Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Eek! Green Monster!

Very scary!

... or maybe not
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  1. No Lisa yesterday, no Lisa so far today. Now that is something to be scared about. Hope everything is okay.

  2. I sent her mail, andi. Funny that we worry so about our blog buddies, yet most of us have never met in RL. Nice, though!

    Haven't heard from Jen in a while, either...

    Didn't get my post done for MouseWorld, so will do that today. Signing the papers with the realtor this afternoon to list the house. Funny that even though it might take a while to sell, I feel freer already.

    Hope everyone is healthy and happy on this Hump Day. Pollen is awful here too, Maria. Hope you're better!

    Off to get some work done before the sun comes up.

  3. Couldn't stop running to check in yesterday. Banging head against scene. I finally won this morning.

    Twelve new kiddos this morning. So may need the drink that Farf needs to forgo.

    Farf, brother has had the gout so cyberhugs for you.

    Maria, I picked up my drugs yesterday to include allergy spray to go with the Claretin I'm already taking. Allergies--torture.

    New insurance and the drug cost rocked me back. Gotta lose some weight to get off some of this stuff. Bah--humbug. Need to move close to Andi & the pack and and they'd wear it off me up hill and down dale.

    Waves to Lori, Kelly, B, MaryB, Nancy, Beth--enjoying Dland, Jim--with his kiddos, and all else to come.
    Wonderful Weds. to All.

  4. My worrying is relative, Beth -- since Jen does disappear for weeks at time, I have to wait longer before I get anxious and bug her. But glad to see our worries are over. Also, glad to see I get my picture fix from your Disney adventure tomorrow.

    Whew, glad everything is (relatively) okay, Lisa. And woo hoo on getting your scene done to your satisfaction. Too bad you can't come visit now -- all that soft new green will give you all the incentive you need to get up and down those hills.

  5. Morning, gang! Andi - uhm, what the heck plant is that? Very alien looking!

    Lisa, yikes, too busy to post? Say it ain't so!

    Beth - glad you had fun yesterday. Can't wait to see the pics.

    Allergy day 99999 and counting - off to CVS to check out some antiallergy eye drops recommended by my "twin". Alaway? Anyhow, she says it helps immensely.

    Mime day today, can't slack off indefinitely. Hope they've turned on a/c @ the office!!

    Happy Hump Day!!

  6. Hi, all.

    As for the green monster, remember that it isn't easy being green.

  7. Scary alien from one angle, droopy fern from another. Speaking of missing buddies, has anyone heard from IVG? Any of the Bootrib crowd see him around?

    Lisa, you're welcome to all the booze you need, especially with 12 new kiddos! Yeesh! Like I said, dialing back was something I needed to do anyway, so right now I have some impetus to do it. I can have two a day according to the fact sheet the doc gave me, so it's not like I'm completely on the wagon.

    Beth, congrats(?) on getting the papers signed. Mrs. Fetched recently got a gig from a local agent, doing something I've been suggesting for a while: video (or photograph) interior views of a property, add lake or mountain views where appropriate, string them together into a video.

    Maria, wouldn't not having AC on a the office be a bit warm?

    Hi Dina, and a big wave to all who come later… this huge upload (photos) to work is about 2/3 done, so I guess I'll get back to it…

  8. Waves to everybody and passes around the kleenex.

    That plant! Eek. Run for your lives!

  9. Maria, I'm not sure what it is -- I thought some type of fern but Jim thinks not. Hope the eyedrops help.

    Dina ... it's spring; there's nothing easier than being green. :)

    As far as I know, Farf, no one has heard anything from IVG in ages.

    Run for our lives, Nancy ... down one of those red highways?

  10. Very creative andi. :)

    Looking forward to your post Beth. I go to Disney World every November but don't always go to Animal Kingdom. But last November we did and I really enjoyed it.

  11. So much depends on how you look at the red wheel barrow glazed with rain water beside the white chickens.

  12. Ah the whatever-it-is did all the creative work, Mary. It huffed itself and yelled "I'm gonna get ya". All I had to do was listen. :)

    and so to bed

  13. It so does, Jim. It so does. :)

    Andi, yes! The red highways, aaaaaaa. . .