Thursday, March 4, 2010

Needling Through

Taken February 22, 2010.

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  1. Another day of Sun and Warm here.
    Turning the fans on high to share the wealth.

    Day without "many" kids was good. Got much organization done, just not finished. I deal with about 30 elective classes and have to shuffle work for each class every week. Farf, I'm at the other alternative school. When they get in trouble, they come to us. Many more thorns than roses here. But still do get roses.

    Thursday winking at Friday--WooHoo.

    7 days till Spring Break.
    Great day to All.

  2. You do rough work, Lisa. Sliding into spring break - woo hoo!

    That picture looks cold, andi. Brrrr.

    Warm weather's supposed to return Monday. We're all crossing our numb fingers and toes.

    Off to play with girlfriends this afternoon. Family content to hang out - hoping to get them out and about tomorrow. First baseball game is Saturday.

    Playing with songwriting with one of my musician friends - he likes my lyrics, which is pretty cool. Fun to mess with new ways of writing.

    Have a great day, y'all! Stay warm.

  3. Yay for 7 more days, Lisa. And I dont' have too many more days to be jealous of your warm weather -- weather in the 50s her by the weekend!

    It actually wasn't that cold, Beth. The fog was a combo of warm air and meeting cold snow. Woo hoo for baseball this weekend -- makes me feel 10 degrees warmer. :)

  4. Happy sunny morning, gang!! There's nothing like sleep debt to chase away the insomnia fairy. I left the mimes early yesterday, got home, ate some goldfish crackers. Fell asleep and woke up at 7:07 a.m. I think I got about 13 hours sleep.

    Lisa - I think the roses are all that much more awesome because of the thorns. :) But yeah, I bet you get a lot of thorns.

    Beth, glad your family made it in. I'm so looking forward to my sister's arrival for moving day. :)

    Andi - loved the mysterious fog pic. I adore fog, as long as I'm not out in it. ::g::

    I'm looking forward to starting the packing. Still haven't heard the official word from the apartments, but I know the credit check came back and the only thing they were waiting for was the employment verification--which, well, I know I've been there 9+ years, so that should be a snap. ::g::

    Happy Thursday-nearly-weekend to you all.

  5. Ah, that's fog… I was afraid it was snow. Whew!

    Lisa, I guess it's the roses that keep you dealing with the thorns, huh? It's kind of like the difference between The Boy & Daughter Dearest — we raised them both the same, but it just didn't take with one of them.

    Beth, DD said the warm was supposed to come back Sunday. Which makes sense, because we're leaving Saturday. :-P

    Maria, yay for sleep and the impending move!

    I put up a few more vacation pix… these don't include what I got walking around the nearby nature park yesterday, I'll have to post those tonight or tomorrow.

  6. Drive by hi. Andy, you should supply blankets with photos like that. Saw Roger Daltry and Eric Clapton in concert last night. It was GREAT!

  7. I guess I should have added an explaination that this is a picture of the start of the warming up/snow melting process as the warm air hit the colder snow and made some lovely fog.

    So I will now preemptively point out that the next two pictures are also about the start of the end of the snow.

    Okay enough with the defensiveness.

    Hmmm, the first argument about not getting a pet, Maria. They really don't like the idea of being ignored for 13 hours. Hope you hear on the apartment soon.

    Farf, I love "Watching the boat show" -- what a great capture. So is "Splash x 2".

    So, Nancy, was going to that concert like bathing in the fountain of youth? Or maybe not ... watching Neil Young at the Olympics just kept making me think how old we both were (and how much I still can't stand his voice).

    Hi and bye, Dina.

  8. Sending sympathy and hugs to everyone who had to go to work today. I went to Bath by train with my cousin and we had a lovely time, being Jane Austen heroines and having lunch in the Pump Room. Have also just heard that the painting of mine that is in the big Gallery exhibition, has been sold! (Husband says I should have charged more!)
    And to cap it all, the celebrated crime novelist, Nancy Pickard, has been reading my Victorian cozies, and likes my heroine!
    I'm a happy bunny today!

  9. Nancy's just showing off what good taste she has, Nicky. :)

    Hi O.

    You're welcome, Farf.

    Night everybody.

  10. Very cool pic.

    I would have like to spend the day in Bath. I find all that Georgian architecture soothing for some reason. Perhaps because it is so symmetrical?

    The last time I was there we took one of the walking tours led by very well trained locals. Our tour guide looked like she could have played Miss Marple (wrong author, wrong period, I know, but still oddly appropriate.)