Friday, April 2, 2010

Daffy Drops

Taken March 22, 2010.

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  1. A Good Friday to all who celebrate it. And a happy day off to all who are getting one.

  2. Daffy = Hope

    Had a principal tell me yesterday that NOT ONE of my students from her school had been successful all year.
    Always interesting to have someone visit your campus for the first time all year and tell you that what you do is utterly ineffective.
    I interrupted her to say I disagreed--but she managed to work it in a second time to make sure everyone understood where her thinking was.
    Oh, it wasn't my fault, she wasn't blaming me. Yeah, right.
    Waiting until only ten weeks left to address the concern--I do love it. Could it be that screaming parent that's been calling me. The one whose son slept through 90% of his first assignment. Oh yes, this is his second trip THIS year.
    Love my job.
    So came home, had a beer and will enjoy my three days away.

    Rant over--Love my cyberfriends that will kick sand in the eyes of those that are mean.

    Fabulous Friday.

  3. Lisa, you are a better person than me -- I would have told her to SFTU until she could do her job successfully in which case none of her students would be coming to the school.

  4. Kicking sand in the eyes of anyone mean to Lisa!

  5. Waving as leaving for Hill Country for a couple of days!!!
    Will come back rejuvinated.
    Taking my camera, Andi.

  6. Ditto, andi. I have a beeeeg mouth. Lovely for her to do that, Lisa. Shows what a small, little, puny person she is. Boo hiss to her. Enjoy the Hill Country.

    Happy Good Friday to all - working in Barnes and Noble, after wandering around town all morning. Good to be back in St Augustine - summer in full swing here at the beach.

    Off to taste wine and hang with friends this evening, and I think beach time tomorrow. And lots of napping, with no dog to wake me up.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend, if I don't get to check in again. Hippity hoppity!!

  7. Hi, gang!!! I can haz Internets, w00t!! Moving went great. Today my sis and I did a couple of errands, then spent the afternoon unpacking and waiting for the cable guy (duh).

    Finally have Internet and wifi. Most of the major items have been put away. Now just need to buy the extra bookcases I need and do some decorating. whee!!!

    Tomorrow is shopping day. :)

    Hope you all have a great weekend.

  8. Congratulations on a successful move Maria.

    Everyone have a great weekend.

  9. Good on you, Dina.

    Have fun, Lisa, and take lots of pictures.

    Lovely sounding plans, Beth. Enjoy.

    Woot, Maria! Getting the stuff all moved, not lost, not broken and having the cable guy actually show up ... definitely a successful move.

    Hiya Mary. A very Good Friday to you.

  10. Love that pic, I think daffs are most interesting in that frowsty stage after they've first opened.

    Sand, Lisa? Sand? In my world, your principal "friend" and the screaming parent are tooling around in their own white pickups. Snnnnnnappp! :-D

    Yay Maria, for internetzz! Now that you've got the important stuff taken care of, you can unpack.

    Enjoy St. Augustine, Beth… I'm sure you will. Toes in the sand for me plz? Ocean too, if it's not *too* cold?

    Ride to work season is here! Not sure what's happening tomorrow, but it's supposed to be gorgeous here in Sector 706. Enjoy the weekend!