Saturday, March 13, 2010

Melt Week: Something Has to Be Last

Taken March 8, 2010.

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  1. I think Lisa's gone to the country - or at least hasn't popped in here yet. With this week's theme, looks like this is the last expanse of VGW around. Yay spring!

    Poured all day yesterday - it was great. Not great for the folks flooded out, but my lawn and soul loved it.

    Hope everyone has a productive Saturday.

  2. Oops, I forgot that Lisa when to Cherokee. Sorry for not saving you from the VGW, Beth. And yep, the snow is all gone here (that patch in the picture was gone the next day).

  3. Something Has to Be Last

    But why does it have to be my damn yard?! ;p After it rained all night last night, the last of the snow and ice is finally gone. Today is full of more rain, mmm, and also hopefully some writing, mmm.

    Wishing a good weekend to all.

  4. Morning, peeps! Yep, raining here, too after amazingly gale-force winds last night that kept waking me up.

    Totally a day to curl up with a good book and nap, alas, I shall have to continue packing. That said, I plan to make it a light packing day as my back muscles are so not happy with me today. I think I overdid a bit last night. Nothing a good rest and ibuprofen can't fix, though.

    Luck writing, Jen!!

    Have a great weekend, all!

  5. Leave for Cherokee tomorrow. Slept in a bit, then spent some time with Hubby before he goes on his errands. We have a party to go to tonight. David cooked the ribs and brisket for that. Hey, I'm almost sounding like I have a social life.
    Looking forward to some less planned days.

    Sunny and warm today--WooHoo. Major winds here too yesterday. So glad that's settled down. Seeing about the flooding in the East due to snow melt. Hope that's not gonna be any of you.

    Off to work on story a bit and pack for the getaway.

    Sensational Saturday to All.

  6. Morning All...

    Kinda drizzley and a tad gloomy here too. Snow all gone except for some mountains in other people's yards from snow plows.

    Looks like my plants all made it through the winter under their blanket of snow. [fingers crossed]
    Hope there's no more hard freezes coming.

    First thing I'm going to plant are violas in all the cracks in our sidewalk. Might as well make the cracks pretty.

    Love this photo, Andi. It's kinda dreamy...

    All the best to you all

  7. Tomorrow is Mothering Sunday here - or it used to be. Nice gentle day when you gave your mum a little something. No longer. Mother's Day has been grafted on to it, and it's the whole, hideous commercial exploitation thing, with prices of flowers, etc rocketing for tomorrow. Bah humbug! (Having said that, my younger daughter has just given me a terrific book about arsenic poisoning in 19th century England. Not every mother would appreciate it, of course!)

  8. Just rain here last night, although it seems to have gone away for the moment. The sun actually came out for a few moments, but now the clouds are back. Daughter Dearest is home for a few, I have to put a headlight in her car… which involves a few fasteners.

    Nicky, speaking of poisoning, someone from Leeds posted a Friday Flash for UK Mother's Day.

    Gotta run!

  9. Waves to everyone. Very rainy here but the snow is almost gone so there is a trade off.

    Maria, watch that back. Lisa, travel safely. CF, hope your plants made it through. And Nicola, I love the idea of a book on arsenic poisoning - shows she knows what you like!

    Good weekend to all.

  10. mmm good for writing, Jen, but mmm bad for mud season.

    What are you reading, Maria? Or maybe you shouldn't answer that. My TBR list rarely needs an addition.

    Hooray for sleeping in, Lisa. Don't forget to charge your camera battery for all the pictures you're going to take at Cherokee.

    Sounds like crappy weather all the way round (except Texas), CF. I like the idea of violets in the sidewalk. Go for it!

    I'm glad your daughter knows how to give her Mom the perfect gift, Nicky. :)

    Good luck with the car repair, Farf and have a good visit with DD.

    Hi Dina. Another rainy spot heard from. Guess this wasn't a beautiful Saturday for most of us.