Thursday, April 29, 2010

April Mayapple is One Year Old

Not the mayapple in the photo but the blog title and the blog itself.

Taken April 17, 2010.

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  1. If the sun were green, I'm thinking it'd look like that.

    Thursday and all but a couple of the darlings will be testing this morning--WooHoo. Drama Kings were the dominant ones yesterday.

    Saint/B*#ch seems to be the two sides of my coin these last 24 days and counting.

    Lori, I LOVE those goddesses. Asphalta is absolutely the most prayed to goddess around the mall and grocery store.

    Beth, Hubby is trimming and cutting and cleaning flower beds neglected for way too long. House ownership is a challenge. Hope your repairs go fast and the packing can commense.

    Maria, glad the deadlines and storylines are lining up with the stars.

    Waves as now off to work on a page or two before off the the Mimes.
    Thursday winking at Friday except Maria who may be in Fake Friday and Lori our Future.

  2. Morning all! I'm going to recite that poem and see if the Goddess will bless me, too, Lori. Say hi to the future for me.

    Yay for the weekend almost being here, Lisa. And summer vaca is just around the corner!

    My work server is down, so I can't work. Which means I can do other stuff like clean house, pay bills, and tackle the pile of stuff that's been languishing recently. I might even do a little suntanning, woo hoo!

    Hope everyone has a stellar day!

  3. Morning Lisa and Beth. Here, in the future, it is nearly bedtime, or at least 'nearly bedtime' for those who make an early evening of it. I see 'bedtime' in your futures as well.

    I'm slowly but surely inching towards closing up the wall and putting a concrete underlay on the floor, followed by several layers of a water-proofing membrane and finally floor tiles. At least the water is hooked up again and we can bathe.

    Why people willingly renovate their perfectly functional houses I'll never know.

  4. Lisa, I'd say that's the perfect combination of personality traits for a teacher.

    We'll have a stellar day, Beth, but sounds like you should have a solar one. :)

    Lori, I had friends who lived in their house while they added a second floor -- doing all the work themselves after they came home from their regular jobs so it took quite a long time. Their living in that mess was amazing and horrifying all at the same time.

  5. ::yawns::

    Morning, gang!! Rolled out of bed a bit late today--just couldn't get moving, so no words this a.m. In fact, drat, I need to finish getting ready for the mimes. oops!

    going over to conference hotel @ lunch today to drop off my charity auction basket, then back to mimes. Not doing conference related activities until tomorrow. :)

    Happy Thursday!!

  6. Happy Blog Birthday - and long may you flourish! I'm just whizzing through, a refugee from our election fever and wanting it to be over. It's all horrendous and it's going to end in tears, whoever wins!
    Been away a couple of times and had wonderful weather, which was a bonus.
    Hope everyone is having a good day, I'm off to read in bed in a minute.

  7. Hope your day went by really fast, Maria, so you can concentrate on all the fun things you're going to be doing.

    Thanks Nicky. Poor Gordon Brown. It's shame to be in trouble for calling out a bigot.

  8. Always check to make sure you've taken off the wireless mic - especially before going to the bathroom. (Advice from a former A/V tech.)

  9. Quick drive by g'night, all! Just got back from early bird night @ Malice Domestic. Stopped by after work to pick up my reg packet and ended up having dinner & drinks with friends. (duh!)

    Got home about 45 minutes ago. Now, time for bed so I can be fresh for tomorrow.

  10. Happy Birthday! Lily wants to know if there is birthday cake, or any kind of cake, or food, or something completely inedible but chewy.