Thursday, March 11, 2010

Melt Week: It's Really Leaving

Taken February 28, 2010.

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  1. Full Spring Breakout Here.
    Trees blooming, daffs waving in the breeze, dandelions popping up all over. SUN AND WARMTH--Yum.

    Got so busy yesterday, I realized I'd skipped stopping by.
    Beth, hope next week becomes YOUR week.

    Maria, hope tummy is totally better. Hope everyone gets their info in so you can get the nod and go into high gear packing.

    Farf, Cyberhugs as back to work.

    Lori, CUTIE critters and a beautiful place you have.

    Jim, Two days and then a week of Bliss. At least a week without kiddos. Ours are ramping up the drama. Wearing me out.
    I'm taking Atticus to Cherokee for a few days. Quiet focus on story and writing and recentering self.

    Thursday Winking at Friday.
    Fantastic Day to All.

  2. Morning Lisa. Yes, we are truly blessed on the cute critter front - and don't they all know it.

    Just checked the newest one, and now off to bed. Lovely photo Andi.

  3. Lisa, we've got the warmth here but the other signs of spring are weeks away so I'll just enjoy yours vicariously (and jealously). I hope these two days of hyper kids go by as painlessly as possible.

    Night, Lori. Personally, I think they all know it and they use that cute for all it's worth. Got a name for the cria yet?

  4. Regular Florida weather returned yesterday - snuck in when we weren't looking. Sunny, warm, 80, breezy - gorgeous! Thunderstorms predicted today, and we'll be at a baseball game - two years ago the same game was rained out, so fingers crossed we miss that kind of weather. Although I sure do love storms.

    Hope spring continues to explode up north.

    Thanks, Lisa. Me too. Each days's a new adventure any more. Enjoy the peace and quiet and writing time!

    We visit my parents' grave this afternoon after the game, and then sunset drinks at my favorite waterfront bar. Annual tradition.

    Weekend's almost here, folks - hang in there!

  5. Morning, gang! The bug seems to be conquered. The packing recommences at 1900 hours (post mimes).

    Hooray for spring, even though it means more rain here. Happy it's not snow!! woohoo!!

    Lori, very cute critters. Thanks for the pics. :)

    You all hang in there and have a fabulous Thursday!!

  6. Raises a toast--literally, toast, buttered--to everybody having a happy, healthy, creative, wildly pleasant day.

    Wildly pleasant?

  7. Your melt looks way better than ours!

    Waves to all!

    See ya later.

  8. That's sounds like a lovely tradition, Beth -- wrapping your old memories within new ones.

    Huzzah for the conquered bug, Maria. Sorry -- I can't quite bring myself to hooray packing.

    Nancy, wildly pleasant is what you call it when you do something completely off the wall and instead of it killing you, it turns out really nice.

    Not to make you jealous or anything but our melting is now complete, b2.

  9. Sumatra BOP, Kyo Aro estate. Mmmmm, tea.

  10. w00t!!! Y'all, it's finally done, signed, sealed, official. Move in date: 4/1 (had to change it b/c my moving window had been taken). But all is good to go!

  11. Congratulations, Maria. I knew it would come through but it is nice to have it confirmed!

    Quiet here but I don't mind.

  12. So it's Bop Till You Drop Tea, Kelly?

    Yay, Maria! (except the yucky moving part).

    Quiet is very nice -- though tonight was the first time we heard spring peepers so noise is good too.

  13. Andi, I heard some peepers last month, but last night I heard them at the manor. I stood outside & listened for a few minutes… bliss. Sheer arfing bliss.

    First day back at work went as expected: see if the contractor had any serious issues, make the translators happy, delete unneeded email & mark others with the to-do flag… then as the afternoon slipped into evening, knock a few of them off. Virtual Monday is OK when it's immediately followed by Real Friday!

    Lisa, good luck with the kiddos, one more day right? I guess they're itching to get on with their break too.

    Beth, I hope you didn't get rained out this year.

    Maria, yay for progress — has Comcheese gotten their act together yet?

    Off to curl up with the e-reader who has Fallen From Grace. waving

  14. Farf, after a 45 minute phone call with Comcreeps, things are set for 4/2. So the first day/night in my new home I shall be w/o Internets. Of course, my new building has free WiFi downstairs in the library/media room. ::g::

    Packing continues anon. Brought home 5 large storage bins and some boxes. Progress is being made. The Lima is being tired. I need me a house elf, darn it.

    Think I'll turn in early tonight!

  15. Farf, the return of the peepers is one of my favorite signs of impending spring. Sorry about the sorry return to work.

    Sweet dreams of packed boxes, Maria.

    And sweet dreams for me too.

  16. Good luck with the move, Maria; must be something in the air, friend of mine is on the move next week.

    Snow seems a distant memory here, though it's still around in the north. Here, we have brilliant sunshine and biting winds, but it's looking good.

    Forcing myself to do some writing and now quarter of the way into my 3rd Victorian mystery: at last I have a body, though no clear idea of cause of death. And Florence Nightingale keeps muscling in. Publisher won't like that, he made me dump Charles Dickens in the latest book!

    Toast sounds a good idea, Nancy. Off to make a cuppa and make toast!

    Happy Friday to all: invasion of the bodysnatchers this weekend (aka 3 small boys).