Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Just Specs of White on the Forest Floor

But beautiful all the same

Rue Anemone

Spring Beauties

Star Chickweed
Click images to see larger versions


  1. Continued from last night because I was so sleepy I forgot to come back to the post ...

    Hi b2, Kelly, and Lori

    ... back to today.

    I thought I should get rid of the VGW since today the blog should just be specs of white.

  2. B U T FULL Andi!!!

    Redid a scene ending that will get a good reaction from readers. Love when inspiration comes in the shower.

    All day workshop on discipline today--can you see my enthusiam--NOT.

    Not fair, I missed all the poetry yesterday while working. Nice treat for me this morning though.
    Waves to farf, and Beth, and Nancy.

    Good luck with the chainsaw Lori. Hubby has discovered the pluses of my lighter electric that he sneered at in his manly man times.
    Age does have a way of changing your perspective. I'm afraid Lily and the chainsaw might take a hunk of house though too.

    Maria, let your muse do some work. Ask it a question or give it some details and then let it get back to you.
    While you're driving or showering she will ping you with ideas. Answer yes, no or maybe. Then keep listening as you do unwritery things. I got an idea for a whole new story a few weeks ago just by saying I wanted a story about teen girls interested in math and science. Got a killer idea.

    Terrific Tuesday to All.

  3. Hey all!

    Sounds like Lisa received the productivity vibes.

    Trying to tie a bunch of disconnected scenes together here… and as I figure out how, another one comes. The voices in my head are teasing me, I swear.

    Off to the mimes, late as usual. Mason kept cranking in his sleep last night; I got up one time and covered him up because he was cold. The second time, he was asleep again before I could get to him. *YAWN* Could be the rainy stuff too. Oh well, work inspiration hit right at the end of the day so I just put the laptop to sleep and I'll be able to pick up where I left off last night.


  4. Ooh, pretty flowers!!

    Morning, gang. Working @ the mimes from home today (yay!). Eye doc appt later this afternoon.

    Lisa - thanks for the story advice--I'm going to try to let it go today while I'm working at the job and see what happens.

    Farf, you are a fab grandpop!! Mason is lucky to have you there for him. :)

    Off to do some work, all! Happy Tuesday.

  5. Mighty nice blooms there! We don't yet have anything this nice.

    It's supposed to be 70 or so today. Mid 40s now.

    It looks to be a busy day. Hopefully I can get outside for a bit.

    Waves to all!

  6. Awww, this is the time of year when even the littlest blooms can look up at the slower-leafing big trees and say,"Look at me!"

  7. I know you meant be ewe tee full, Lisa, but it put a silly grin on my face to read that as buttfull and figure you were talking about your all-day workshop. :)

    Sorry about the busy night with Mason, Farf. Hope tonight is better.

    I hope your eye doctor visit goes well, Maria. I got my new glasses last week -- big changes in my eyes -- and I'm still having trouble adjusting.

    You need to catch up, b2. We're already into the second round of flowers (phlox, yellow, white, and purple violets, and a tiny daisy-like flower).

    And then, Nancy, the trees say: huh? what? I didn't catch that; could you speak up, ya little pipsqueaks?

  8. Hi,all. Water yoga this morning. Too tired to type.

  9. Such dainty flowers. I love white spring flowers. It all seems so fresh.

    Spent the weekend at my sis' house looking after Truman. She got a new router and didn't leave me the wifi code so no intertubes except on my iphone. She's still stuck in Europe. We're starting to miss her more than we are jealous of her.

  10. Gee, thanks, Lori!

    Indoor pool and in the NE so hopefully not a problem we will have.

  11. But it was only a little crocodile. ;)

  12. Guess you can tell who missed checking her blogs today. Huge deadlines today, so I was up til 3am and started again at 7am. Hopefully I'm teaching my new employers how wonderful I am - they're already paying me more, and giving me more responsibility. Still not much $, but hopefully it will get better and better.

    Cross-eyed tired today. Too many hours staring at the screen.

    Home inspection today, and found a leak behind the washer. Can you say soggy moldy wall? Luckily it's in the garage, and I have a handyman friend who was coming down next week to visit, so that will be fixed. And an electrician tomorrow to replace the cord on the hot water heater that was ready to combust.

    Missed receiving everyone's comments today in my mailbox!

    Back to work. Not til 3am tonight, tho!

    Walking in your woods in my mind, andi.

  13. Dina, now that I've seen Lori's link, I've even more impressed with your exercise regimen. ;)

    And great link, Lori.

    Don't work too hard, Beth ... oops, I guess it's really too late for that.

  14. If you can do yoga with a crocodile in the pool, you are truly approaching Zen.

    Besides, it's just a little "Freshie" (fresh water crocodile). It's only the gigantic "Salties" (salt water crocodiles) that eat people. We don't have any crocodiles in Tasmania.

    The most dangerous critter in Australia (after humans of course) is the Box jellyfish, which Imogen and I will studiously avoid when we take our trip to the Great Barrier Reef. We've decided to get there in the next year or so because it's under so much stress that we have to get there sooner rather than later. I'm saving up for the underwater housing for my Nikon, or maybe I'll buy a Nikor.