Friday, April 23, 2010

All Together Now

Taken April 15, 2010.

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  1. 29 days and counting.
    Yesterday was a much better day with kiddos.
    The jerks still are jerks but the good, well they were good.

    Maria, yea for understanding editor. Do a little brainstorming, mind mapping. Things that make you shiver..., things you are drawn to... you may be surprized at what sparks the muse.

    Beth, Nice to have writer friend talk. We are having gentle rain, I'll turn the fan on to blow it your way.

    Farf, The Boy sounds like those good decision come in fits and starts. One reason I color my hair. Mason having the consistency of you and the Mrs--Priceless.

    Friday and I'm grateful. Next week is Big standardized Testing week. One grade or another will be testing at least one day. Hard week because of the strange schedule.

    Cyberhugs to all.

  2. TGIF, y'all. We have to find the good where we can, Lisa. Appreciate the good ones, and good luck with the rest. Weekend ahead for writing and relaxing, hopefully!

    Hope to spend the summer back in Idaho - and will be doing a lot of walking in woods, andi. Your pictures make me homesick for forests.

    Buyers are requesting stupid stuff to be fixed on house. Grrrr. Dollar signs flash before my eyes. Definitely time to be gone. Keep your fingers crossed the house appraises (whenever the appraisal is), and I can get out of here the end of May.

    Sending good writing vibes to Maria.

    Here's to a relaxing, productive weekend for everybody. Am doing some fun stuff in between work. Yay!

    Off and running. Happy Friday!

  3. Jim is jealous, Lisa. Thanks to snow days he'll be in school until the first week in June. And hooray for good kids.

    Summer in Idaho sounds grand, Beth. Are you planning on going back to Coeur D'Alene?

  4. TGIF, gang!!

    Quick drive by as I'm probably going to go back to bed for a bit. Nothing major, but a wee headache.

    ::waves at you all::

  5. That's today's plan, andi. Hopefully rent a room and spend a few months up there. Then back to St Augustine for the winter, with maybe a month or two in Key West in between. After that, who knows?

    But subject to change. :-)

  6. Mason slept all night… thus, so did we. Happy FARf is happy, but maybe too stunned to think of anything to say. ;-)

    Getting some coffee before the bike ride to work. Later!

  7. Nothing much to say here so a short hi and feel better to Maria, good luck on the appraisal to Beth, good sleeping to Mason thus allowing others to sleep and good everything to anything I missed.

  8. I hope by now your headache is long gone, Maria.

    Sounds like a fine plan to me, Beth. Except I'd probably rather be closer to the Sawtooths.

    Woo hoo, Farf! That's a big accomplishment.

    Hi Dina. I think you got the main points covered.

    Hey Kelly, I barely recognized you under all of that stuff -- which someday you'll have to tell us all about.