Saturday, April 17, 2010

Flowing Light

Taken April 1, 2010.

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  1. The VGW doesn't scare me all that much any more. Probably because if I DON'T write something, I'll forget to come back and then wonder why everyone is so quiet today.

    So since Lisa's working to meet her deadline, I'll make first tracks.

    After all the craziness of fielding offers yesterday, today should be relatively peaceful. The new potential owner of the house wants to come by and take pictures, which is fine with me. It appears she's a single woman about my age - I'm happy to pass my house onto someone who's excited about it.

    Otherwise, arts and crafts fair, work, and hopefully watching thunderstorms, if the weather peeps are right. The calm before the packing storm begins.

    Hope YOUR Saturday is stellar! Waving to all who follow...

  2. Seeing as you're about to start fresh, Beth, I think the VGW would be right in keeping with your mood. :)

    Dina should probably have told me to be careful what I wish for -- temps in the 80s all gone and the lows are down in the 30s with a chance of frost.

  3. Morning, gang!

    Beth, what a great way to start the morning, yeah? Fresh road ahead. :)

    Andi, a cold front came in here, too, but not quite so severe as yours. We dropped about 20 degrees to the low 60s (yay!)

    Going to dive into the short story (again) today. For some reason, this is nearly as difficult (or even more so) than a full novel.

    ::waves at later arrivals::

    Hope you all have a great weekend!

  4. Fresh start, indeed. My life seems to be a series of starts...but that's better than a series of endings!

    I don't know how folks write short stories. My imagination only thinks in 90,000 word chunks. :-)

    Good luck with the story and the cooler temps. But no frost, boo! Our storms are now predicted for tomorrow...

  5. Maria, I think short stories can be harder to write because you're aware of how much each sentence matters. And then there's poetry, where every word (and punctuation) needs to be worried over.

  6. Nothing wrong with endings either, Beth ... except -- as a prof of mine once said -- it does hurt when things come to an end but no conclusion. But it seems to me that you always take something away from your endings to feed the next start.

  7. Oh yeah. Mine really aren't beginnings and endings, though - they're just chapters that flow one into the other. Every day is supposed to be a new adventure of some kind, right? Or at least that's how I look at it! :-)

  8. speculation on why Jen and I don't show up in google analytics

    The offworld explanation is my favorite, I feel as if I have been offworld lately. Another explanation is that I use Mozilla Firefox with the "no cookies" setting and the Ad-block extension installed, and this apparently either confounds Google Analytics so much it cannot perceive me at all, or, considering the likelihood that sentience is sooner or later going to grow out of something the Google corporation codes, possibly this annoys it such that it chooses of its own free will to give me the blind/silent treatment. You make the call!

    Sorry to have been MIA of late, happenings in meatspace are making me tend toward being morose, or else flipping into a CAPSLOCK lunatic ranting about how irresponsible people are and this is why planet earth can't ever have any nice things, lol, so I keep to myself when I get like this. Then there was a death in my extended family yesterday, which I am not going to have to deal with too directly (I'm close to the surviving spouse), but the emotional fallout cranked right up and will be coming in waves for a while because that's how death rolls. So I am probably here today but gone tomorrow.

    Meanwhile, I hope everyone is well as can be, writing, un/packing, moving, healing, resting, and otherwise enjoying life. Through the magic of the internets I will leave the thread with a link to a groovy image: a series of pictures of actual human ovulation captured during a surgical procedure, very rare, very damn cool.

  9. Beautiful day here, and no sign of the volcanic ash that's allegedly going to cause problems for even mild asthmatics like me. However, we live right on the south coast so maybe it's blowing away from us. My younger daughter's house is close to a flight path and at the moment she's relishing the peace and quiet!

    Have a great Saturday,everyone!

  10. Thanks for coming by to update us, Jen. I've missed you ... a lot. I wish for better times for you (always) and offer my sympathy to your family.

    And thanks for the link to that article it was fascinating.

  11. I heard an interview with a woman who lived near Heathrow, Nicky, and she was saying how much she was enjoying getting to sleep late. So I guess this volcanic mess does have an upside.

  12. Beth, it sounds as if your whole life is one of your 90,000 word chunks, rather than a series of short stories. Not sure if I'm kidding. This "chapter" sure is coming to an astonishing close! I had a house closure like that once--it leaves your jaw hanging open! So happy for you. Now, like the water in the photo, you flow into the next chapter of the 90,000 word chunk.

    Happy to see you, Jen, under any circumstances. . .

    Waves to all. Far, how foot?

  13. Andi, sorry for your cold front. Still cold here and I heard we are expecting rain. This may be a day to cuddle with the cats in front of the TV.

    Jen, nice to see another Firefox user - I hope things get better soon.

    Everyone, happy Saturday.

    Love the picture today - looks like molten gold (maybe a nice side affect from Iceland's volcano????)

  14. Afternoon all.
    Not as productive a day as I would like, but one more chapter in the rough finished state.

    Hubby is camping so me and the critters are holding down the fort.

    Nicky, good to hear you haven't been hit by that ash yet. I'm wondering about the respiratory issues--hope they pass over quickly.

    Beth, It is a wonder. Now if the Box gods would strike equally well.

    Jen, So good to have you check in.

    Maria--Here's hoping the short story has revealed itself to you.

    Waves to Nancy, Farf, B, Kelly, MaryB, Lori, CF, Dina and all others.

    Off to run errands and buy something yummy for dinner.

  15. Heh. Today was so hosed, I went & whined in yesterday's post instead of today's. Well, like I said there, the surest way to invoke an In-law Intervention is to make plans for the weekend.

    Nancy, my foot is functional enough now that I was able to go cut firewood (see in-law intervention). It's not 100% but I'll be on the motorcycle next week.

    I don't have problems writing short stories — of course I'd say that, since even my current and previous novels are essentially a long string of flash stories. Seems like character development would be the toughest part of a short story; if a sentence or phrase doesn't matter, why put it in the novel, right? Fortunately, readers understand that there's only so many words to cover backstory, character development, and plot. I personally can forgive a few loose ends in a short story, where I won't cut a novel the same slack.

    Well, I've actually started one part of what I wanted today… cinnamon rolls. DoubleRed made cookies, and we bought a loaf of bread, so it looks everything I wanted to get done will happen even if I didn't do 2/3 of it!

    Other than finishing the rolls, that's pretty much it for tonight. See y'all tomorrow!

  16. Hi Nancy, Dina, Lisa, and Farf.

    Just finished watching the first episode of the new season of Doctor Who. Excellent start.

    and so to bed