Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Melt Week: Meltwater

Both pictures taken February 23, 2010
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  1. Andi, Love that pic on the left. Looks like fog on the the ledges of the "fall". With the snow--all three forms of water. Sounding very geeky.

    Yesterday was quite the gabfest.
    B, so glad you're finding painting time. We love to oooh and aaaah.

    Kelly, you make tea such a visceral experience. Baseline crazy--If I could just get my students to seek this level more often instead of off the charts.

    Lori, How fun watching the nontypicalduck ducks. So are you farmer gals? I'm just full of nosey questions aren't I.
    What a great story--Tasmania sounds so exotic. Both you and Imogen are quite brave to move around the globe. I just love hearing about such experiences. The internet is such a fantastic was to "meet" people from all over.
    Now if I could win the lottery and then travel to meet/see these interesting spots and people.

    Oh heck, gotta get ready for work. I had such fun reading all the entries from yesterday. Farf, we'll wait to hear about your cattle adventures. The chicken house--not so exciting.

    Rain finally ended last night. Could see stars when I came home from school. My late night with counseling. So SUN TODAY--WOOHOO.

    Cyberhugs to all.

  2. The way you love moving water, Lisa, you should be planning a trip here now -- with nothing growing yet, the melt snowing and rain all just drain right off into the creeks. Of course, I'll be happier when there's green stuff keeping that from happening. Four more days.

  3. That's right, you said April was the best time to visit, andi. I'd love to see spring springing in your woods.

    Smells like rain outside - I think a few drops fell overnight. Hoping for more today - I'd be quite content sitting inside and watching it fall all day. Send it this way, Lisa!

    Baseline crazy is a good goal somedays...

    Productive day til dusk yesterday, then it kinda fell apart. Will try to do better today. Happy Tuesday, everyone!

  4. The best time to visit, Beth, is the first half of May but late April can be very nice as well -- just in case you feel like planning a road trip.

  5. Morning, gang! Spring has sprung, w00t! 60s yesterday, 60s today, 60s tomorrow...whee!!!!!!

    My "buddy" once again stood me up for packing duty. I am SO done with her. She is a very young woman (23? 24?) and sincere/helpful but omg, so flaky. It's always something. I was hoping that this time, she'd follow through. Not so much.

    Oh well. At least I'm supposed to hear the final word from the apartments today. I'm not *really* worried, b/c all they were waiting to do is the rental history check and the employment verification, which I know is correct. Still, there's that wee part of the worrier me. So if you guys could send me some positive mojo today, I'd be grateful.

    Lori, I'd love to hear more about your place! Sounds utterly delightful (says this city-once-country gal). We're such an international crew!

    Great news for Ms. Nancy P on her PW starred review, w00t!! Can't wait to see you @ Malice, Nance!

    Terrific Tuesday, folks!

  6. ::spins around three times, chants abracapocus, fans resultant good mojo in Maria's direction::

  7. Drive by hi!

    It's a beautiful here! Too bad I'll be inside until the end of the day. :-(

    Good news about Nancy P!

    I'll have to remember that spell, Jen. ;-)

    Waves to all!

  8. Hi, guys!

    Catches Jen when she gets dizzy.

    Thanks, M. ::grins::

    Andi, I'm not awake yet. The photos look to me like clouds on rocky mountain tops.

    Lori, I visited Tasmania 22 years ago. (22 ??!!) I loved it. Better than Australia, better than NZ to me. And who doesn't love to be able to say, "Oh, yes, I was in Tasmania."

  9. Morning all! Waterfall pix are my second favorite (after sunsets on the beach). ;-)

    H'okay, from yesterday, pix of the cattle roundup. Basically, Mrs. Fetched's mom wanted to sell a couple of the older cows & younger bulls. The procedure is to get them mooooving — which involves opening the gates and Mrs. Fetched calling to them out the truck window, while The Boy and I stand where they can see we're blocking the escape routes. :-P They run through a chute, and the trick is to get the ones you want to unload into the corral & the ones you want to keep into the adjacent pasture.

    Of course, cows being cows, you end up with some you want to sell in the pasture (can't do much about them) and a bunch you want to keep in the corral. So here's what you start with, more or less. Mrs. Fetched and her mom go in and mix it up with the cattle in the corral; when one that we want in the pasture gets near The Boy, he opens his gate and they run into the chute. I was standing at a second gate, pretty much where I took the second picture — sometimes, some of the "sell" cattle got through and Panda chased them to the other end of the chute. The ones that needed to go to the pasture, I'd open my gate & let 'em out. It's a lot less interesting than it sounds… you stand around most of an hour or two, punctuated by a few seconds of gate opening/closing.

    My only connection with Tasmania is that I have a book by a resident — Steve Soloman's "Gardening When It Counts." If plane rides were free, I'd definitely want to check out the place.

  10. Maria, bummer on the (ex) freind but I hope you have already heard your good news on the apartment.

    And I'm sure you have now that Jen has sent her excellent mojo your way.

    Yuck on staying inside, b2. But get home and enjoy the evening sunlight before the dreaded DST arrives.

    Hiya Nancy. Here's a link to a web page with very good PW starred review.

    Farf, yippee ki ay, cowboy. Thanks for the pics and description. Now the next time you all do a roundup, you just need to do a video for us. :)

  11. Hi, all. Andi, the snow is melting nicely. Yesterday felt like spring and today is a bit colder but very nice. Almost as nice as this picture!

    As for road trips, Nancy, I am still hoping to do Kansas, maybe in September. I hope to talk to you about it at either Malice or Mayhem.

  12. I think I may have posted a reply to an old post. This, peeps, was the theme of the day.

    Thanks to your excellent mojo - the apts did call for employment verification. Now it's my current apt that's being slackers and not returning the rental history data. But, I talked to Sarah, the new leasing agent and unless I'm a horrible tenant/about to be evicted, it's all golden.

    I EVEN got Comcast set up - finally! Took a 1/2 hour long phone call, but it's done.

    That said, I have picked up a nasty tummy bug and have come home to go to bed and read.

    Catch you all in the a.m.!

  13. Good news on the melting snow, Dina. I am definitely ready for all signs and symbols of winter to go away.

    Yay for all the good moving news, Maria. Feh on the tummy bug.

    Not fair, Lori. No way my blog can complete with baby alpacas. :P

  14. Cria: In at one end, out at the udder.

  15. Not much can compete with a baby alpaca, Andi.

    Ha. Ha. Jim. For that you will be punished we a gratuitous photo of our complete lack of fall colors - unless you count the grass (but it's kind cool looking any way).

  16. What the heck is that plant that makes you think a Pyr must be a miniature poodle 'cause no way it could be that huge.

  17. That's our Agave. Lol. It came with the house when we bought it, and it's directly below the septic tank (i.e. well fed and watered). It's at least six feet tall, and wider than that. We keep it because it reminds me of home.

    I cut the points off on occasion so that no on gets killed.

  18. Lori, love the fog in the valley and the well fed plant.

  19. Damn impressive agave and maybe a little scary too -- makes me think of Day of the Triffids.

  20. Jim, we love the morning low fog as well, especially since we have all the rolling hills for it to lay between.

    Andi, I can see the Triffid connection. Of course, if it was a blue agave I'd have made tequila out of it by now.

  21. And then Hector would get into the tequila and we'd get video of a drunken bunny.

    And on that note I'll say my good afternoon to you and my good night to everybody else.