Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday Poetry Post

On the Scent of Spring

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The Flower Garden
by Wayne Jarus

A blur of color in the wind
Fertile soil as nature’s palette
A fragrance so seductive we think of sin

A gardener’s work must begin
Work the soil before he sees
A blur of color in the wind

Damp earth the gardener’s canvas
Spring warmth brings the seed to sprout
A fragrance so seductive we think of sin

A fiery sun nurtures the seed to begin
Emerald leaves open to feed and bring
A blur of colour in the wind

A palace of wild beauty within
The gardeners reward of toil is
A fragrance so seductive we think of sin

And within this plot of raging color
The worker’s castle for months to stay
A blur of color in the wind
A fragrance so seductive we think of sin.


  1. Vast amounts of white don't scare me much (because I keep them in line a deft combination of treats and intimidation).

    Yay, The Pack finds Spring. I know what my two mongrels would find - water up to their armpits (without even realizing that they were getting wet enough to take the next 24 hours to day). Big ambulatory fur-balls.

    Imogen is in Canberra for the week. :( The dogs and the cria are keeping me company.

    Enjoy the warming weather, all.

  2. Thank for braving the VGW, Lori! You wield such fierce weapons against it... :-)

    Not sure what my foster fur-kid would do if he saw a lake. He's a lab, so you'd think he'd be armpit-deep, but he's kind of a chicken, too. At least they're good company, Lori.

    Catching a cold, courtesy of my sister. Wish she'd left that particular gift at home. And my best friend here left unexpectedly last night - finally gave up on a bad marriage. Good for her, sad for me.

    Off to find echinacea and garlic...looks like a "lay low and try to fool the germs" kind of day. Happy Sunday, y'all!

  3. Oops, sorry, great poem, Jim. I can almost smell spring.

  4. Glad, you've got the critters to keep you company. It is amazing how dogs are attracted to water. Ours seem equally attracted to mud as well.

    Take care of your cold, Beth -- chicken soup and that dreadful tasting Nyquil are our remedies of choice.

    We're off to Cincinnati to see my mom in a few minutes. So hi to anyone else who shows up today.

  5. Nice one, Jim. The pic brought the phrase "between water and water" to mind, so I had to wrap a couple more lines around it:

    Following the scent
    Between water and water
    Find spring at the point?

    Beth, I think Keeper wouldn't think twice about water — he's a lab. Armpit deep? Heh. He'll be a doggie alligator, cruising along with only his eyes and nose above the surface. He might not care for surf, but calm water… yeah. Anyway, hope your friend finds a good place to be.

    Lori, don't forget you have your virtual buddies to keep you company too!

    The Boy's gig went OK for a first outing. The lead guitarist broke a string in the middle of the first number, and they had to stand around for a few while he replaced it. They should have a song they can play with one guy out of action for those occasions. They were told afterwards they'll get booked for another performance next month, so the rest of the set must have gone well.

    Mason celebrated Spring Forward by puking on my chest this morning. Fortunately, it didn't get on the bed or him, so clean-up was fairly easy.

    Well, let's see what we can do with this truncated day…

  6. Waves to all. Still trying to adjust to the new time.

    Why is so much easier to Fall back????

  7. Hey Beth, I've never had a Lab, but I used to walk my friend's. One day we went to the park and she started to chase some ducks on the grass. They took off for the pond and I thought that, at least she'll stop when she gets to edge of the water. Silly me.

    My Great (white) Pyrenees have no sense of water whatsoever. As long as their gigantic furry feet still touch the ground they have little sense that they are even getting wet. Swimming, otoh, is out of the question.

    Jim, we have the most Zen dogs ever when it comes to being one with everything - with dirt, mud, grass, leaves, seed pods, etc.

    FarF, I'm sure you'll be seeing a lot of me.

    Get Well soon, everyone.

  8. I had another Lab who would submerge himself in any puddle he could find. This one, though, is a real chicken. He's scared of the pool. I don't know about lakes, etc. - I'll have to ask his dad (I'm taking care of him while his dad goes thru a divorce).

    Love big dogs - the bigger, the better; used to have a malamute. Seems that the whiter and furrier they are, the more they love the dirty stuff!

    Enjoy yours, Lori!

  9. My sister figured out that her Lab knows the word "bath". He LOVES baths. He loves anything to do with water. She was saying to him that when it gets warmer he needs a bath and he ran into the bathroom and looked at the tub and then at her, expectantly. Disappointment ensued.

  10. We're back. Spent some nice time with my mom, dogs were only slightly nuts when we got home.

    Labs seem to like any water. Our pack seems to only like dirty water.

  11. Dirty water, especially with large quantities of floating algal mats, is the absolutely the best. I've had to wash more than a few green dogs in my day.