Saturday, March 27, 2010

The String Theory of Entanglements

Taken March 13, 2010.

Click image to see larger version


  1. Love the texture. And the valiant green poking through.

    Waves as off to work on story.

  2. Yep, love the green peeking through! Is it dead grasses, andi?

    Yesterday was hot and humid - eek! It can't be back already. Hopefully it was an aberration, and we'll still have a few weeks of warm and dry before the humidity descends.

    Farmers' market today, then a Taste of Punta Gorda - hoping to sample the wares of local restaurants I haven't tried yet. And more basketball. Maybe an hour in the sun.

    And work - I've signed up to caption old TV shows, so am trying to get up to speed on that. Nice to work from home, but I don't think I'll ever get rich. We'll see.

    Off to do something, even if it's wrong. Relaxing Saturday, y'all!

  3. Unfortunately, Beth and Lisa, that's last year's green but there some new green has started sprouting up. And the mosses are such bright green I think they'd glow in the dark.

    Amidst all the food distractions, I know you won't forget a Go Butler now and again, Beth. :)

  4. Morning, gangtastic!

    Andi, those twisty leaves look like my sheets this a.m. - spent the night sleeping but tossing & turning. Woke up entangled. Weird, weird dreams!

    Today, the couch gets delivered. I have no freaking clue where it's going to fit until I move, but I guess it will have to.

    Beth, Enjoy the food tasty!!

    Lisa, I'm sending you writing vibes, in hopes of recapturing a few for myself for my short story.

    Happy weekend!!

  5. Happy Saturday!

    Nice quiet day here. Love the picture - feels like a picture of my brain today.

  6. Entanglement. Shavings. Nest. I like. I think it's giving rise to a bit of inspiration. I'm going to steal it and take it home with me. Bye. Thanks.

  7. Also--Andy, what is that stuff?

  8. Hey Maria, maybe you can work those dreams into your short story. :)

    Dina, we think alike -- I emailed that picture to some right after I finished my taxes, saying that it was a real time image of my brain.

    Howdy Nancy. Steal away. They're some kind of sedge but I have no idea what kind. I need to adopt a botanist.

  9. Andi, you should be scared - very scared if you think like me :)

  10. Go Butler, andi! I'm rooting for the right team, this time. :-)

  11. Doesn't scare me at all, Dina.

    Thanks Beth. Go Butler!

  12. WOO HOO ANDI!!!!!!

    GO BUTLER!!!!!!

    (Sorry non-sports fans. andi's team did really, really good!)


  13. What Beth said!!!

    Neighborhood team does good. :)

    And thanks Beth. I'm sure your rooting was what got us through those last really tense minutes.

  14. I was worried there for a while, andi - they were coming back strong. But yay that Butler held them off! Final Four next weekend - yippee!!

    We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming....

  15. ... well not quite. Yay West Virginia for knocking Kentucky out.

    ... now we're back.

    And so to bed.

  16. Very, very cool photo. The color is lovely to have lasted so well through the winter. Love it.