Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Through and through

Taken February 12, 2010.

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  1. Good morning Andi and everyone,

    I hope everyone has been doing fine. Both George and I have been doing fairly well. George is still barking and yapping all the time, and I'm still going to doctor's appointments all the time. It looks like I'm finally going to have the surgery on my leg. I've got to go through a couple of tests for my heart and carotid arteries, then see the doctor on the 10th and then finally set up a date for the surgery. I'll be glad when it over an done, although one of the side effects is I think I look kind of distinguished walking with a cane.

    The computer is still going crazy on me. I turned it on last night and it finally booted up about 20 minutes ago. It's still freezing up on me when I get on the net, so I'm not even sure if I'll get to finish this comment.

    We've got a new addition to the family. A little Cocker Spaniel pup named Lucy. She's as cute as can be and so full of energy that it's driving George up the wall.

    Not much else has been going on here except for the huge shifts in temperature. We only got snow one time this winter and I really wish ya'll quit hoarding it all. :)

    Well I hope everyone has a great Tuesday and that my computer doesn't freeze up before I can post this.

    Take care


  2. Welcome to Lucy! And I hope that your surgery goes without a hitch.

    Insomnia has hit here - can you tell?!

  3. Andi--The Artist burst out this morning. You lull us with pup picks and then BAM--Beautiful, engaging, a story all on its own.

    FM--Great to hear about the tales of you and George and now Lucy. Hoping surgery goes well.

    Dina, You've been too close to Maria--the fairy found you with her insomnia wand. Shove her on.

    Will be one of those weeks--five new students this morning in my 9th grade class--can you spell chaos. 8 new total and we have intake this afternoon. These are not the fun times. 9 days till Spring Break.

    Farf, Love the cat pics and nice sunset.

    The moon is bright this morning after a day of BLAH rain. WooHoo--bright and sunny today.

    Terrific Tuesday to All.

  4. Oh FM, you've got to get that 'puter problem fixed so WE can see pictures of Lucy. I hope the surgery goes well and I know you'll look ever so dashing with a cane.

    Dina, really sorry about the YAWN*. But actually I can't tell. Looks like a normal morning time to me. ;)

    Enjoy the bright, sunny day. Just pretend you're one of your kids and spend the whole day looking out the window and daydreaming.

  5. Windows?
    None of those in our building--a converted warehouse.
    I do have this beautiful picture of Indiana woods with ducks on the pond on my wallpaper. So will stare at my computer screen.

  6. Windows?
    Don't have those in our building--a converted warehouse. Only glass is at the front, not the classrooms.

    But I do have a beautiful picture of Indiana woods with ducks on a pond. Will stare at that and dream I'm walking with the pups.

  7. Ick, Lisa, no windows! That means everyday is a BCRoD* for you. How awful. But I'm glad I can provide some soothing wallpaper.

    I was going to delete your repeated comment for you but since they're slightly different, I think they should both stay.

    * Beige Conference Room of Death. The windowless, colorless setting where all endless (or so they seem) and stultifying meetings are held.

  8. Morning, gang!

    Dina--I should've pinged you. I was up and down all night. Too excited about upcoming move.

    FM--great to see you again! Welcome to Lucy and hope you get the 'puter settled soon.

    Andi - love the seemingly endless peek into the "other" through the windows. Seems a good metaphor for my new pad. I'm so psyched. (though it did seem quick, I've been mulling over a move for the past 4 yrs...sometimes a solution just has to reach saturation point).

    Lisa - ACK!!!! No windows??? I empathize greatly. A software co. I used to work for in SA was an old warehouse. :( Dreary place. Glad that you at least have pretty pic!!

    I feel a weird sense of renewal this morning, despite the insomnia and worry dreams. My new place is going to be so fab!! The bldg sits on a hill, in a neighborhood. Loads of trees around and close to a lovely eclectic (and once skeevy) area with great artisan types shops and restaurants. Plus, it's a whole mile and 1/2 from the mimes. w00t!

    If I can just get packed while writing a short story (due 4/15)...

    Happy Tuesday!!

  9. Great framing, Andi, hardyharhar.

    Congrats to Maria on new place and sympathies to Beth on the job not working out.

    Hey FM, nice to see you poke your head in. A big friendly welcome to the newest member of your family, and I hope everything goes as well as possible with your health stuff.

  10. Crazy morning. Thunder and downpours scared Keeper, so he became a 85-pound lap dog. After channeling George and barking up a storm at 12:30am AND 6:30am, sigh.

    My sister's flight was delayed, so my day has changed a bit.

    Good luck with the surgery, Fam. Was thinking about you this morning and wondering how you were. Great to hear from you, and have fun with the pup!

    I don't do offices with no windows. It's one of my job requirements. With SAD, I become quite the cranky employee in a few days with no daylight - so you have my condolences, Lisa.

    Yay on the new place, Maria - you inspire me to move! :-)

    Better get busy vacuuming the dog hair...

    Oh, and I LOVE this shot, andi - I try to take similar ones, with little success. So far.

    Happy Tuesday!

  11. Andi, did I mention that I read a book before I posted this morning?

    Maria, you SHOULD have pinged except that I was reading not on line.
    It is the second in the Dragon series by Naomi Novik and I am totally hooked on them!

  12. Sorry, Andi. I read wrong and didn't realize it was your sister who lost her furkid. That is SOOOO hard.

    {{FM}} So good to hear from you. Wow, a new baby furkid. Congrats. Details, details. Color, etc. Poor George. He'll get used to her. Lucy is such a cute name. Good luck on your surgeries. It'll be good to have it all taken care of. Try to get some surgery for your computer too. You'll need it to keep you busy while you're recuperating. Or maybe Lucy will do that for you.

    Now!!! Andi! I love this photo. I love everything about it. It sould have been a great photo with just the siding and the windo frame and sill. But you clever person, you, you captured more windows for fabulous depth. Gee, I don't have words enough. This is a prize winner. You shoud print it, frame it and enter it somewhere.

  13. FM - so good to see you! Hoping all goes well w/ the sx.

    Andi, agree w/ the others -- this is an amazing photo! I love everything about it, but my fav part is the soft light hitting the beams/ceiling. Gorgeous!

  14. Fam, good to see you. Best of luck with the surgery.

    Maria, likewise with the move.

    Andi, very cool pic.

    Halloo to Jen, Dina, Coneflower, Beth, Lisa, and anyone who shows up later.

    Had an 8am highway committee meeting this morning. Steep learning curve, but I expect I'll catch on in a bit. It was draining too and I'd love to crash out for a bit since it all happened before my normal time of daily coherence but I gotta go make a couple of chapters happen now or there will be badness.

  15. Are you going to take some pictures of your new neighborhood and post the, Maria?

    Afternoon, Jen. And a good guffaw to you.

    Well, Beth, with a lapdog of that size, at least you know that if there's a lightning strike, it'll get him first. Maria's new apartment does sound very nice but moving give me the hives. Fortunately, I'm very good at inertia and have had not trouble staying in place since 1979.

    Well thanks, CF. I appreciate the appreciation. (Sincerely)

    Hi O. That isn't the ceiling which is long gone. It's the underside of the roof.

    I can't wait to see how you work council meetings into your next book, Kelly. ;)

  16. Hey all! I must have slept through the t-storms last night, I remember waking up long enough to hear rain, and that was it until 7:30. Mrs. Fetched texted me this morning to tell us they had 2 inches of snow at the manor & more coming down.

    FM, ditto for Lucy pix! If you think your computer is just having OS constipation, you might try a live Linux CD. I could send you an Xubuntu CD if you can't get one downloaded & burned.

    Beth, I'll give you a call sometime today. I hope we can work out something!

    Good luck with new kiddos, Lisa… and people think I'm a saint?

    Waving & running to lunch…

  17. Out of curiosity... could you post the photo before you cropped it? I'll be it's really cool too. thanx.

  18. People think you're a saint, Farf? Oh people these days and their lax standards. ;)

    CF, the original shot just had a bit more of the siding and a whole lot more of the disintegrating ceiling (above the door). Not cool at all.

  19. FM! So good to see you and to hear about the new doggie. :)

    I wish your computer was working better so you could keep us up to date on your surgery. Good luck!