Friday, April 16, 2010

Future Presented

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Taken April 12, 2010.

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  1. Beautiful Dogwood blooms me thinks. I miss seeing those from when we lived in East Texas. Soil too alkaline her for them.

    Too darn exhausted to think story this morning. Nine new kiddos this morning. Ended up with 14 yesterday and 6 Tuesday=CRAZY.

    Waves as drifts off to get ready for the Mimes.

  2. Friday, Lisa. Friday. Weekend ahead. Hang in there. You do important work.

    I love dogwoods! And this looks so Oriental, andi.

    House is listed and was shown less than 24 hours later. Not getting my hopes up, but at least someone looked at it.

    Met my deadlines yesterday. Today house chores and errands, until more work shows up. And maybe an hour in the sun, since I haven't done that in months.

    Hoping everyone has a wonderful Friday, and has fun plans for the weekend. Oh, pix of Disney at my place! I need to set up a folder with more - maybe this weekend.

    Anyway, waving at all!

  3. Yep, it's dogwoods and redbuds time in the woods, snowing white and pink. Hope today goes by fast so you can have quiet time this weekend.

  4. Hey Beth, we must be sharing a wavelength today. :) Great pics. I love the tree of life and the sleeping tiger.

  5. Morning, gang! Still loving the spring pics, despite the side effects. ::g::

    Lisa, you need a weekend!!!

    Beth, loved the Disney pics. I'm with Andi on the favorite ones. :)

    I'm miming today to make up for pollen hell days. Kind of weird now to get up early on Fridays. At least we have a Friday Forum (a lunchtime learning thingie) to look forward to. I love these, b/c they're presented by staff, are relevant to what we do and I always come out of them with new info. They're very casual, too - a lot of discussion. Today's talk is on Google Analytics.

    Happy Friday, all!!

  6. Okay guys, this is funny. House listed Wed night late. Showed it yesterday at noon - the sign had been up for 5 minutes. Just got an offer on it. A reasonable offer. They want to close on May 28. Since my goal is to get out of here, and not make a ton of money, unless something happens with appraisals, etc. it's a go.

    You think maybe the Tiki Gods want me OUT of here?!

    My head is spinning. In a market where houses sit for years, mine hasn't sat 24 hours.

    Obviously it all could fall through, but either way, it's nice to know someone likes my house!

    Wowie wow wow.....

  7. Woo hoo, Beth! The last time we sold a house (November 1978), the realtor told us to expect it would sit through the winter and instead we had a closed deal in 5 days. Hope you have the same luck.

  8. Beth, that's brilliant!! Yes, perhaps it was meant. :)

    ::crossing appendages for a swift and easy transaction::

  9. Yay dogwoods! Andi, I don't think it's been quite as hot here as you're getting it, but we did have some unexpected light rain yesterday.

    Maria, thanks again for the eBay point. DD did the "Buy it Now" thing and it's on the way. Supposedly. Turns out she has the eye of one of the very few unattached straight guys at the college & she's hoping to reel him in. ;-)

    Beth, I'm stunned. I guess the Traveling Gods were lonely — badda bing, badda boom, pack up and hit the road, girl! :-D

    Lisa, maybe you could work the kiddos into a story? Something gruesome yet hysterically funny?

    Off to the mimes…

  10. Drive by hi!

    That is amazing Beth! Good luck getting it all done. (I'll have to take a look at your photos.)

    Waves to all!

  11. Congratulations, Beth - amazing in this market indeed.

    Did anyone else see butterflies when first trying to focus on the tree? Maybe I just need more caffeine in the morning.

    And Andi, it is cold again today - feel free to have some!

  12. Halloooo!

    Beth, hooray! I hope that it goes smoothly and easily and you are soon off to a place that suits you better.

    Waiting no longer on agenda, yay! But I can't say anything more for a bit because of certain details yet to be worked out. Very different and much gentler type of frustrating that.

    Hope everyone has a fabulous Friday!

  13. Sounds like an interesting session, Maria. I wish I was there so I could find out why google analytics doesn't "see" some of the people who come to the blog (frex, Jen and Kelly).

    Kind of weird that it's hotter here than there, Farf. It's going to cool down a lot though starting this afternoon.

    Waves to b2!

    Sorry about the cold, Dina. As I mentioned to Farf, we are about to have some colder temps so I will.

    Well yay for whatever it is that you can't tell us about, Kelly. :)

  14. Well done with the house sale, Beth. My daughter has a buyer for hers but can't find a house to go to! Nothing the right size/price at the moment.

    School Easter holidays round here, so I've been on Grandma duty a lot, plus we had a trip to Yorkshire (Oop North, as they say). Stayed in Harrogate which is very, very pretty.

  15. Well in my case it may be the whole off-planet alien thing, and while I can't speak for Jen, it might be a similar issue on her end;-)

  16. Congratulations Beth! The Box Gods are smiling at you. Now heading over to check out the pics of Mickey's World.

    I'll be interested in the Google analytics info too.

    Been emailing my sis who went to Europe on a business trip last Sunday - Paris, then London then Frankfurt, then her team was to leave and go home today and she was going back to Paris to meet some friends. They are all stuck in Frankfort due to the Volcanic ash - the team can't get out until Tuesday at the earliest. She managed to get the last first class seat on tomorrow morning's train to Paris but doesn't know if her flight home on Sunday will be cancelled and she'll be stuck until Wednesday. I told her there were a lot worse places to be stuck in than Paris. :)

  17. Maybe I'd better fly to Paris, so I can be stuck there too. Yes, there are much worse places to be stuck...

    Well, just signed a contract on the house. Had 2 offers. In 24 hours. In this market. The Tiki Gods indeed want me outta here. Now i have to wait for the appraisal, all that stuff. But if all goes as planned, will be outta here on May 28. Road tripping north. Might have to visit some blog buddies on the way.....

    Drinking a glass of vigonier to celebrate. Thanks for celebrating with me! And for your support. Can't wait to get my life back on track, after this slight detour to the Dark Side. :-)

  18. Holy contract gods, Beth!! That's amazing and great for you. Definitely a sign. :)


    I'm neck deep in link-checking on a site that is scheduled to go live in a week because the project manager is swamped. Yay? My mind is going numb--I'm on hour 7 of this today.

  19. If it wasn't clear, that was speculation on why Jen and I don't show up in google analytics.

  20. Grandma duty, Nicky -- otherwise known as spoiling the kiddies?

    Oh Kelly, you can really think that google can't handle extraterrestrials. Besides, I think it's just that you and Jen are off-the(-google-)charts cool.

    I've spent two weeks in Frankfort, Mary, so I congratulate her on getting out and to Paris. Much better place to be a stuckee.

    That's just wonderful, Beth. Here's hoping that everything goes smoothly.

  21. Well, today is proof that making any kind of weekend plans is the surest way to get In-law Intervention. I was going to be a baking fool, so of course they cut down a poplar & wanted me to help cut it up. Like I don't already have some cutting to do in my own back yard (pictures prob. tomorrow).

    Mason wants his granddad, type later!