Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Just Specs of White in the Forest Air

Taken April 15, 2010.

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  1. In case anyone is wondering, 5am Andi's time is 7pm our time. Or, put another way, Indiana is 14 hours behind us.

    Loverly stand o' trees, Andi.

    In other news, I went to the local store this evening for some cheese and missed a big male Wallaby on the highway by this much. Touch wood I haven't hit anything yet, but the way they just jump out in front of you it's easy to understand the road-side carnage. As it was I braked hard enough to send the car into a skid, and I was only doing 60kph because of the construction zone.

  2. I did have that figured out -- I went to a world time page and checked it out. Sounds like wallabies are the same kind of nuisance that deer are around here. Glad both you and the critter are okay.

  3. Morning ladies, Lori thanks for the time check. With Nicky in England we've got much of the globe covered.

    Hate when things jump in front of the car. Here it's usually squirrels, but at night possums lumber out in the way. Around Cherokee it's definately the deer and they can really damage a car.

    Survived workshop but now have to collect data on discipline for this year to compare with next year. WooHoo--not.
    So I'll be digging in student folders for a while.

    Maria hope the muse whispered in your ear. Sometimes she quiet until I get in the shower or am walking. Then bam--such a good idea.

    Waves to all for Wonderful Weds.
    Off to the mimes.

  4. Morning, gang! Lovely trees--perhaps I should go lose myself in them?

    Lisa, sadly the muse remains elusive, darn it. And today, I must away to the mimes.

    Perhaps during mime-age, she will appear? Let's hope!

    Happy Hump Day!!

  5. Thanks, Lori. I'm not as smart as andi to look it up. I know now! I have friends in Oz right now, so now know what time it is for them.

    Hoping muses return to all who need them, in the shower or wherever.

    Electrician fixing hot water tank right now. Friend will be here in a few days to fix the moldy soppy wall behind the washer. Just more reasons why I don't want to own a home again for a while. Hopefully that's enough to clinch the sale, and I can get out of here ASAP.

    Back to work. My grueling schedule is paying off, but hopefully I can cut back to 8-10 hours/day soon.

    A writer friend is occupying the guest suite tonight, so wine and good food and writerly talk, woo hoo.

    Happy HD, y'all!

  6. Whew, Lori.

    Reminds me of a humbling experience for a certain son and a certain possum. Son was l6. I don't know how old the possum was. Son was driving, and he had just bragged about how well he was doing with his driving, when. . .

    Possum ran across road, son squished possum.

    Silence in car.

  7. Lisa, scrounging in student folder sounds like a great project to finish out the year -- not.

    You're welcome to come here and lose yourself among the trees, Maria ... but I guess you'd better meet your deadlines first.

    Good luck with the work and the fixes, Beth. Friends, OTOH, don't need good luck; they are good luck.

    Given the number of dead possums around here, Nancy, I figure no one considers you a real driver until you've hit at least one.

  8. Yup, the deer here provide the damage. Possums, groundhogs, squirrels, raccoons, all just provide drama. "Think of it as evolution in action."

    I've been fortunate… having hit two deer with no more than cosmetic damage (to the vehicles). I blogged about the second one about three years ago.

  9. Having spent most of the day either waiting for the plumber or waiting for the plumber to finish, I am now a happy camper with new toilets.

    Why, yes, it doesn't take much to make me happy.

  10. Heyo, drive by today and probably for at least the next couple of days. Going to be very busy for a while here.

  11. Afternoon Everyone,

    It looks like we're through with the pine pollen here. Although my car is still a yellowish/gray.

    Everything here is still going along as usual. I was supposed to have all the staples removed from my leg today, but the doctor's office called and said he had been called to emergency surgery. So it looks like I'm stuck with them for another week.

    George has started his yearly shed and I'm seriously thinking of even before the staples are removed to get the clippers out and try and give him a haircut. For such a small dog he shed an amazing amount of hair.

    Well hope everyone is doing fine and see ya'll later.

    Take care


  12. Hey Farf, our county has the most deer-car collisions in the state of Indiana. Are you jealous? :)

    Hi and bye, Kelly. Hope it's a very good busy.

    Howdy, howdy, FM. Glad to hear from you but sorry you're still full of metal (but you are full of mettle so I guess it's appropriate).

    ... and so to bed.