Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Through and through two

Taken February 12, 2010.

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  1. Breaking the ice...mostly, b/c I've been up all night again. Got some things accomplished. More of the short story written. Some moving lists completed. Tried to get my Comcast transfer scheduled - got all the way to the "live chat" with Febbie the Analyst. He (I assume he) was rather polite and amusing. Then when it came time to schedule the install? Get this - they can't access April's schedule yet, even though I wanted April 3. Sigh. 45 mins online with the form and Febbie only to cancel the order. Stupid, methinks.

    Anyhow, here's hoping I manage to stay awake during the mimes today!!

    w00t, it's Wednesday?

  2. Darn Maria, that really sucks -- both the insomnia and the jerky cable company. But I'm impressed how you always seem to put your sleeplessness to use. It makes me think of Nancy Kress' Beggars in Spain trilogy.

  3. LOL. Andi, I'm really tempted to start packing, but my cleaners are coming this morning and I'd just really mess up their routine if I have boxes everywhere. :)

    I did just however clear out the junky plates/weird kitchen stuff from a cabinet and put it in a trash bag. Can you tell I'm a bit antsy? ::g::

  4. As far as I'm concerned, the only good thing about moving is that it gives you permission to get rid of stuff you know you could have thrown away years ago. Since Jim and I don't actually move, a few years ago, we decided to act like we were and got a big dumpster and threw stuff away like crazy. Filled the whole thing up. It was great fun.

  5. Heh, that's awesome. I'd tossed a lot as I was decluttering over the months, but hadn't tackled the kitchenette. I just finished tossing a half-cabinet full of WTF things--old pieces parts, nasty spatulas, etc. OMG, the dust! I can't wait to buy new kitchen utensils, towels, etc!!

  6. Morning, ladies - can I join the conversation? :-)

    Good idea, andi - folks talk about how much stuff they accumulate - I don't because I move so often. Although I have more stuff than most vagabonds, being the pack rat that I am. My stuff is all I have, since I don't have roots.

    Boo on the cable company - sometimes ya just gotta wonder. And double boo on insomnia, though you DO put your time to good use!

    Great shot as always, andi.

    My family is here safely. Not sure what our plans are, except to see a few baseball games. And continue trying to figure out the job stuff. Life seems overwhelming at 4am...

    Have a great day, everyone!

  7. Aren't you two a couple of chatty Kathys. Way too perky--she says needing more caffeine.

    This pic makes me dizzy.

    Cybergremlins played with me yesterday, so you got a variation on the no windows theme. We were in an old furniture store with windows all across the front when I first started working at the alternative school. The warehouse is a big improvement. More rooms, nicer digs. I'm able to leave most days to go home for lunch and get some sunlight.

    So excited--today is a TAKS(Standardized Testing Day). Won't see most of the kiddos. WooHoo. I can actually reorganize from the flood and get the rest of the six weeks in line.

    Maria--I'm so excited for you. The new place sounds fantastic--especially the trees concept. Concrete jungle not my favorite.
    And looking forward to kitty.

    Beth, glad Sister got in after reschedule and you can enjoy that time together. Hope the weather warms and you can enjoy the outdoors more.

    Farf, there are days when we are both Super Heros and others when we just need saving.

    8 days till Spring Break--WooHoo.

  8. Maria, Bed, Bath, and Beyond is Jim's favorite place to go. I think he could spend all day in the kitchen section. Want him to shop for you? :)

    Morning Beth. Family visit and spring training -- sounds like a great combination. Hope you can put aside the worrying for a bit and just enjoy.

    Lisa, happy no kids day. I guess that furniture store must have been awful because I always prefer windows.

  9. Andi - as long as Jim pays, I say, let him shop!! ::g::

    Just got to the mimes. Tummy unhappy so stopped by CVS. It's going to be one of those days. Evidently a team was here 'til late last night b/c of a very po'd client. Don't know details. Don't wanna.

    2 water mains broke on major thruway right by office. Traffic is rerouting. Luckily, I come up from the other direction, so I didn't have issues.

    Is it Friday yet?

  10. Ah, the classic corner case. ;-)

    I like kitchen stuff too. The outlet mall, which I drive by twice a day on commute days, has at least three kitchen places in it (Williams Sonoma, La Creuset, a generic one, and maybe one other).

    Mid-week, and just like at home, plans have gotten really squishy. Trying to figure out how to work in a visit with Beth that doesn't involve her driving all the way up to Largo. Then again, I'm making pizza this evening…

    Maria, I suggest toothpicks on the eyelids and regular infusions of espresso. Hope you make it through the day.

    Enjoy test day, Lisa. Hey, do you have students go through alt who are only there because they can't get in a particular class at the regular school? That happened to Daughter Dearest… she was like the rose growing out of the bramble of thorns. :-)

    Off to join the rest of the fambly…

  11. Sorry the weather isn't better, Farf. They're promising it's going to get better starting this weekend...

    Can't make it all the way to Largo. My family arrived yesterday - I can sneak away for a couple of hours, but not most of the day. Even for pizza! Don't worry if you can't swing it - I understand family stuff. Still available Friday, if you can figure anything out.

    Family still in bed - wish I could sleep 11 hours...

  12. OK, let's shoot for Friday. I know what you mean about wishing for more sleep; I gave Daughter Dearest a nudge about 10 minutes ago to get her moving. But it's OK, I know I have to get in bed by 11:30 to get a full night's sleep.

    Don't apologize for the weather… 1) it's 20 degrees warmer here than at home; 2) it's 550 miles away from the chicken houses!

  13. Good morning to all!

    Decluttering is a lifelong pursuit for us, recently spurred onward by the installation of our new dining room floor. We've got a ways to go. Your idea sounds great, Andi. We might need 2 dumpsters. ;-)

    Snowing here again. Sigh.

    Good luck in the new place, Maria!

  14. Hi, everyone. Slept last night, thank goodness.

    Maria, BB&B is a favorite and right close by. We can shop if you want when you get here (and excuse to go there!)

    Good luck to Lisa on test day.
    And to everyone else on Wed.

  15. Eee!! You guys, my sister's going to come visit and help me coordinate my move. I'm sooo psyched. We've not had a weekend together (just us girls) in YEARS.

    Sis is a librarian and is really awesome at placing furniture/stuff so it looks good as opposed to where it sort of fits.

    I'm still waiting for the official call from the apts - they haven't verified my employment yet. Not that it's an issue - nearly 9.5 yrs here. Not a flight risk. ;)

    I'm getting very little mime work done as I'm horribly punchy w/lack o'sleep and just excited about everything.

  16. Ah Maria, everyone should have a Feng Shuibrarian in the family. :)

    We have an outlook mall, Farf, not too far away but I never think of shopping there -- though if they had a Williams Sonoma I might.

    The more dumpsters the merrier, b2.

    It's good you can give Maria an incentive to come visit you, Dina.

  17. THANK YOU!!! For posting the orig photo. Maybe I'm making an assumption here...

    See, this is what having a photgrapher's eye can do for you. You started with a crumbling building and you found a stunning shot *through* the building.

    Even here, you've selected a very interesting angle to home in on.

    Great job! I love it!

  18. Completely different photo, CF. In fact, it's the opposite side of the cabin. The window on the far right in this photo is the back window in yesterday's photo.