Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Poetry Post

Coming and Going

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Joy Spring
by John Hendricks
(As performed by Manhattan Transfer with Stan Getz)

We sing a spring
(Sing joy spring)
A rare and most mysterious spring
(This most occult thing)
Is buried deep in the soul
(It's story never has been told)

The joy spring, the fountain of pleasure
Is deep inside you whether you're diggin' it or not
Once you're aware of this spring
You'll know that it's the greatest
Treasure you've got
And furthermore
The joy spring, the bounteous treasure
Cannot be bartered away and never
Can be sold
Nothing can take it from you
It's yours and yours alone to have
And to hold
And something more:
It never is lost to fire or theft
It's always around
When trouble is gone the pleasure
Is left I've always found
It's burglar-proof same as the treasure
Man lays up in heaven worth a
Price no one can measure
that says a lot
So joy spring this fountain of pleasure
That's deep inside you let me inform
You in all truth *(to Coda second time)
Ponce de Leon sought this
When he was searchin' for the fountain of youth

Ol' Ponce de Leon laughed so much he
Never did find the magic fountain
But many people with a well-adjusted
Spirit they could hear it when y'told
'em it was there tellin' them was
Like tellin' it on the mountain

It's quite a life havin' the gift of
laughter I'm a man who knows in a
minute I can tell y'just exactly how the story goes
It involves a firm conviction in another
previous life givin' your mind a chance to fly
Fly aroun' the universe investigatin' other
galaxies n' certain other subtle
types o'life tryin' t'dig it gettin'
pretty well-acquainted with a lot of
other strife an' pretty much acquirin'
yourself plenty of education
pretty soon here comes earth birth
'n then y'ready t'put it all t'work
but soon as you're finished bein' born
you start forgettin' what you knew
'Cause you're another kinda you - a
reincarnation manifestation
of spirit in sensation

Y'really got that right
The average person isn't bright
not so bright that they recall the fatal fall
down here t' this earth
their minds disguise their death to spirit
life and call it birth
that's their reason for forgetting and they
find it very upsetting when reminded
tell 'em they've lived before
They'll show y' the nearest open door
Gotta have feelin' while dealin' with
walkers in their sleep
they can't imagine somethin' as deep

Here they come - here they come - there they are
Unimaginative and ignorant of falling from a star
Here they come - there they are - there they go
Life is over in a minute an' they never dug
it in it or enjoy a minute of it
'cause they put too much above it
that was gross
somethin' that was worth a couple bucks
at mos'

So there is the reason that the maker of man
included there in his plan
A certain fountain deep within'
where there was laughter, youth 'n gold
for human beings t'have 'n hold
'n share the memory of where we've all been

Brothers called Grimm knew chances were slim'
Anybody would dig that the human soul
was Snow White
and the Seven Dwarfs were seven tempers
in man
whose digging out the gold completes
the plan
An Bacon was hip that Shakespeare
couldn't read
and so he gave him all the rhymes
that have lasted through the years
and kept eternal truths alive through
several centuries
That's how we know them now
they lasted 'cause they're true

What was it from "MacBeth?"
"Life's but a walking shadow
a player poor
that struts and frets upon the stage
and's seen no more
A tale that truly has an idiotic ring
That's full of lotsa sound and fury
signifying nothing..."

That's right signifying nothing
I'll repeat it! Nothing
Don't forget it - Nothing
And that's the reason for that spring
of joy
That the Father put inside of every
single girl and boy

Show time! Everyone's on
let's hit the stage
It's show time everyone an' proceed
to act your age

Whatever you're frownin' at is funny
enough f'laughin'
so you're wastin' all your humor on a frown
While you're bringin' your spirit down

You gotta book yourself a comic in your act
without some laughter life's a maudlin
farce 'n that's a fact

Once you know about the spring you always can smile
It becomes your one expression
and you're always wearin' it like the
Buddhas do

(Repeat Intro to *)
Ponce de Leon sought this
When he was searchin'
for the fountain of youth
I say in truth he
sought a magical thing
For he was searchin'
for the joy spring


  1. Love that song but I have to break into a very different and geo-centric chorus (and also save Beth from the VGW):

    Yay Butler Men's B'ball Team!

    Go Notre Dame Women's B'ball Team!

  2. Thanks andi! I don't know the song - will have to look it up. Yay spring!

    More upsets. Crazy Dance this year. Two of my favorite teams play each other at noon - Gonzaga and Syracuse. So either way I win (or lose). But i'm partial to the Zags. Go GU! And yay for Northern Iowa - always love the underdog. Although my bracket is decimated...

    Nice service for my friend yesterday. Lots of people showed up to say goodbye on a sundrenched beach. Jan loved collecting shells, and sunsets. She lives on in our stories and memories.

    Art festival in the park this morning - dash over, dash back in time to reclaim my spot on the couch.

    Have a great Sunday, all - relax and enjoy the second day of spring!

  3. Jim, you got my toe a tapping though the video assaulted my want to forget those 80's clothes senses.
    Major cyberhugs on our last day of relaxing.

    Snow here, maybe an inch and still hovering below 30. The wind is what may be the most uncomfortable. Hope hubby and scouts could stay warm enough.

    Daughter goes back to Austin so will bet back to normal here soon.

    Beth, glad your day went well yesterday and March Madness continues to entertain.

    Maria, hope the check was in the mail or is soon.

    Jen,CF,B,Kelly Hope you all get some green to brighten the official Spring in your areas soon.

    Off to have some breakfast and start the day. No more sleeping in after today.

  4. That would work as rap, methinks. I had something a little shorter stuck in my head this week, so I'll spit it out here:

    Initials (from the musical "Hair")

    L.B.J. took the I.R.T.
    down to Poor Street, U.S.A.
    When he got there, what did he see?
    The youth of America on L.S.D.!

    A 22" Husqvarna chainsaw with a new hardwood chain, on a sunny Saturday makes FARf a firewood-cuttin' fool. I tweaked my back a little, so I'll be taking it easy today. Mason got me up about an hour ago, but (after a token amount of formula) has let me feed the cats & get my own breakfast. Mason is fascinated by basketball, or at least the constant motion… he also likes watching the girls. Ruh-roh.

    The grandkid is squawkin', time to get his parents involved!

  5. Morning, gang! Love Manhattan Transfer, Jim - thanks for the song and the vid link!

    Farf - now that I have songs from Hair as earworms, I'll share:

    What a Piece of Work Is Man

    What a piece of work is man
    How noble in reason
    How infinite in faculties
    In form and moving
    How express and admirable
    In action how like an angel
    In apprehension how like a god
    The beauty of the world
    The paragon of animals

    I have of late
    But wherefore I know not
    Lost all my mirth
    This goodly frame
    The earth
    Seems to me a sterile promontory
    This most excellent canopy
    The air-- look you!
    This brave o'erhanging firmament
    This majestical roof
    Fretted with golden fire
    Why it appears no other thing to me
    Than a foul and pestilent congregation
    Of vapors

    What a piece of work is man
    How noble in reason

    How dare they try to end this beauty?
    How dare they try to end this beauty?

    Walking in space
    We find the purpose of peace
    The beauty of life
    You can no longer hide

    Our eyes are open
    Our eyes are open
    Our eyes are open
    Our eyes are open
    Wide wide wide!

    (I also love the original speech in Hamlet!)

    Had a GREAT convo last night with an indie Hollywood producer. He & partner Allison Anders are meeting with my agent's rep in LA next week. Terry, the producer, had read Matters and LOVED it. In fact, he wrote me an email when he was halfway through the book! They are very excited and want to bring my work to movies/tv!!

    This is very much in the oooh, wants it stage and may never happen, but I'm just excited as all get out. Terry and Allison *get* Matters--which to me, is more important than some hotshot name guy who wants to change everything. In any case, keep your fingers crossed! I'm not really sharing with the world yet, at least until there's something more definite.

    Taking the day off to read and relax. Hope you spend your respective Sundays exactly how you want!

  6. Waves to all. Revisiting Hair is fun. I actually saw Hair in its original form - as Winter Theater in Joseph Papp's Shakespeare festival. Then it went to Broadway and lost both its plot and its clothes.

    Maria, again, congratulations! We missed you yesterday but this is so much better.

  7. Maria--Jumping up and down and waving and cheering and this is soooo much cooler than basketball.

    Feels so great to be in the secret early know so we can send plenty of positive vibes to California.


  8. Wow, fabulous news,Maria. Fingers firmly crossed that it all works out.
    It's officially the first day of Spring today and it's looking like it. Sun shining, birds flittering and twittering, daffodils finally out and spouse painting the garden fence! But it's still quite cold and one cat is lying under a radiator while the other one snuggles on a bed and thinks I haven't noticed him.

  9. Wowie zowie, Maria! Hoping for the best here.

  10. Will wait with bated breath to hear more, Maria. I would cross fingers and stuff, but sounds like I'd be incapacitated for a while. Thanks for sharing - that is SOOOO exciting!

  11. Two words, Maria: Awe SOME!!!!!!

  12. Drive by "hi" (from Autumnal Tasmania), and congratulations to Maria.