Saturday, April 10, 2010

Standing Up for Yourself

Taken , 2010.

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  1. Wow, it reminds me of a map of some fantastical green island. Love the line and color.

    Maria--hope the short story writing went well and you can enjoy the weekend at the new place--settling in.

    Beth, hoping the prework for selling the house goes quickly and well. But that begs the question--where to now? Near family, friends or off to some far flung adventure??

    Daughter home with MOUNTAIN of laundry and visions of home cooked food in her head. She has a friend getting married to an Aussie so planning to go to Melbourne not this summer but next for a second time down under. She also informed me she's pushing her Antarctic vacation back to her 35th birthday(7 years). Hope that all works our for her. The vision of youth is great. I'm swirling in reality myself.

    Jim, you enjoy some of the nice Sping temps to ride your bike or enjoy outdoor time over the weekend.


    Waves, as off to work on editing. End of June is self imposed deadline for this project. So need some Nancy & Maria Mojo to dig in and get it done.

  2. Morning, all! That green leaf makes me hungry...

    No clue, Lisa. It could take a year to sell the house, so just playing with ideas until something happens. Would love to spend a few months here and there on the way to my next pseudo-permanent home. Love your daughter's traveling spirit!

    Good luck with stories and nesting. I'll be working and - working. :-) Johnny Carson awaits...

    Great Saturday, y'all!

  3. Morning, all. I'm a bit overwhelmed right now - when it rains it pours! Got my copyedits for BLOOD HEAT (due 4/15); still working on the short story (due 4/15) and just now got copy edits on the TRUE BLOOD essay (due Monday!!) Eeep!

    This is a good thing, because it means I'm a working & paid writer, but I'm freaking out a bit about the timing. ::g::

    Not to mention my place is still full o'boxes. I look forward to when it's all put away, the edits all done and I have a little time to just relax.

    Happy weekend!!

  4. Ah Lisa, I love your daughters plans. I hope they all work out for her (though I think you might mention that she's at home and she can cook so voila -- home cooking),

    Not to mention my place is still full o'boxes. ... ah, Beth -- there's one problem solved. :)

  5. Morning!

    Andi, you'll be glad to know our dogwoods have opened up. They're still a little yellow, but they'll shed the rest of that pollen soon enough. The rain here put a dent in our pollen count, but I think it's bouncing right back up toward F-ing Insane. Funky leaf by the way!

    Sending productivity vibes for Maria & Lisa, and fast home sale vibes to Beth.

    I posted some wild violet & cherry blossom pics on TFM this morning… and Mason's christening from last week. Thanks to a gimpy foot, I'm not stuck in chicken houses, and I'm pretty much not doing much until 2pm (father-in-law's b-day party at Dead Lobster). Later!

  6. Good morning all.

    I got home from the hospital yesterday and the surgery went well. The only thing that got me kind of freaked out was seeing that I have around 85 staples from my inside right ankle to the bottom of my belly. I just thought there would be a couple of incisions below and above my knee. So to see that one long incision and all those staples sort of threw me.

    The hospital stay itself wasn't that great. Leave it to say I'm surprised that a couple of nurses taking care of me ever got out of nursing school. My sil and sister keep insisting on staying with me at the hospital, but I wouldn't hear of it. I think if there is a next time, I'll say yes. They both have good tempers and I could have used them during that stay.

    Well I'm going to go and put my leg up, and I hope everyone has been doing fine.

    Take care


  7. Man alive!!! It sure doesn't do to miss everyone's daily reports.

    FM! You had your surgery! yeaaaaay!
    Yes, next time, if there has to be a next time, by all means have your sils stay with you. Glad all went well, you sound very perky.

    Beth!! You're selling your house? Wow, how did I miss that? Well, all the best to you. I don't envy you the packing, moving and unpacking inaddition to the stresses of a sale.

    Lisa, good luck with the laundry and the editing.

    Maria, glad you're move is over, you'll be unpacked soon.

    Andi, I have to laugh. Our house is still full of boxes too. LOVE that leaf. What kind is it?

    Far... the dogwoods here are opening nicely too... some more than others. My grandmother used to say "when the dogwood turns white, it's warm enough to go barefoot"

    Wonderful weekend everyone.

  8. Happy Saturday all. I hope everyone is having a great weekend.

  9. Excellent news on the dogwoods, Farf. Makes everything so lovely. And gorgeous flowers over at your place. Mason looks pretty dubious about the whole christening thing.

    FM! So glad you're home from the surgery and so sorry the the hospital was such a rotten experience. Feel better real soon. And let the family pamper you.

    CF, I was quoting Maria but in fact I do have lots of boxes in the basement of my house because we always keep the boxes from electronic equipment in case we have to send them back ... and hen we end up never throwing them away, even though the equipment itself is long gone. No idea what the leaf is.

    Howdy Dina. The weather here is gorgeous so that's good enough for me to call it a great weekend.

  10. Lollipop, lollipop, oh, lolli lolli pop. Lime.

  11. Haven't mentioned selling the house anywhere but here. My other friends aren't always as supportive as you guys are - or at least, they tell me they think I'm nuts, and you don't!

    Boxes, sigh. I ALWAYS keep boxes. Recycled them all this time. Note to self: go see andi and see if her boxes will fit in the trunk of the Solara.

    Hey Fam! I've always heard that you should bring back-up to the hospital, because you just don't get decent care otherwise (unless you're in Kimber's hospital, I'm sure). Glad you made it out in one piece, albeit one stapled piece. Hope you feel tons better soon!

  12. Oh great Nancy ... now I'll have that earworm in my head all night. :P

    Come on up, Beth. It's turning green gorgeous here.