Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dancing Trees Go Green

Taken April 11, 2010.

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  1. Yay spring! Your pictures ALMOST make me wish I lived up north again, so I could enjoy it. I said almost. I might have to live somewhere warm in the winter and head back north for the rest of the year.

    Anyway, long day today - tight deadline tonight. So I'm dashing through to wave and check the box, so I can see what everyone else is up to when I take breaks.

    House went on the market yesterday - now we wait. And look for boxes. Wish I was close enough to get yours, Maria!

    Got your headache yesterday, too. Doggone pollen. Or else it's hours hunched over the laptop, not sure. Hope yours is gone.

    Off and running - happy day, everyone!

  2. See Beth. See Beth run. See Beth run some more. :)

    And good luck with the house.

  3. Next chapter edited. I have to do writing before internet these days to make progress.

    Love dancing trees, Andi.

    Jim, glad you survived the trek with kiddos.

    Farf, hope that foot is feeling better.

    Maria--hope the pollen count plunges so you can concentrate on the edits.

    Beth, here's hoping the house sells quick so you can find your next adventure.

    Time's up--Waves as off to get ready for work.
    Thursday Winking at Friday.

  4. Yay for greening trees! Working at home again today, I looked out the window & noticed how much the areas across the driveway is greening up. I really need to get out there with shovels & rakes & implements of dee-struction to clean it up a bit.

    Beth, sounds like you had a good time at the Animal Kingdom. I'm sort of a traditionalist when it comes to roller coasters: give me one that you sit in & stay upright through the ride and I'm fine. I'm not a fan of upside-down segments or the ones where you dangle from underneath. Oh… if you don't like the pollen, wait until the love bugs start swarming next month. :-D

    Thanks, Lisa, the foot is better but not yet 100%. I think I'll be able to work the shifter on the motorcycle tomorrow morning w/o much (if any) discomfort. Still trying to stay off it as much as possible.

    Got a weird Q for y'all: Daughter Dearest is looking for a copy of the "Hunting of the Snark" musical — I think it's the one with Roger Daltry, Art Garfunkel, et al. It's out of print, Amazon doesn't have any used copies, and it's not available in (legal) digital versions. Anyone have a suggestion for her? Thanks…

  5. Morning, gang - busy a.m. finishing up 2010 estimated first quarter taxes and such.

    Farf: - go there and you'll find the CD you're looking for. :)

    Beth: sending you loads of sell, sell, sell vibes!! And so sorry about the pollen, I can totally empathize. It's skyrocketed back up today and most of our staff is miserable. :(

    Back to the documentation!!

  6. Shouts down to Lori--my new novel goes on sale in Aust. & NZ today. (Sorry, but you're one of only two people I "know" down there, so I had to tell somebody, lol. Feel free to ignore me.)

    I *still* haven't done my state tax thingee. Pouts. Stamps foot. Strangely, that has no effect.

  7. Yay, Lisa! Keep up the good writing work.

    I've never heard of a Hunting of the Snark musical, Farf, but I'd like to see it.

    But Maria comes through like the champ she is.

    Not fair, Nancy! Why do they get it before we do. ::major pout and foot stamping::

  8. Andi, I know! Joins you in more foot stamping.

    Ack, that made me wince for Far when he reads it.

  9. Hi all.

    Still a bit cold here but Spring is definitely here. I love seeing all the growth but the pollen, not so much.

    Hope everyone is having a great Thursday.

  10. Thanks, Maria! Yeesh, $40. I hope her friend really wants that…

  11. And my pouting and foot stamping don't appear any more effective than yours -- taxes still due, book still not available here. Pooh.

    I think I might be jealous of your cold, Dina; it's was 86 here and I hate hot weather but I really hate it in months where it isn't supposed to happen.