Saturday, March 6, 2010

Shining Through

Taken February 24, 2010.

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  1. Except for a few isolated spots, the snow has melted away here so I thought I should melt the VGW too.

    Good night, keres. Good morning, everybody else.

  2. Glad the snow is melting, andi. Spring has to be around the corner for all of us.

    Baseball today with my fam - sitting on the grass watching the Tampa Rays and the Red Sox in the sunshine. Supposed to finally warm up here this week.

    Gonna be numb for a few days, til the pain of losing Jan dulls a wee bit.

    Hope everyone has a good weekend. Thanks again for the good wishes.

  3. Morning, gang!

    Beth, still mentally hugging you. Spend some time today letting your family just love you & pamper you.

    Signs of spring here, temps in the 50s later! I got my essay revisions for the True Blood antho done and emailed off. Today will be about organizing/packing. A buddy from work is coming over later to help.

    Still haven't been able to get Comcrud to set up an account transfer date. Sigh. I'll give them another chance (only because their high speed internets is way fast). This next time, I'll just call during regular biz hours. Not sure it will make a diff, since they outsource their call center, but perhaps. I suppose this is what I get for being a planner. I like things to be organized ahead of time. :)

    Hope everyone has a good weekend!!

    ::one more ginormous hug for Beth::

  4. Hi, all. Beth, what Maria said.

    Short message as Shadow is on my lap. Enjoy the weekend.

  5. Flowing water to open up the our vision, our souls.

    Not really sunny but around 60. Rain for tomorrow likely. But am enjoying the robins and cardinals and bluejays and squirrels pounching on the seed and bugs in the back yard.
    Was my first Cranefly last night--Rufus got a snack. So Spring be a coming.
    Beth--hard when our own go and nobody's ready. Loss of what's still to come becoming what won't ever be. Major Cyberhugs.

    Maria, staying zen with the controllers of technology--you have my admiration. Can't wait for you to get moving. Glad the short project be done and you are free to PLAN and PACK.

    Farf, safe trip home.

    B, may the snow melt soon and green peak out soon for you.

    Wallaby in the back yard. Now that's an interesting prospect.

    Waves to all as off to work more on story.
    Sensational or restful or productive Saturday to All--Multiple choice options.

  6. Beth, on today's walk I stopped by a spot where "wild" daffodils bloom and there were little leaves coming up. It was so good to see that.

    Good luck with customer disservice, Maria. I don't envy the packing up at all.

    Hi Dina. Give Shadow a nice pet for me.

    I'm not even jealous of your 60s, Lisa, since it is 50 here. The dogs have been outside drowsing in the sun all day for the first time in months. Hope next week goes really fast.

  7. Lisa, although we can't match Andi and Jim's 40 acres (more or less), we do have 15 acres of fairly undisturbed "bush" (what Australians call any treed area) around and behind our house, including two deep gullies. Year-round marsupial residents are wallabies, paddymelons, and Brush-tailed possums. Occasional residents are wombats, echidnas and bandicoots. At least 50 species of birds (including one parrot species, two cockatoo species, the Laughing kookaburra, and some of the world's best singers) share the trees with us - so there is never a moment of silence. Thus, we're probably a bit less surprised by the wallaby in the yard. In fact, come winter, they'll be a small heard of the little roos in our pastures every evening. Fortunately the dogs understand that the fauna is part of their larger "flock" and usually don't pay them too much attention - unless there's a trapped bottom sticking out of the fence.

  8. Lori, I don't know if you'll see this, but--do you feed any of the critters? It all sounds wonderful.

    Beth, I'm so glad you have family close around you right now. I hope the sun gives you more hugs soon, too.

  9. Lori, other than the acreage I'd say we're the ones that can't match you. Though we did have a little competition for all your wonderful critters today as several flocks of sandhill cranes were noisily flying overhead.

    Howdy Nancy. Hope you're getting some signs of spring out your way.

  10. Nancy, not intentionally. Which is to say that we put out feed for the poultry (Muscovy duck and chickens) and the alpacas, and if they're not thorough or fast enough some of the wildlife sticks their respective bill or muzzle in whatever is available. Also, the Lucerne hay barn frequently has a resident paddlemelon (the smallest of the macropods aka kangaroos) and the barn roof has a Brush-tailed possum that lives there year round, as is evidenced by this somewhat disturbing shot of his feet sticking out between two layers of roofing tin. He'll eat any kind of food, including the apple cores I frequently place in his nest. Since most of our wildlife is legally hunted, we don't really want them to be too comfortable around humans.

    Lucky you Andi. I aways felt blessed by the call of cranes.

  11. OMG, Lori, the feetsies photo!! Too funny, and yes, disturbing!

    I love Muscovy ducks, and I'm happy to see that you do, too, apparently. Not everybody does, I guess, but I think they're sociable, funny creatures.

    ::runs to look up images of paddlemelons::

  12. Paddlemelon, awww:

    Brushtail possum--who knew there are cute possums?? I'd add a link but it's a long'un.