Thursday, April 8, 2010

Present for the Future

Taken April 2, 2010.

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  1. Pen and Ink pic this morning, Andi.
    Looks like Ireland in Texas. This is when you can here the grass growing.

    Farf, That pic of you on your blog is absolutely my favorite of Mason. Manly men wear baby slings. Wished they'd had those when mine kiddos were tikes.

    Thursday winking at Friday.
    Great day to all.

  2. Ah Farf, that is a sweet picture. Mason looks so blissed out.

    Morning Lisa. I agree on the pen and ink -- in fact, when I took it I was thinking it looked like one of those fine-line Japanese drawings.

  3. You're right, it does look Asian. Beautiful.

    Do those slings work for puppies? :-)

    Lunch with my realtor today - pretty sure I'm going to list the house and move on. I've been miserable here for way too long - time to do something different. Anybody want a nice house in Florida?

    Keeper is home, so not much sleep last night. I see a nap in my future.

    Have a great Thursday, y'all - off to start my day.

  4. Morning, gang! Love the Japanese feel of the pic, Andi - stark, yet full of promise.

    Farf - agree with the gals, the pic of you and Mason is the bomb!

    Spring is springing back this evening and pounding this faux summer back, thank goodness. Perhaps tonight I can get back to unpacking and writing.

    Beth, you wanderer! I shudder at the thought of moving again. You are a braver person than I.

    Taking off in a wee bit so I can run a couple of errands before mime time.

    Happy Thursday!!

  5. Beth, I'm sorry that things haven't worked out for you there but I hope the next place you go gives much joy.

    Maria, maybe we can have a faux spring this summer -- I hate hot weather so that sounds perfect to me.

  6. Hi, peeps.

    Busy couple of days but today is relax city.

    Love the picture. Beth, good luck with moving. I hope you find your home soon. I found mine 18 years ago and intend to go out feet first.

  7. Connect the dots! Well done Andi!

    I too love that Farf/Mason pic.

    Sorry that you're having to move Beth.

    Warm again here but it will cool by tomorrow. With rain. Sigh.

  8. Heyo all,

    Beth, sorry to hear that the current place of residence isn't working out. I hope that wherever you settle next it turns out to be ground where roots can grow and not an anchor bed.

    Agenda for today, napping and waiting to hear back from my editor. Same as yesterday really, and probably tomorrow as well. Sigh. I am not fond of waiting, though publishing has necessitated that I at least become good at it.

  9. Hey all! Love the minimalist feel of that shot. And thanks for all the nice comments… if I'd known about those when my kids were babies, Daughter Dearest would have lived in it!

    Beth, Keeper sounds like Mason, waking you up at night.

    And now I'm sitting in a conference, pretending to pay attention. Gorgeous Ecuadoran woman sitting next to me. g/d/r

  10. Very much like a baby, Farf. Except tonight I'm locking him in the bathroom, and I think I'd get arrested for doing that with a kid. (Which explains why I have dogs and not kids.)

    Thanks, Kelly et al. I had hoped for roots here, but it did indeed turn into an anchor. Hopefully the next time will be more successful - wherever I end up.

  11. Varicose veins?

    Beth, admit it. You really DO like boxes. :)

    Seriously, sorry this part of FL isn't working for you and I do hope you find your perfect spot.

  12. The worst part, maryb, is that I got RID of all of my boxes, since I was gonna stay here for a while. Now I've got to start scrounging behind stores and in dumpsters again. Sigh. Thanks, tho!

  13. So how far is Relax City from Blissed-out Town, Dina -- cause that's where I want to be. :)

    Yeah we've already got the cold and rain, b2. No fun.

    So no news is not always good news, Kelly?

    Gee Mary, such a pretty image. :P

    Box scrounging in dumpters ... you Floridians sure know how to have a good time, Beth.