Friday, April 9, 2010

Adjusting the Contrast

Taken April 1, 2010.

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  1. Zen for Friday--Thanks Andi.

    Hubby has become the weedeater commando attacking riotous intruders along the fence and in the flowerbeds. Spring is in full force here.

    Beth, you may have to face it. You're a tumble weed. A deep root system just doesn't work for them. What fun they have traveling the world and getting together with friends. Then the breeze kicks up and they're off on a new adventure.

    Waves as off to the Mimes.
    Daughter coming in this afternoon to do laundry and get some home cooking.
    Life is pretty good.

  2. Great shot, andi. Spring has arrived!

    Too true, Lisa. No owning houses for me again for a while. A counselor once called me a hummingbird, flitting and lighting. Hard to believe until 5 years ago I really did own homes and live in one place happily for years. Not sure what happened.

    Enjoy your daughter!

    Realtor coming to look at the house today. Rain last night so I'm a happy camper. And tons of work in the queue. Now if Keeper would just get used to being here again - he seems to have forgotten living here, after being gone a week. Doggie downers, anyone?

    Oh it's Friday! TGIF! Enjoy your day, all.

  3. Happy Zen Friday, Lisa. What is the sound of one student thinking? ;)

    Spring has indeed arrived here, Beth. The dogwoods have blossomed and trees are starting to leaf out earlier than we've ever seen it. Good luck with realtor.

  4. Mirror, mirror, on the lake,
    Which is real, and which is fake?

    Anyway. Beth, sorry that putting down roots didn't work out, but in a way I'm sort of relieved. With Mason around, I'm pretty much not going anywhere so I need someone else to do the travelling for me. :-D

    Good luck getting through Friday, Lisa. I have a niece who's teaching & she's had a few experiences. 'Course, she from the wife's side of the family and any of them can go Charles Manson in a heartbeat… it usually only takes one of those for the kids to behave.

    Andi, our dogwoods are a bit late this year. We usually really start seeing them around the 1st, but even now we've just got a few.

    Waving at the later arrivals as I meander to the mimes!

  5. Contrast, indeed. Yesterday: near 90F Today: 60s. Yippee!! Huge storm blew in and washed away the pollen and the heat.

    I'll be offline a lot today as I need to finish writing the short story and get some unpacking/sorting done.

    Happy Friday, all!!

  6. I'm really amazed, Farf, that we would be ahead of you. Weird weather.

    Offline? Offline! Maria, how could you?!? Don't you know you are required to be available 24 hours a day in case someone somewhere wants some attention from you. ;)

  7. What a pretty painting! Oh! It's a photo! :)

  8. Happy Friday.

    Cooler here but not too bad.

  9. That's so pretty I think the trees all fluffed themselves out when they saw you approaching with the camera, and they whispered urgently to the lake, "Calm down! Here she comes!"

    Far, you and your grandbaby are adorable. He looks as if he's with his best friend.

    Waving to all the moving, the just-moved, the unmoving, and the movers and shakers!


  10. Yep Mary, it does have a painting kind of feel to it -- I think it's the softness of the light.

    And then, Nancy, they all sang "This light of mine" and it was good.