Monday, April 5, 2010

Looking for Macro Shots

The dogs photographer's assistants hard at work.

Taken March 23, 2010.

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  1. I doubt that they are looking for anything. Which is why I say that Luna doesn't go for a walk, she goes for a snort.

    We fell back for Fall yesterday. Which means that the time you get up is no longer just minutes before we go to bed.

    It also means I'm way to tired for it to only be 7:42pm, and that Lily, who has an impeccable sense of what time it is, is now demanding her dinner at 4:15 and not 5:15.

    On a side note, the worst part of working under the house is not crawling on gravel or smacking your head (both of which I did), but breathing in all the fine musty soil you stir up - as my lungs will attest. More of the same tomorrow, although I'll probably wear a mask.

  2. They're not looking for photo ops for me!?! They told me they were, those poopyheads! :(

    I hope your repair work is a little less painful tomorrow.

  3. Curious Dog butts--good way to start the week.

    Feeling much better when I got home yesterday. Bluebonnets were gorgeous but haven't downloaded pics yet. No skunks-woohoo. Though I think some vultures are nesting on the creek or there's a dead cow I didn't see on the other side of the creek. Also saw a bobcat hanging out on the side of the road near a fence on the way home.
    Beautiful weather and so nice to sit on the deck. Cows stayed close so plenty of mooing and fresh patties all around--why the compound is fenced.

    Go Butler!!!

    Nancy--love your descriptions. Glad it wasn't a rainy, cold Easter. Will be in the 80's here. I'll turn the fan on high to share the warmth.

    Lori, you are made of stronger stuff than I--crawling under the house. We had a lab that would "sneak" on the bed at night. Hubby thought he'd been paralized once, but his legs were just numb and trapped under dog.

    Maria--Happy New House. Best sister in the world--helping you out.

    Beth--have fun visiting.

    Thanks to all for support and sand kicking.
    Waves to all as off to get ready for work.

  4. Wow, you saw a bobcat, Lisa! That is so cool and I am jealous. Looking forward to seeing your pics of the bluebonnets and other pleasures.

  5. Morning, gang!! 1st Monday in new place, woke to sounds of birds singing and a lovely breeze through my OPEN WINDOWS--something I could never do in old place b/c of location overlooking hwy.

    Instead of leaving for the mimes at 8:20, I can leave at 8:45 and still be there in plenty of time. w00t!

    Did absolutely nothing of worth yesterday. Napped (a lot). Watched TV. Sis was awesome--too bad she couldn't stay for another 3 days. ::g::

    Lori, I empathize with the musty dust/dirt. Hadn't realized how gross my old place was with highway grime/mold. :(

    Lisa, bluebonnet pics = Texas to me. Definitely spring.

    Andi, the pups look as if they're on the hunt for truffles, or something equally as fascinating. Hee!

    Hope you all have a wonderful Monday!

  6. "Hey Andi! A bug!" SLURP "Oops."

    Lori, I'm quite familiar with the hacking cough that follows crawling under a house sans mask. Dust, mold, insulation fibers, mouse droppings… highly un-recommended for breathing. At least I don't have to deal with gravel. Three things I take under the house: flashlight, mask, and long stick (for knocking down spider webs).

    Lisa… you should have brought the bobcat with you to deal with the kiddos. ;-)

    Maria, I had the window open in the bedroom last night too! The stupidogs raised a racket at one point, and we had to pull the covers up about 5 a.m. (when Mason woke us up with a bottle call). Being able to leave for work later is always a WIN.

    Mason told us this morning: I DON'T WANT A DIAPER CHANGE, I WANT A BOTTLE!!!! DON'T YOU PEOPLE UNDERSTAND BABY??? He ended up getting both. ;-)

    Carry on, y'all — we're almost at the point in the meeting where I have to pay attention…

  7. Late to the party today - found an internet cafe. Didn't go home today after all. One more day with friends, then home early early tomorrow.

    Waving to Lori as she toddles off to bed. Tried to crawl under a house once but was determined it would fall on my head - silly, but way too scary.

    Meeting friends for coffee, breakfast and dinner today - woo hoo! Gorgeous weather - no skunks. Wouldn't mind a few days on the deck with the moo cows, though.

    Hope y'all have a great Monday!

  8. Maria, looks like your new apartment is turning into a bit of heaven on earth. Hope it stays that way.

    Farf, it's probably a good thing none of us remember the frustrations of babyhood -- we'd have an even harder time sitting through boring meetings. :)

    Enjoy the day Beth. And do stay out from under scary houses. (I like giving advice that's easy to follow.)

  9. Hi all.

    Slept in.

    Way behind.

    Don't care.

  10. Sleeping in combining with not caring sounds like the perfect plan, Dina.

    I should be saying "and so to bed" but I'm trying to stay up till the end of the game (Go Butler) but it's hard out there for a geezer.

  11. Yay for staying up, andi. Go butler! (Dont tell duke)

  12. They'll never find out from me, Beth.

    I can't believe I'm still up -- I guess have a nerve-wracking game is one way to keep us old folks awake.

  13. Doggone it, andi. I rooted 4 them and everything. Cant miss shots for 7:30 and win, sigh. Good game, tho. Now to bed.

  14. Thanks for the rooting, Beth.