Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Exterior Decorating

It's true -- any house can be made to look attractive with the right lighting.

Taken March 30, 2010.

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  1. I'll probably see the old cabin in the this week's newspaper being advertised as "a nice little fixer-upper".

    But don't listen, Lori. This is one house you definitely don't want to be crawling under ... though I've got to admit the Pack find it very enticing.

  2. I don't know why I'm always attracted to little old cottages that need fixing up. Maybe one of these days I'll buy one. But til then I'll enjoy this one.

    Just working today, and getting used to being home. Maybe try to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather before the humidity descends. Keeper comes home tonight, so tomorrow will be dog walking again. Wish I had your woods to ramble in, andi.

    Hope everybody's day is a good one!

  3. Morning Beth. When you go looking for your fixer-upper cottage, I think you might want to avoid ones with no floor, doors or windows and a fallen in roof like this one -- just a little real estate advice. :)

  4. Thought I saw a flash of red and a basket. Grandma's house could use lots of work.

    Lori, I LOVE the info about red hair and two heads. Science geek be me. Fascinating about the genetic research being done there. Never thought of it.

    Nancy--world traveler, Spring garage cleaner. I bow in reverence to the latter. I'm thinking the Order of the Trash Can Medal with golden brooms for Bravery at the very least. I'll brew some iced tea for when you're parched.

    Beth, enjoy home. We know you'll be sprinting somewhere soon. At least at the end of the leash with Keeper.

    Maria, bah not being able to enjoy open window as much as want. Maybe better after pollen season.

    Kelly, glad you're better.

    Farf and Mason in sling--priceless.

    Wonderful Weds. to All.

  5. Morning, gang!! Lovely spring morning, too bad it's going to hit the high 80s this afternoon. I'm counting down until we have a/c.

    Love the mysterious cabin in the woods pic--every fairy tale I've ever read comes to mind. Lisa, that flash of red is the werewolf's bonnet ribbon as he dresses himself as grandma (or granny herself is the wolf!) ::g::

    Went to a charity event last night to watch an early premiere of the Glee spring opener. What fun! Love my silly show.

    Off to the mimes in about an hour (LOVE this easy commute!). Going to watch last night's Southland first.

    Happy Hump Day!

  6. Ah, looks like just the thing for little kids to claim as a clubhouse - or for older ones to consume controlled substances and explore the sweatier side of life. :-P

    Beth, I was wondering where Keeper got off to. You need to get a pic of the two of you together.

    Lisa, Snippet got up with Mason last night, so a) I'm rested; b) I expect he'll be spending a lot of time in my sling & sitting at the keyboard today. Think about the *mostly* better-behaved kiddos that come through your class and you'll have an idea of The Boy and Snippet. They're mostly OK, but they do have their sharp corners.

    Maria, I'm working at home today, so dressed appropriately (t-shirt & shorts). It's going to be warm here too. As is often the case on Planet Georgia, we went straight from winter to summer with just a little spring in between.

    Later, y'all!

  7. iPod blogging.

    Drive by hi! It may hit 90 here today. Those cool woods will be awfully inviting.

    Back to the grind. See y'all later!

  8. If this was a fairy tale I'd be shouting "RUN! Don't go to that mysterious house in the woods!"

  9. No wolves here, Lisa. But I suppose there could be a pack of coyotes instead.

    Though Maria may be right and we should all be humming Werewolves of Brown County.

    Still waiting for that picture of you and Mason at the keyboard, Farf.

    Ugh 90. I hate hot weather, b2. I'm glad that didn't happen here.

    That would be good advice, Mary. That's basically what I yell at the dogs every time they go in there to explore.

  10. That's a gorgeous atmospheric shot. Love it.

    Halloooo to all.

  11. Andi, I tried to get a shot of us at the keyboard last night, but it didn't work very well. I posted one of us standing outside (with him in the sling) on TFM last night though.

  12. Accepts iced tea from Lisa, with thanks.

    What a gorgeous photo, Andi.

  13. Hi Kelly and Nancy. Thanks to both for the compliments.

    We're having a huge storm here so I'm signing off for the night. See ya tomorrow.