Monday, March 22, 2010

Zen Sniff Ponders the Outside of Inside

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  1. Laying on the deck in the sun--I'm right there with ya.

    41 this morning and supposed to be in the high 60s and sunny today. Ah, what a difference a day makes.

    Nicky, sounds like you're beating us to Spring. What a wonderful hubby out freshening things up.

    Lori, I'm thinking you are now entering Fall. Being south of the Australian main continent, do you have four strong seasons? Not sure what latitude you're at. Thinking it might be more temporate.

    Back to reality today. Jim, We got 11 weeks left so I'm breathing deep and knowing if we don't start, we don't finish.

    Marvelous Monday to All.

  2. My condolences to you and Jim, Lisa. The weather here is also in sympathy with Jim -- cold, gray, and wet. :(

  3. Funny that I view that kind of weather as a celebration instead of a misery, andi. :-) We had downpours all day yesterday - I loved it. Sorry it isn't that much fun for everyone else.

    The time will pass quickly, Lisa and Jim - summer is just around the corner.

    Hoping for more rain today - no big plans except staying inside and writing. Maybe a trivia contest this evening, if I get brave enough to venture to a new place.

    Hope everyone has a great Monday!

  4. Morning, gang! Weather miserably rainy here today, but for the good. It will bring down the temps back to the pretty spring 65F, instead of near 80. Was really warm in my apt over the weekend as the a/c in my building won't be turned on until the end of April.

    Spent yesterday relaxing! Watched a lovely movie written & directed by Allison Anders & starring Illeana Douglas. Titled: Grace of My Heart about a young woman in the music industry in the late 50s through early 70s. Extremely lovely film. I think Allison is definitely one to direct my books. (EEEEee!!)

    Ahem, squeeing aside, this whole thing is still surreal. Thanks for the many congrats from you all. :)

    Off to the mimes. Hoping you all have a great Monday!

  5. Beth, it's not the rain that bothers me as much as the 20+ degree temperature drop. :(

    Maria, definitely agree on Grace of My Heart. Did you know that the movie is loosely based on the life of Carole King? Also, if you haven't see Ander's movies Gas, Food, Lodging and Things Behind the Sun, do try to find them too.

  6. Ooh, Andi, thanks. I ordered Gas Food Lodging from over the weekend and will now look for the other one.

    On another movie note, I also watched Precious this weekend. Blew me away. Gabby Sidibe was amazing! I absolutely did not recognize Mariah Carey, even though I knew she was in the movie.

    Got to the mimes and realized the big boss is out all week long in SFO for family vacation. w00t!!

  7. Oh yes, also - before I forget, our very own Kimber won Best New Author over at Paranormal Romance!! w00t!

  8. YAY KIMBER! Thanks for the heads-up, Maria! Woo hoo!!!

    Enjoy your big boss-less week! :-)

  9. iPod blogging. It's gray here too. Waves to all! Sorry for the drive by.

  10. Waves to all. Rainy and gloomy here but the fantastic news about Kimber makes up for that! Congratulations.

  11. Mazel tov to Kimber!

    Maria, I should warn you that Things Behind the Sun is a really wrenching experience but Kim Dickens' performance is not to be missed (and the big reason why the film is incredibly affecting).

    Hi b2, wishing both our blah weather goes away soon.

    Sorry to hear the blecch weather has hit you too. Extending that weather-go-away wish to you too.

  12. So Zen Sniff found that outside is inside, as long as your pack is together?

    Cold & wet as Bebo's schnozz here on Planet Georgia. We even got some snow this morning. Oh well, it's still better than a blizzard with 18" of snow like what we got around this date in 1993. Besides, it's supposed to be in the 70s by Wednesday (and I'll be inside working, ick!).

    The mimes weren't too bad as Mondays go… the boss may have found the solution to a problem that had me ready to go rollin' into the office with the go-devil axe in one hand & the chainsaw in the other — plus, we spent all afternoon discussing UI issues, which is comforting because I've felt like I was the only one in the company paying attention to that.

    Yay Kimber! and back to see what's up with Mrs. Fetched & Big V (they're behaving for a change).

  13. Eek! Snow! Noooo!

    and so to bed (but I might have nightmares about snow)