Monday, March 15, 2010

They're Coming to Take Me Away, Ha Ha

Taken March 1, 2010.

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  1. I've got the perfect way to get rid of the VGW:

    Happy Birthday, Mary! And many more.

  2. LOL!

    Antipodal autumn is a bit warm at the moment. We took Luna and Lily for a walk yesterday. Our place is looking really green at the moment (arrow points to our house).

    Best of all possible birthdays, Mary.

  3. Thanks for the green infusion, Lori. I cannot wait for it to be green here. Unfortunately, I don't have any control over nature so waiting is exactly what I'll have to do. And good night to you and the critters and sweet dreams of Imogen coming home.

  4. I love where your place is, Lori! I'll always be a country girl at heart.

    Great pic of the pups, andi - kind of eerie. :-)

    Woke up with a cold yesterday, doggone it. Will spend another day on the couch, working on my March Madness bracket and blowing my nose, sigh.

    Fam comes back for a few more precious days today, then head back north. It's been fun having them around.

    Hope everyone had a great weekend, and B2 didn't float away.

    Have a great day, y'all!

  5. Pups!! Great morning to wake up to the cutest faces ever. Thanks, Andi!

    Happy Birthday, Mary! Hope it's fantastic.

    Lori, thanks for the green. Color of my day: gray w/clouds and meatballs. That said, I did get a LOT of packing done over the weekend. Folks came by to pick up rugs and a couple of other items I was donating/selling.

    Beth, sends you Vitamin C for the cold. Feel Better!!

    Hope Lisa is enjoying Day 2 of her retreat.

    ::waves to Jen, Farf and those coming along later::

    It's off to the mimes and then eye doc followup this afternoon.

    Cheers and hope Monday treats you all well!!

  6. Hippo birdie, mary! Sorry I missed that the first tie around - yay for fellow Pisceans! Have a great day!

    Thanks for the vitamin C, Maria! Enjoy the rain for me.

  7. I had hoped to add a bit of pink to the green, from the Autumn Bird orchids in bloom in that grass strip where Luna is standing, only Lily kept 'helping' with my photography.

    Andi, at least with Imogen away I won't have to hear how I keep her awake by over-heating her on warm nights.

  8. My best advice for a cold, Beth, is vaseline on your nose so it doesn't get raw. Hope you feel better soon.

    Maria, I thought of them as more "creepy" than cute (though what they were really coming for was dinner).

    Lori, I've got a whole set of pictures that look like that -- well, except substituting Bebo for Lily. And it's good you can for an upside for Imogen's absence. :)

  9. Great pic, Andi.

    Happy Birthday Mary!

  10. Lori, it looks like you live in the tree house from the Disney movie The Swiss Family, Robinson.

    Beth, take care of that cold, and stay under/in? your slanket.

    Maria, I'm not so sure how cute those faces are when they stick their cold noses in your face before dawn.

    Echoing others, happy birthday, maryb.

  11. Happy birthday, Mary!

    Andi, I might have subtitle that one: We you have food, now cough it up.

    Beth, hope you feel better soonest

    Lori, I presume the white fluffy thing is a dog and not the llama my brain initially registered.

    A general halloo to all.

    And off to finish the polish on this book proposal so I can make it someone else's problem for a bit.

  12. Happy b-day, Mary!

    Andi, I should have known that "I'm hungry" look the Partial Pack is giving you. Then again, they usually have that look, don't they?

    Lori, that's quite a back yard you've got… and I thought mine was a jungle. I've gotten that same "hey, what'cha doing down here" thing from the dogs here. Mrs. Fetched calls me her "electric blanket," so I know where you're coming from.

    Sending chicken soup & good vibes to Beth. Hey, it's warming up, right? Get some sun.

    Waving to Maria, Jen, Kelly, and later arrivals… the mimes are calling…

  13. Happy birthday, Mary!

    Waves to all.

  14. Thanks Jen. Maybe someday we can see if The Pack and Wes and Lucy would like to have a feed-me staredown contest.

    Copy editor to Kelly: I think that's supposed to read "We know you have food, now cough it up". The Pack suggest an additional edit -- though we will eat anything we find rotting in the woods, we still prefer not to get our food coughed up ... unless we happen to have personally done said coughing.

    Yep, Farf. That is their favorite look -- I need food because no one has fed me ... ever.

    Waves to Dina. Have a good one.

  15. Thanks for the b'day wishes everyone. I took the day off and went to the day spa. Am now all massaged and scrubbed and polished. Now off to my mother's for the traditional Corned Beef and cabbage birthday dinner.

  16. Hey, being called on dropped words when I'm writing fast by a copyeditor…where have I seen that before? Oh yeah, everywhere. Sigh. :-)

  17. Oh what sweet faces. So photogenic and such an artistic capture! Question of the day, whose knees are those in the charcoal gray jeans?

    I love the detail of the black hairs on his face between his eyes and of course the majestic white whiskers. It's cute how his little black mustache is crooked. :-) Of course, the sweet little face in the background is not to be forgotten.

    Shame on you both for NEVER feeding them.

    Happy days to you all.

  18. Kelly, yes that white fluffy thing is Luna. Pyrenees were bred to look like their charges (so that the sheep wouldn't be stressed out by living with 'wolves') - I guess mine have morphed into Alpacas.

    Coneflower, mine never get fed either, two-, sometimes, three-times per day.

    Woohoo. My three new pairs of Birkenstocks just arrived from Germany today. Yes, I am a granola lesbian - hairy legs, Birkenstocks, and all.