Friday, April 30, 2010

Pink and Green Again

Taken April 17, 2010.

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  1. ... continued from yesterday.

    Hiya, Nancy. Have a great time at Malice -- you too, Maria and Dina. And thanks Mom for the inspiration and all that link love. :)

    Lori, Bebo says "Better than cake -- there are squirrels, chipmunks, and mice!"

  2. Peek-A-Boo Pink is a nice way to end the week.

    Friday--So Glad.

    Malice--Envy the concentration of writer energy and enthusiasm--Have fun ladies.

    Wonderful Weekend to All.

  3. I love that little pink surprise deep in the woods-

    Hug anyone we know, Maria! Have fun!

    TGIF! You've survived another week, everyone.

    Garage wall being fixed today. A quiet weekend ahead. The calm before the storm...I really should start looking for boxes.

    Off to listen to more Johnny Carson. Have a great day, everyone!

  4. Morning, gang! Up WAY too early today. Getting a few things accomplished before I head back out to Malice.

    Today is Dina Day!! I hope to find Nancy, too.

    You all behave yourselves, 'k? ::g::


  5. Dina, liquor stores have the best boxes.

    Malicers, have mondo fun.

    Lily says, "Bebo are squirrels and chipmunks anything like wallabies? Mice I know,; they're the things I bring momma and leave on the back porch for her to find."

    Maria, behave? Whatever for?

    Plumbing fixed. Onto waste water.

    'Night all.

  6. Drive by. Good weekend to all!

    It will (hopefullly) be in the 80s here! Woohoo!

  7. Good morning everyone,

    We've had a nice week here so far, but this w/e we'll be getting some thunderstorms in.

    I finally got all the staples out of my leg and everything seems to be working fine. Although I still have the swelling in my leg, ankle and foot, I can now walk a good distance without it hurting. I guess that means I'll have to get off my backside and start walking for exercise. Somewhere there has to be a happy medium for slacking and exercise, but I haven't found it yet.

    I hope everyone will have a good w/e and take care.


  8. Hey all! A little stiff today, but the tree out back is all cut up. Now the easy part: splitting (hydraulic splitter) and the hard part: hauling and stacking that mess! It's supposed to rain this weekend, so I guess all that will happen later. Riding the motorbike to work vibrated out the worst of the back kinks, anyway.

    Lori, tell Lily that chipmunks are like stripe-y mice without tails, and squirrels are tree rats with a PR makeover. In other words, guilt-free chew toys!

    Hope the writers at Malice enjoy each other's, um, malice-free company… couldn't resist that one.

    I'm thinking of cutting the office early, especially since I was handed a new box to photograph. I can run it home, take the pix, upload them, then see what happens next…

  9. It's Friday afternoon after 3:00 so I hope, Lisa, you are already celebrating the weekend.

    Did the wall fix get finished, Beth? I'm sure it will help inspire you on your box search to have that out of the way.

    If you have time, Maria, tell us what all is doing at Malice so we can enjoy it vicariously. Or if you're too busy, I guess a post-Malice post will have to do.

    Bebo says to tell Lily/Lilly that squirrels, chipmunks, and mice are for munchies. Moles are for bringing back to the house to show off because they're way too tough to bother with eating.

    I hope you have nice weather, b2, because it's going to be crummy here and someone ought to have nice weekend weather.

    Howdy, howdy, FM. Yay for getting the staples out an boo for mean plumbing (FM has a new post at his place so ya'll can go over there and catch up).

  10. FM, glad you're less metallic and more mobile.

    Farf, that's a whole lot of heat in that photo.

  11. Hiya again Andi and Jim,

    Andi I agree with the boo on plumbing. As I wrote over at my place, I hate it when a seemingly simple job gets monumental from a frozen faucet. I just have no patience for it.

    Jim I'll have to say I'm glad to be less metallic and now I just have to work on the mobile part. I told FAR over at his place I'd love to go on a hike with him at Planet Georgia, but I left out that I'd prefer to hike while driving a golf cart or some such conveyance. :)

  12. Very jealous of that woodpile, Farf.

    There's no such thing as a simple plumbing job, FM -- there's only bigger big disasters and smaller big disasters.

  13. Hi, all - couldn't get wifi at the hotel, though they say it's there. :(

    Haven't seen Nancy. Dina arrived v. late due to horrible traffic. I spent the majority of my day with friends (catching up) and in the bar (with more friends).

    Saw Porch Sally on my way out/heading home. Hope to see more people tomorrow!!