Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Zeus Arrives

Taken March 8, 2010.

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  1. WooHoo for budding trees and sunlight and warmth. Got all of those here. Rain forecast--Bah.
    My aching sinuses are a bit less thrilled with the budding tree thing.

    Maria, thanks so much for the note about Kimber. She is a real sweetie and I LOVE seeing good things for good people.
    Loved Grace of My Heart. Bought the soundtrack way back when. I went to the theater to see it. So WOW if that could work out.

    So fun yesterday to get a Borders email featuring our very own Nancy Pickard's new book. Those are the advertisements I LOVE.

    Waves to All as off to work on story.
    Terrific Tuesday Cyberbuddies.

  2. Those aren't buds on the trees, Lisa; they're rain drops. And good early morning writing to you.

  3. Andi, I was trying to send positive vibes your way. Hope SPRINGING--don't ya know.
    Turning on the fan to blow sun and heat your way.

  4. Zeus… I was expecting lightning. Oh wow, I heard birds outside! It's supposed to be nice today, still 38F outside so I'm going to wimp out on taking the bike one more time.

    Mason got me up at 6:30 this morning, which is about when I should be getting up anyway, so that's good.

    Much writing productivity to Lisa! and cyberhugs to the rest of the gang!

    leaves choc chip cookies on table, a little crispy but not burnt

  5. Oops, Lisa, I misunderstood.

    Farf, glad to here that Mason arrived with perfect timing in order to give you plenty of time to enjoy the sunny day.

  6. Good morning, sunshines! Rain gone for now, but like a bad review, it'll be back on Friday.

    My sinuses empathize with yours, Lisa.

    More pretty light shining through the trees pics, yes! I've always loved the imagery of the light breaking through.

    Farf, yum, thanks for the choc chip...my larder is sadly emptying. Not buying any groceries until after the move. Thank goodness for take out!

    Best of Tuesday to all!

  7. Wish you all could send your rain down this way! I'd trade the abundant sunshine in a heartbeat - we always have plenty of that, just not enough wet stuff. (Love the pic, andi)

    Woo hoo for all of our wonderful writer friends!

    Take-out sounds good to me, Maria. My resolution to cook more hasn't quite started yet...

    No big news here. Venturing out to meet some new people this evening in Ft Myers - an hour away, but that seems to be where people my age are. Wish me courage to go through with it!

    Happy Tuesday, y'all -

  8. Waves to all.

    Good luck with your meetup Beth. You're welcome to our rain!

    It's still raining here. I'm getting the hang of this iPod thing now that mine is once again functional. :-)

  9. Waves hi to all. Tired after water yoga so not much to say.