Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hard Work Pays Off

Macro shots found. Give a biscuit to those puppies.

Taken March 23, 2010

Taken March 29, 2010.
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  1. I never meant to imply that the dogs were useless at finding things (boy can dogs find things, and the deader the better), I only meant that they'd find them via their schnozes, and not their peepers.

    Imogen and I spent the day mostly in Hobart. She, organizing her office, and I, shopping for everything from Chinese cooking wine to yet more plumbing parts.

    We had lunch at "The Ball and Chain", and I think I may have eaten both.

  2. Shopping for stuff for Chinese cooking sounds like lots of fun, organizing offices and plumbing parts not so much. I've decided to forgo saying anything about eating balls.

  3. Yeah, let's just forget I said that . . . .

    They did have a rather dense vegetarian option: salad bar, vegetable frittata and roasted potatoes. I may have over-done. Which is soooooo unlike me.

  4. I suppose I should add for those relatively ignorant of Tasmania's origins that it started out as an English convict colony (it's not a marital reference in the above restaurant's moniker). The Ball and Chain is actually in a convict-built row of buildings situated right on Hobart's wharf and dating back to the first years of the settlement.

  5. Either way, it's not the most attractive (in both senses of the word) name for a restaurant I've heard.

    I love roasted potatoes when they're done just right -- crisp outside, creamy inside.

  6. No it's not, but the Indian restaurant next door where I wanted to eat was closed, and Imogen, who is a flexitarian when I comes to eating meat swears that it's the only place to get a perfect char grilled steak in Hobart.

  7. My aren't you two chatty. Lori, makes for interesting pedigrees for the locals.
    Glad you could get out and enjoy some time with Imogen before submerging under the house again.

    Andi, it was so close with Butler--Great game. Though I only saw the last few moments on the internet. I was really rooting for them to topple Duke.

    Waving as have to get ready for work.
    A Terrific Tuesday to All.

  8. Andi, do you know what those plants are? I'm clueless as usual.

    We had lunch at "The Ball and Chain", and I think I may have eaten both.

    Heehee, my daughter's ex-boyfriend calls that a "food fetus." Andi already fed you your foot, so I won't go where she did already (although to my everlasting shame I didn't even think about it - I may have to turn in my perv card). "Flexitarian" - great word. I'll have to use that.

    I ordered a sling for Mason over the weekend & it came in yesterday. We both like it - I can have both hands free to type, he gets "held" all he wants and even fell asleep in it. I might need to exchange it for a large, though.

    Time to jump on the scoot - imagine me waving as I putt away....

  9. Hobart! I remember a harbor? A long sloping street downtown? A fort? It was many Tasmanian moons ago.

    Spring cleaning has me by the throat. It feels so good when it's over.

  10. Morning, gang - very late today, as I gleefully left windows open again last night and my sinuses were VERY unhappy. Had a slow start to my day.

    Nancy, I consider my move a radical version of spring cleaning. ::g::

    Got my iPad yesterday!! It's fabulous for reading. Beats the heck out of my Kindle, surprisingly. Was able to watch a TV show and then read a book, all while lounging in my bed. Sweet!! The total tech-geek-lazybones gadget. :)

    Back to the mime duties, as I am writing user stories/acceptance criteria for software. whee?

    Happy Tuesday!

  11. Thanks for the rooting, Lisa. The dogs say you can come root with them any time. ;)

    I've got no idea about the one on the left, Farf, but the one on the right is toothwort. Somebody needs to take a picture of you and Mason-in-swing at the computer so we can all enjoy it.

    There's an easy solution to spring cleaning, Nancy. Don't.Do.It. (well it works for me)

    Coming from the software provider end, Maria, I would say acceptance criteria was more like the bane of my existence. That's the best part of becoming a self-employed subcontractor -- it's not my problem anymore. :)

  12. Hey all! Back home safely. Way too much traffic on I-75 again. Groan. Makes me not want to go anywhere ever again.

    Yay for open windows - boo to spring cleaning and sinuses.

    Nancy, were you in that part of the world at some point?? I'm so envious. It's on my bucket list.

    Indian food - yummy. Have extra for me next time, Lori!

    No news here except I had a wonderful weekend, and now I'm tired, and need to get back to work.

    Game was great, even if I'd rather have seen Butler win. But since Duke is one of my favorite teams, I won anyway. Watching a great game is the biggest win.

    I want to play with an iPad...glad you like yours, Maria!

    And glad you enjoy being a granddad, Farf - having a baby attached to me ranks right up there with crawl spaces in my world.

    Off to unpack, nap, and work. Not necessarily in that order.

    Have a good rest of the day, all!

  13. Hallooo, still recovering here, but finally starting to get back to actually getting work done.

  14. Kelly feels better, yay!

    Beth, I was there with hubby and child back in (Nick is 26 now and he was 4 then)1987? Sheesh. I was alive then? We took an overnight ferry from New Zealand to Tasmania, and it was cool beans.

    Andi, but then I'd miss the Garage Cleaning Merit Badge of Righteousness.

    Maria, lol. That works best.

    And to all the rest of you goof-offs (yeah, right, hardest working bunch in the blogsphere), howdy.

  15. Lisa, Tasmania has a very interesting history in terms of both convict ancestry and its relatively small gene pool.

    As to the former, there's the issue of the "convict stain" which so many Australians spent the last century trying to either ignore or refute (Churchill famously called the Australian soldiers "convict cannon fodder"). But, as is often the case, late in the last century many Australians decided to reclaim their convict ancestors, many of whom were "exported" for minor offenses or due to their political beliefs (especially the Irish). Convict ancestry is now considered a point of pride.

    My favorite joke about this turn about tells of a "Society" woman who hired an investigator to find out if she had a convict ancestor. When he gets back to her he says, "I've got some good news, and some bad news. The good news is that you do have a convict ancestor. The bad news is that he got convicted for buggering a sheep".

    As for the gene puddle, the mainlanders joke about two-headed Tasmanians. You can even buy Teddy bears here with two heads, or bottles of beer that come with two necks, etc. On the serious side Tasmania's small gene pool means that we have the world's foremost research center focusing on the links between genetics and disease. And not surprisingly, we have more red-heads per population than anywhere else on earth. Also, if you look really closely, you can spot the scar on some Tasmanians from where their parents had the second head removed.

  16. Beth, will do.

    Oh and Nancy, yep that's the place.

    Glad to see you back Kelly.

  17. Welcome home, Beth. Hope the nap was long and the work short.

    Yuck, Kelly. I'm sorry you're still recovering.

    Nancy, there's always Burned the Garage Down Rather Than Clean It Merit Badge. The red flames motif is way cool.

    Also, if you look really closely, you can spot the scar on some Tasmanians from where their parents had the second head removed. -- I can't wait to visit so I can look for the scars for myself. :)

  18. I have a scar low on my neck from a spinal fusion surgery. When anyone asks about it I tell them it's from when I had my other head removed. It would be funnier if I came from here, but it usually gets a laugh.

    With any luck we'll have the house fully renovated by the time you get here Andi. Today's projects include plumbing and putting up a mail box, since the counsel recently extended mail delivery all the way up to our place (we'll be the last box). No more having to drive 5 kilometers to get the mail.

  19. Lori, that's pretty funny!

    If I had to drive 5km to get the mail, that would be a good excuse to not get it often...