Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sunday Poetry Post


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Redwoods National Park, CA

The Presence of Trees
by Michael S. Glaser

I have always felt the living presence
of trees

the forest that calls to me as deeply
as I breathe,

as though the woods were marrow of my bone
as though

I myself were tree, a breathing, reaching
arc of the larger canopy

beside a brook bubbling to foam
like the one

deep in these woods,
that calls

that whispers home


  1. Those twin towers were each about 15 feet in diameter – youngsters in the world of redwoods. Wild Trees by Richard Preston is a good book about these amazing trees and the somewhat obsessed people who spend their lives searching for the tallest one.

  2. Beautiful trees, Jim!

    Morning, gang and happy Easter to those who celebrate. I watched the sun come up (not b/c I wanted to!) - sis is on her way home. She was beyond invaluable this weekend, putting together furniture, helping me haul stuff, etc. Pretty much all that's left to unpack and organize are the books & decorative items. I'm exhausted, but happy. This place is fabulous.

    When I'm more conscious & thinking properly, I shall post pictures.


  3. Yay for a successful, relatively painless move, Maria! Can't wait to see pictures.

    Love the Redwoods - I've always been a tree-hugger. Nice poem, too.

    Happy Easter, everyone! Parade and dinner with friends this afternoon. Lots of sleeping in. And dog time - my friends have 2 Great Danes. Ever seen one sit on a couch? Front feet on the floor, rear end on the couch - it's pretty funny.

    Hippity hoppity! Have a chocolate bunny for me.

  4. Happy Easter to those celebrating.

    Happy new home to Maria.

    Happy trees for me!

  5. For those of you who enjoy reading about trees, I recommend Wildwood, by Richard Deakins.

    Yay Maria. Now comes the fun part - unpacking.

    Beth, I had a Pyrenean dog who would sit like that - in my lap. He'd back up to my knees and slowly but surely inch back into my lap, with his front feet still on the floor. All the while he'd be pretending that he was doing nothing of the sort. My parents raised Great Danes, btw. I tell people I was born in a kennel - which explains a lot.

    Hi to everyone else (from post-Easter Monday, which is also a holiday here).

    I'm off to buy more plumbing supplies.

  6. A bird is chirping, a door is open to the screen, my feet are bare, the light out is still light out, and it didn't rain on Easter. It always rains, and it's always frigid on Easter in KC. Wonders haven't ceased. Omg! A pig flew by!

    I'm partial to this hemisphere today. (With apologies to Lori.)

  7. Howdy all. Crazy how those trees just go straight up in parallel like that.

    Lori, we once had a lab mix who wasn't allowed in the kitchen when we were eating, so he'd lay there with the tips of his paws over the line. Then he'd slowly inch into the kitchen, until he was called on it.

    Hope y'all had a more restful Easter weekend than I did. Maybe Maria got a nap, anyway.

    Well, I'm going to try to get a little writing done this evening… later!

  8. Lori, great sounding book. It's on my summer reading/listening list. I love audio books.

    Beth, I hope your parading, dining, and sleeping plans went well. Watching Women from OK and Stanford play. CT & Baylor are up next. Do you have a favorite or are you watching this at all?

    Maria, sorry your sister abandoned you before the job was done. That's the way sibs are. :-)

  9. Nancy, I'm now thinking of the classic poem,
    "Birdy, birdy in the sky,
    Gee, I'm glad that cows don't fly."

    Especially glad pigs aren't airborne.

    Farf, I hope you have a slow week at work to make up for the active weekend.

  10. Working on plumbing, have already smashed one thumb.

    FARf, the same Pyr used to try and inch onto the bed in the middle of the night, because apparently, to his way of thinking, you'd never notice 120lbs of dog on your bed - if he only moved slowly enough.

    Next up, venturing into the crawl space.