Saturday, April 3, 2010

Crossing the bridge

from Maria's old apartment to the new. Mazel tov, Maria.

Taken March 24, 2010.

Click image to see larger version


  1. I just realized that Lisa is in Cherokee, Beth is out of town, Maria is getting settled in, and the VGW could be here for hours if I don't do something about it. So I did something about it.

  2. You know, the VGW isn't nearly as scary as it was. Although I still wait a while, hoping someone else will make tracks first. But since Lisa's in the Hill Country...

    Gorgeous in St. Augustine. Having fun with my friends. Hiking, beach time, wine and basketball today. Go Butler and Duke!

    Hope your weather is beautiful and your Saturday peaceful.

  3. Thanks andi! Love my new phone that allows me to post from the road!

  4. Well, you can always be fairly sure that it won't be me who splatters the VGW.

    Where were you standing when you took this pic?

  5. Thanks for the Go Butler, Beth. We don't like WVa coach so we'll be joining you cheering for Duke.

    Mary, don't tell the local constabulary but I was sitting ... in the driver seat of a car, holding the camera with one hand and shooting through the windshield. Somehow I think that's a much worse distraction than texting.

  6. Mary, I'm pretty sure she was on I-65 near Columbus IN, it's a cool bridge & a cool photo. Should have let Jim drive though!

    Gonna be a bit punchy today, I think… Daughter Dearest has a rash on her chest & Mrs. Fetched "suggested" I take her to the ER last night, not waiting for morning. We got home at 3:30 with a tube of hydrocortisone cream & some instructions (like stay out of strong sunlight). Y'all carry on…

    Oh, and go Butler!

  7. Go, Butler! Sobs.

    Hi, everybody. I've been distracted, so I'm behind on your news. Sounds as if Maria has the move nicely in the past tense, yay. I hope you'll love it there, M. And Beth can now post from the side of the road? <3 technology.

  8. Wrong bridge, Farf. This one is in Columbus and it's over the East Fork of the White River. This [LINK] is the bridge you're thinking of. Hope you and DD both feel better soon. And yes, Go Butler!

    Hiya Nancy. Sorry about Butler beating Kansas State (not really but my mother raised me right).

  9. OK, ignorant limey here. Are you talking about football or baseball? Or something else?
    Hope the move goes/went well, Maria - I'm losing track of the days. It's a major holiday weekend here so naturally it's p***ing it down. But never mind, I've just watched the first episode of the new Dr Who series, complete with the new Doctor. And he's excellent. (Just in case anyone knows what on earth I'm talking about!)

    Hope the Easter bunny brings loads of chocolate eggs for all tomorrow! (The diet can start next week).

  10. Waves - busy day. Donated some of Mother's things to Bargain Box, stopped at The Original Pancake House on the way back and then some food shopping.

    Tired but very glad to know that the new Doctor rocks. Though I still have a special place in my heart for
    Christopher Eccleston.

  11. Something else, Nicky -- basketball. I'm so jealous you've already gotten to see the new Doctor. I'm impatiently waiting for it to start here (April 17!).

    I'll let you have Eccleston, Dina, though I did like him but it's Tom Baker all the way for me.

  12. Whew. Talk about winning ugly.

    Go Butler (but with way better shooting in the Final, please).

  13. No kidding, andi. I got worried there @ the end. Woo hoo! Now we root for Duke...

  14. Go Duke!

    Going to bed so Duke will have to do the rest of the going without me.

  15. Whee, my very own bridge!!

    Lovely, lovely picture. Lovely, lovely move. As painless as a move could ever be. Dropped sis @ airport around 5:45 a.m. Tried to go back to sleep when I got back home, but couldn't. Will probably nap some in a bit.