Monday, March 1, 2010

Moving On

In memory of my sister's wonderful border collie Wheeler, who has moved on but will always stay in our hearts.

Taken February 11, 2010.

Taken February 13, 2010

Taken February 13, 2010.
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  1. Love seeing PUPS ON THE RUN. Or trot for Giddy.
    As I rummaged through a drawer last night I found Stonewall's collar.(Our last Lab)So remembering great pets that brought us so much pleasure is a good thing.

    My friend and her family are all well and accounted for in Chile.

    Beth, good to have short beginning to get you warmed up for work. Soon enough the weather will cooperate and you'll be plenty busy.

    Farf, enjoy time off.

    Rainy here today so not able to send much spring your way Andi. Sun the rest of the week so will turn the fans on High and point your way.

    Waves to all.

  2. Lovely dog and snow pictures. Reminds me that it's 10 years since our own beloved Lottie died, aged more than 16. And now am keeping an eye on the senior cat, Dylan, who is 17 next Sunday - blind in one eye, other one going the same way, but otherwise healthy and happy.

    Sun is shining here, birds are all over the garden like a rash, and the oak trees look green. Ok, it's only the ivy growing up them, but it's still green!

    Went to see my painting in the exhibition yesterday and glad to see it's not lurking in a dark corner. - click on News. That should find it - it's an oddity though!

  3. As far as Giddy is concerned, Lisa, a trot is the moral equivalent of a gallop. Glad your friends are fine. A definite relief.

    Ooh you've got green already, Nicky? I am so jealous. Good on Dylan for not going gently into that good night. I like that painting; even at that small size it has a lovely sense of movement and energy -- I'll bet it looks great IRL.

  4. Pets just don't live long enough. We have to enjoy them while they're here, and remember that joy once they move on.

    Yay for safe friends, Lisa.

    And woo hoo, Nicky! Congrats!

    Well, the job lasted an hour - I didn't even get to do anything but watch. The bar manager called last night and his boss told him no to hiring someone w/o experience. They didn't even give me a chance to show I don't need months of training, as they anticipate. Was pretty upset last night - I was so relieved not to have to look for work any more, and that I'd found such a great place.

    Sis and BIL return tomorrow, so I'll have someone to cheer me up. And will start the whole dance all over again. Yesterday was definitely not a good day. Some days are diamonds.

    At least I'm free to see Farf now!

    Hope spring arrives up there soon - they're saying it'll start getting warmer here next week. Fingers and toes crossed.

    Off to do something. Have a great Monday, everyone. Thanks for your support - hopefully something better comes along. Or I'll take up panhandling.

  5. Argh, my comment got eaten by the Intarwebs, darn it.

    ANYHOW...thanks for the pics, Andi. Losing a pet is so tough. :( I've been thinking about getting a cat (no dogs allowed at my apt), but worried that the small space might be too small for a pet. I may pay a visit to Humane Society to talk to the experts there.

    Since it's Monday, this means a new post up at Hooked on Heroines. This time, it's my turn to blog.

    Still hoping for spring and that Wednesday's possible snow passes us by...happy Monday, all!

  6. Oh Beth, I am so sorry. That's really so crappy. But I hope you'll take some confidence from the fact that the bar manager hired you in the first place so you know you've got a lot to offer as a great employee.

  7. Drat, Beth - that totally sucks. :( I'm sorry to hear that.

    I'm positive another opportunity will come along for you and you'll find it was the perfect one all along.


  8. Go for it, Maria! I think sharing your life with a critter whether it's a dog, cat, bird, fish, or reptile, is always a mutually enriching experience. Yes, losing them is hard -- we've gone through it four times -- but it's an integral part of being willing to fully share your life with any other living being.

  9. Morning all! I hope Bebo's running… she looks like she's ready for her morning constitutional. :P Nice send-off, though, and a fond reminder of all my buddies who have gone on before.

    I don't know why my brain insists on waking up at 7:30 on vacation — might be something to do with all that sun pouring in around the blinds. Oh well, I can get a shower in and say hello before the day gets started.

    Lisa, hooray for Chilean friends being alive and well!

    Nicky, sounds like spring has arrived in England? I noticed the lemon balm & oregano greening up under the dead shoots last week, so I guess I'll need to do some trim work when I get home. The vining rose was also sprouting leaves.

    Bummer about the job falling over, Beth. We're going to get together with my bro today, but some time this week will work. Is your cell number still the same? I'll call you.

    Maria, I saw that blog post. Heroines come in all shapes and sizes, right? And personalities. Cats (and dogs, for that matter) are like people in that some prefer to be inside and some outside. Find one that likes to be inside and you'll both be happy!

    Later all… I leave you with vacation pix (more to come as I take them).

  10. Yep, same number, Farf. I'm free Wed and Fri this week, and all of next week - just not this weekend. Hope we can connect!

    Thanks, all. Life goes on. Just disappointing, and tiresome to have to start all over again.

    Sending sun your way - we have an abundance today, even if it is 45 out there.

  11. Beth, serious bummer. Very sorry to hear that.

    Maria, if you can find the right kitty, go for it. A slightly older cat (2-4 years) that's mellowed a bit can do great in a small space, especially if they've been at the shelter for a while and think that anything bigger than a three by three box is a giant space. I know my little furry buddies make my writing life so much more rewarding.

  12. Hi, all. Beth, so sorry about the job. How unreasonable!

    Maria, Shadow is 4 and you know how active she is. Maybe a bit older. Also, you can go up if not out - in other words, get something for a cat to climb.

    Yes, it is hard to lose them but I wouldn't trade my life with cats and dogs for the world.

  13. Ah Heck Beth.
    Yeah for family coming in.

    Maria, my all time favorite kitty was from the SPCA. Got him several years old. Sweetest Maine Coon. Picket-- we were in our Confederate General Phase then.

    Andi, I'm not so sure about the reptile thing. We do have our Grandlizard, but he's not terribly lovey. If we didn't have the dogs and cats, he might be able to get out of the cage more.
    Giddy is my heroine. I pulled up the rear behind her as I remember.

  14. Crazy as it may sound, I went to look at an apartment over lunch and signed the application paperwork. It's 650 SF studio - about 2x the size of my current place, with a full kitchen and full size appliances. Really nifty location (only 1.5 miles from work). Plan to move in a month. Eep!

    No, I don't do anything by halves...(once I get settled, it's time for kitty!!)

  15. EGAD!!! I just looked back to see where I left on in your posts and I think it's 2/18/10!!! Could I be that delinquent?

    Answer? Yes.

    Facebook is taking far too much of my computer play time.

    Sorry about the job, Beth. Very disappointing.

    Maria, go ahead and get your new cat. Sorry for your loss. Cats seem to grow to fill the space allowed. If it's a small space (a studio apartment) it will enjoy it as much as a large house. IMHO.

    All the best to everyone. Keep smilin'

  16. Beth, the best thing about being fired by a jerk is that you don't have to work for a jerk.

  17. Good point, Jim. And they've lost my business - and their karma is going to really suck!

  18. What a lovely sunset, Farf. Looks like a fine way to celebrate a vacation.

    Hi Kelly. Night Kelly.

    Fully agree with you, Dina. Critters enrich our lives ... even lizards, Lisa. :)

    Wow, Maria -- that was fast. Congrats!

    Hi CF. Nice to see you back.

  19. Aww ... sorry to hear about your sister's dog Andi. :(

  20. My condolences to your sister Andi. I hope she just think about her good memories. Is this the sister I met when I visited?

    And Beth. What jerks! You are better without them. You will find something better.

  21. Thanks, olivia.

    Thanks too, Mary. I'm sure she will. I'm also sure she'll be getting another dog soon. She's as big a dog lover as I am. Plus the cats will be bored with only one dog to harass. No, this wasn't the sister you met; this is my baby (she'll always be the baby) sister.