the best years ever. The weather was perfect, actually just a tad too warm for me but the kids were happy. This is a science based field trip that we use to build writing, and math activities on when we get back to school. It was neat to hear the kids talking with each other about the activities using the correct terminology. The kids were great: no arguments, no teasing, no hurt feelings, no problems!

  7. I also ignore the TV more than I watch it. Maybe y'all would prefer the cinnamon roll channel?

    So Jim, how did the kids do without their electronic life support systems, or did they manage to sneak them (and batteries) along too?

    Lori, good luck with the renovating. If you have a spare moment, you're welcome to pop over to the manor and cut up some trees. :-D

    Mason's up, time to shovel some food into the baby & get going…

  8. Mmmm, cinnamon rolls, glad we don't have smellovision.

    The kids can't bring along anything electronic or electrical. We adults were scrambling to find enough power outlets to keep our phones charged. Not allowing the kids to bring along their electronic security blankets allows them to focus on the experience and gives us one less thing to have to worry about disappearing. It's hard enough to keep all the socks straight let alone iPods.

    The girls are the ones who complain the loudest before the trip. "You mean we can't bring along our hair dryers!?!?" That's right, 3 days of hat hair.

  9. I'm so glad it went well. When I sailed with SAS, the kids spent so much time IMing with their friends back home, a lot of them missed the opportunity to get to know the student sitting next to them - on their laptop, IMing their friends. Even with internet costing 40 cents/minute, they still were online constantly.

    So yay for you guys!

  10. I love me my TV. But I hate commercials so most things that I watch I DVR so I can fast forward.

  11. Dina, I'm sitting in front of it with you! :) My parents and I used to really enjoy watching shows together was tv was young. Hit Parade, Sid Ceasar, Loretta Young, etc. I don't think those shows were any better than the best ones now, though. Passes the popcorn to Dina. :)

    Love those t-shirts, Jim!

  12. Beth! I so hope your travels somehow take you through here again! (hugs)

  13. FARf, we have the baking channel as well, but it doesn't usually show such luscious imagery. I'm afraid that my glacial pace would see your trees long decomposed before I ever got that far along my list of things to do. As it is, there's a hundred-footer down on our path since early Spring. The big hold-up is getting the chainsaw all the way down to the bottom of the gully - those saws are heavy - and then getting it out again.

    Beth, feel free to head our way whilst foot-loose and fancy free. The weather is mild year-round and the food's always fantastic. Plus, we're currently one of the few directions you can fly out of the US that won't run afoul of Eyjafjallajokull.