Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dandelion Time



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  1. Ah, Dent'de'leons (French for "tooth of the lion", from their grossly serrated leaves). They're Hector's favorite. He says they're nummy, or he would say that if he could talk, and if his face wasn't full of Dandelions.

    Excerpt from a phone call between Imogen and I (which to understand, you have to know that Australians, like the English, call a flashlight a "torch".

    me (on phone, but aside to Lily): Lily leave my torch alone.

    Imogen (through the phone to Lily): Yes Lily, leave it alone, unless it's the blow torch, that you can play with.

    me: It is the blow torch

    Imogen: Oh.

    Imogen gets back tomorrow evening. Yay. Hopefully I'll have the plumbing completely reconnected by then. :D

    Hi to all and sundry. Enjoy your respective Tuesdays.

  2. Mine don't look as pretty as yours, Andi. Love the series. The after reminds me of an Indian or African headdress.

    Note to Self--Give the woman with a blow torch a wide birth. Lori, you crack me up. I can so see Hector munching away on those flowers.
    Glad Imogen will be home soon.

    Farf, the demon rum or vodka these days is quite the stumbling block for our kids. Hope the Boy can see what he has and not let this bump in the road throw him too much.

    Waves to returned Nancy, Epcot Beth, writing like the wind Maria, fast painter B, Kelly with new possiblities, Dina who will be at Malice with friends, zipper leg but healing FM, SuperTeach Jim, and all others that come this way.

    Terrific Tuesday to all.

  3. A picture of Hector with his face full of toothy lions is a photo devoutly to be wished. Love the conversation -- but when Imogen is speaking shouldn't you spell it Lilly (or did she finally give in).

    Lisa, I'm always amazed how you keep track of what everybody has been doing/saying. Must serve you well trying to keep with a room full of attention-challenging kids.

  4. Morning, gang. Get this: I slept through the entire night! woo hoo!!!! Don't know why, but I suspect the new antihistamine eye drops the doc gave me yesterday. In any case, I've not done that in ages, so I'm way happy.

    AND, ::cue drum roll: I NOW have THE STORY IDEA that will work. w00t!

    Of course, this means scrapping what I have so far, but I'm much more in like with this new one than any of the three others.

    @Lori - haha! Love the convo re: the torch.

    @Lisa, what Andi said. You have the memory I used to. I'm envious.

    @Andi, pretty flowers. Bad, BAD pollen...glad the flowers are only digital. ::g::

    Off to the mimes in a bit. Happy Tuesday, gang!

  5. Alive! Epcot was awesome. Stories and pix to follow. Catching up today - two contractors here, tapes to do, argh.

    Waving and dashing - more tomorrow! xoxo

  6. Yello!

    We haven't seen any dandelions in bloom here yet, Andi. I'm sure they're around though. Or maybe Lily's feral cousins are chomping them down. Watch out when those critters start playing with the blowtorch though! (BTW, my in-laws refer to them as a "flambeau.")

    Lisa, booze in some ways is as bad/worse than illicit drugs, simply because it's a whole lot easier to obtain. I guess if I were to tell him he drives me to drink, he'd hand me one and say, "it's all good." :-P

    Yay Maria! The Story Has Arrived! I got to sleep all night too, although I was up a bit late chasing The Boy's friends out and him upstairs. He managed to get up and get to his postponed appearance, though.

    Back to work for Beth… rough life, going to Dizzy one day and couch work the next.

    Taking some pix for work before I jump in the car. They have been taken, downloaded, weeded, and copied to keychain drive for further fiddling at work. Off to the mimes…

  7. This just reminds me that I need to do a little yard work before the dandylions take over.

    ooh Epcot. That's my favorite park. When I go with my sisters for the girls' long weekend we always stay at the beach club, right next door, so we can go over there a lot, especially for dinner.

  8. Huzzah for THE STORY IDEA that will work! Also, for sleep-thru nights.

    Hi Beth, bye Beth.

    Farf, I can't believe that we could be that much ahead of you -- Mason must have a special anti-dandelion aura.

    Ah the joy of country life, Mary. No yard for me. As long as it isn't poison ivy, we're completely laissez faire.

  9. Having a bad day so quick hi. How come when one thing goes, everything else in the place decides to break down????

  10. Like Nancy, was gone but back now.

    Congrats on sleeping Maria, that's fantastic.

    Sympathies, FarF.

    Halloo to everyone else.

    Writing now.

  11. Here's a photo of Hector eating his breakfast, heavy on the dandelions.

    Andi, I don't know if Imogen has given up on the Lilly/Lily debate, but she doesn't write about the dogs as much as I do, so I'm hoping that by shear habituation of my readers (including Imogen) I'll win in the end.

    Fortunately Lisa, I learned in Blow Torches 101 to shut them off when not in use. I just didn't want Lily to knock it over, as she has a habit of doing to things with her massive schnoz.

    Maria, yay on the sleep and the storyline.

    FARf, I sure hope you don't have any of Lily's wild cousins in your garden. Flambeau, I like that.

    Hi from the Future (Wednesday) to everyone else.

  12. Speaking of the non-speaking Hector, here's a photo of him getting his monthy manny peddy.

  13. Oh noes, Dina, your house has the broken applicance virus!

    Scribble, scribble, Kelly.

    Lori, Hector looks like he's in dandelion bliss. Thanks for the rapid response to my request. Until I have the official word that Imogen has given in, I feel obligated to continue to call her Lily/Lilly.

  14. Dina, along the lines of Found Goddesses I suggest you find your Goddess of Home Appliances, and start the prayers and rituals right quick.

    Perhaps someone along the line of The Blessed Hotpontia.

    Now I sit me down to eat
    I prey Hotpointia my oven to keep
    At approximately 340 degrees for 25 minutes
    If it should die before the meatloaf bakes
    I prey Hotpointia that I should be granted take (out)

  15. We need the Goddess of new beasties - having acquired Esme, tiny coon cat of many colored stripes, and renamed her in honor of Esmeralda Weatherwax, replacing a name I would call no living thing. She is the abandoned kitty of our 103 year old neighbor who will not be coming back to her home. Our Gang of 4 are not pleased!

    The dandelions are already blooming madly, making us beyond redemption in the eyes of our neighbor who lives in the Land of Chemistry. The PWT tree peony is pinking up, and our neighbor wants to cut down our tall trees. The yard wars have commenced.

  16. Sounds like the Goddess of Beasties (new or otherwise) was looking out for little EW when she made sure that the kitty with the coat of many colors had a loving home to go to. The Gang of four will cope.

    Yay for all the no weed, no water, no worries, gardens.

  17. Lori, I'm sure your found goddess will take mercy on Dina. Quite the find. :)

    Wow ks, your life sure is full of drama. Hope the Gang of Four soon think that being a Gang of Five is grand. And your yard wars add more reasons why I'm delighted I live out in the country with no neighbors in sight.

  18. Somewhere in our backyard is a brass compression elbow fitting. I've looked everywhere in the house and the only explanation I can come up with is that it walked out aided by one big slobbery mouth and four furry feet. I can just see Lily - ooooo shiny.

  19. One of our dogs once unrolled one of those big wood spools of electrical wire so I wouldn't be at all surprised.