Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pink and Green

and not a preppy in sight.

Taken April 9, 2010.

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  1. Ooh, pretty! What kind of tree is that?

    Braving the VGW because I'm off to Disney this morning. I have 4 day passes to use before the end of May, so I'd better get busy. Animal Kingdom today, since I've never been there.

    Will keep track of y'all by fancy magic phone during the day. Then will return tonight and get back to work, since I'm slacking today.

    Have a great day, everyone!

  2. It's a redbud, Beth. Driving all Orlando and braving crowds of people is not my idea of slacking. But enjoy you not-really-slacking day and come back tell us all about the critters.

  3. Pretty, pretty tree--we have many of those blooming right now, along with the magnolias, the cherries, etc. etc. OMG, trees, pls to stop with your sexxoring!

    Ugh, pollen wins once more. At home today with itchy, tearing eyes and the requisite headache. It's supposed to rain today, so I'm hoping it will wash away pollen. Though I did say that last week, and it worked for about a 1/2 day, then them darn trees started up their hijinks again. :(

    Enjoy the Mouse, Beth!! I <3 Epcot center of all the attractions. It's less "amusement park".

    Cheers, all!

  4. We used to have a huge redbud at the corner of the manor. This time of year, it was so pink it buzzed… or maybe that was the bees that swarmed it. A late cold snap a couple years ago pretty much killed it, and it started uprooting itself (toward the house) so I cut it up. Fortunately, it spit out a few offspring to carry on… now we just have to transplant them where we want them.

    Foot problem = gout. Doc gave me some pills, told me to take them until the foot got better or until I started puking. So far, neither one has happened.

    Beth, enjoy Dizzy for us, get pix, do some silly stuff, get pix. You get the idea. ;-)

    Get better, Maria. And remember to stay wayyy away from Atlanta in April!

    Off to try getting some work done… the hardware engineers completed their freakout dance and now they're back to annoying me with trivia. Where's the Klingon boss when you need one?

  5. I think I'll do taxes today. Although, there's always tomorrow. . .

  6. Drive by hi!

    Good luck with the taxes Nancy. I did mine yesterday.happy Disney Beth. Feel better Maria.

    Cool photo Andi!

  7. You could take me some pretty pictures of your pretty trees, Maria. I like sexxoring. :)

    Hey, Farf, you got the rich guy disease -- have you been keeping secrets from us? :D

    Hey Nancy, if you don't mind the possibility of a few years in a federal prison, there's always never.

    Hope your taxes were pretty painless. Me, I have developed on a massive crush on Turbo Tax.

  8. Andi - pictures will be forthcoming, I promise. I went outside for no more than 1 minute just now - to toss empty boxes into dumpster. It's raining/windy and cool. Think I'll risk opening windows again...at least for a bit.

    of the good - I got an extension on the short story, thank the powers that be. Especially since I got copyedits for True Blood essay AND the book, all due at the same time. eep!!

    Farf - my old boss had gout. He mostly ignored it and was just cranky. Keep the foot elevated as much as you can. I hear that helps.

    I'm going to try to nap for a bit and rest my eyes. Been washing them out with a VERY expensive OTC eye drop: Genteal - meant for extremely dry eyes, which I have. I think it helps with the pollen.

  9. Good afternoon all. *waves*

    Writing bits and reading bits for possible blurbage today. Oh, and waiting. Did I mention waiting? It's all part of the process, and honestly things are moving fast by publishing standards since I have really good rapport with my editor, but still, you know, waiting. No Godot though, Andi.

    Also, pretty tree.

    Beth, have fun with the mouse. You couldn't pay enough to go into mouseland, but I know a lot of people love it.

    Lori, that wasn't so much a compliment yesterday as a professional opinion. Along with the novels I occasionally write and sell science fiction and fantasy poetry. I think you'd have a good chance with that piece—no guarantees of course, publishing by what it is, but still I'd submit that to Asimov's if I'd written it.

    Maria, you have my sympathies on the allergies. I don't get them but Laura struggles.

    FarF, gout, ouch. I live in fear that I will have inherited that little bit of family medical history.

    Nancy, hope the taxes go well. I know I felt a hundred pounds lighter after our accountant sent them in.

    Boran, nice to see you driving past.

  10. Been up since 1:00 AM so not very coherent. Good thoughts to everyone.

  11. Andi, not really. Just eating out way2damnmuch and drinking to numb the domestic issues. The meds never did quite make me puke, but they did cause the other "stop taking it if" warning. So now I'm dialing back the booze consumption, probably not a bad idea but still.

    Maria, my old desktop (blue/white G3) is still under my desk, in a position to make a good leg prop. That does seem to help, though a couple days ago it seemed to get worse when I had it up. Hoping it will go away completely in the next day or two.

    Kelly, good luck with the genetics there… hope you don't get it. I had a much milder case some years ago, which I never bothered to get looked at because wearing my (now departed) Birkenstocks helped clear it up. Need a new pair, I guess.

  12. Had a GREAT day! Went to the Animal Kingdom, which was much emptier than I expected - and moreso that the other parks, I'm guessing. Way too many strollers, but otherwise no lines for rides, and there were times I was walking down jungle paths alone.

    I'll try to post about it at my place tomorrow - the next day, for sure. Gotta sort pictures and write down stories. Definitely less mouse-ish than the other parks.

    Epcot in a week or so, Maria!

  13. I'll look forward to those pictures, Maria. Good news on the extension.

    I think it's probably a good thing on the No Godot, Kelly.

    Sorry Farf. A bummer all the way round.

    Woo hoo for the great day, Beth. I'll be checking for the post and pics.

    ... and so to bed.