Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Whirled Wide Web

Taken March 13, 2010.

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  1. Interesting details you find for us, Andi.

    Got to have fun with the girls at book club last night. Laughter--it so does a body good.
    Only three new kiddos today, so may be a quieter week.

    Lori and Nicky, I was telling the aide that works with me how much fun it is to hear about foreign places and critters and people. That aren't all that foreign.

    Wonderful Weds. to All. Hopes for sun and brightness except for Beth who loves the rain.

  2. Morning Lisa. I think about joining books clubs because I love talking about groups but I don't because I'm not really very good at group activities and I like to read what I want to read and I really don't like to read what I don't want to read.

  3. I've wanted to find a book club for a while, but haven't had any luck. Will keep looking - might broaden my reading choices.

    I hope that's a really small leaf, and not a really big web, andi.

    Thanks for rain wishes, Lisa - and yay for a quiet week at the mimes. Temps are finally getting back to normal here, and no rain in sight, sigh.

    Off to the county fair today, then wine at sunset on the beach with a writer friend. Sounds like it might be a good day!

    Happy Wednesday, all!

  4. Oh, cool pic!! Andi, you have such an eye for nifty detail.

    re: book clubs - I used to be in a really fun one in San Antonio held at my friend's bookstore. I wish I still had time to participate.

    Beth, have fun at the fair! I love county fairs beyond the telling of it.

    Lisa, love the idea of a quiet week. I'm totally enjoying mine while the Boss is away. My sister, who is GOLD, helped me calm down about the move, making me realize that I've been angsting over nothing. I've got this current place until 4/4, so I can come back *after* the movers and finish the smaller items...along with her help. Whew. Don't know why that was something that hadn't occurred to me.

    More good news - heard from my agent yesterday, Book 5 - titled BLOOD FEUD is a go! Contract shall be in the mail shortly. w00t!

    Happy Wednesday!

  5. Woo hoo, Maria!! That's great!!!

  6. Congrats again Maria!

    I really don't like to read what I don't want to read

    I don't either, but I'd compromise that for a good book club -- if the conversation is good enough, I'll read a bad book once in a while in trade. I've never found a club in which the conversation was good enough, though, I seem to always wind up trapped in a roomful of people who think Lost is jam-packed full of profoundly deep symbolism.

  7. Morning all!

    Andi, when I saw "whirled" and what it described, my automatic first thought was "give me a stick and that spider will know what 'whirled' really is." I was just thinking last night, now that the nice weather is getting here the spiders and other bugglies won't be far behind.

    I guess I don't understand the concept of book clubs — to me, reading is one of those things you do by yourself. You might hear about a good book or series from a friend, and even talk about it later, but that's pretty much it. OTOH, a glass of wine on the beach is something I would call an activity for two!

    Yay Maria on the Book 5! The hits just keep comin' for you, don't they? Just remember us little folks when you get on Oprah. :-P

    Back to it… it seems that it's OK to burn a half a day of my time to allow someone in another office to do a print job on the cheap. And Quark is hung trying to import a frickin' RTF file. Meh.

  8. Thanks, folks!

    Re: Book club - the key to a good one is the people. Luckily, the one I participated in was great! We read mysteries of all sorts - from cozy (not usually my cup o'tea) to thrillers. Usually eschewed the average bestsellers (John Grisham, etc.) - idea was for the group to discover new authors.

    That said, I find that other groups I've heard about aren't as fun. I agree reading is a solitary activity, but I do enjoy talking about a good book with others and analyzing. Of course, IIRC, I tended to pick a lot of the books we read. ::g::

  9. Congratulations Maria!

    Waves to all!

    It's beautiful here but a bit chilly. Off to court. See ya later.

  10. For perspective, Beth, the opening is just a little smaller than a quarter. I hope you get some nice rain today and then it all clears up for a glorious sunset.

    Yay for the new contract, Maria! And yay for us readers that we get another book.

    If you find a book club with great conversation, Jen, let me know and I'll drive over and join it with you. :)

    I love talking about books I've read, Farf. Back in the days when I traveled a lot there were a couple of people I often traveled with who were as big as readers as I was and the conversations we'd have about books after trying day were wonderfully enjoyable and relaxing. I miss that.

    Sorry about the chill, b2. Hope it's all -- symbolically -- sunny for you in court.

  11. Hi all.

    Andi, I am with you about reading what I want when I want. I am not good about reading to order!

    Maria, congratulations on book 5. Also good that you are calming down on the move.

  12. Wonderful shot of a funnel web, Andi. Of course, if I saw that here I'd be heading the other way (ok, after took the photo). Australia's funnel web spiders are the world's deadliest spiders. Numero uno. Which is bizarre because their venom is only toxic to primates, which never lived here until humans arrived.

    Fortunately, since anti-venom was developed in 1985, no one has died from being bitten. In fact, the only reason people die from spider "attacks" is when one pops up in their car and they drive off the road. These would most likely be Huntsman spiders, as I find one in my car (usually running across the windscreen) at least once every month.

    Maria, woo, and might I add hoo.

    FARf, spiders are very useful critters and should be left alone, if they leave you alone.

    Lisa, I'm glad you enjoy the travelogue. The Yellow-tail cockatoos are keeping me entertained at the moment. When they arrived an hour or so ago I had to walk down and calm Minnie the Muscovy because the Yellow-tails hawk-like and -sized on the wing, and she still has five of her (largish) ducklings with her.

    Hi to everyone else.

    Oh, and the current weather here is 80-ish.

  13. Dina, maybe you and I could form a two-person book club where we all we do is refuse to read anything the other person suggests. ;)

    Whew, Lori, I'm really glad there's nothing like that around here as it would really ruin my love of spider webs. I hope Minnie and her brood stay nice and safe (the hawk can go after mice instead).

  14. Andi, that sounds like my kind of book club!