Monday, March 8, 2010

Melt Week: Dogged Gone Snow

Taken March 4, 2010.

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  1. Holy Smokes, Bebo's at the BACK of the pack--But wait a second, that'll change.

    Daffs have started opening up but too rainy yesterday to enjoy. Spring is having to push hard to get started this season.

    Lori--So cute the pademelon--those eyes just melt your heart. Imogen sounds like the animal rescuer of the area. So how do you end up in Australia among all these critters?

    Beth--Happy,Happy Birthday. Sounds like a good day after all. Cyberhugs.

    Boy, Poetry Geeks B Us--Variations on yesterday's poem. Love it.

    Off to work on story a few minutes before heading to the Mimes.
    Marvelous Monday to All.

  2. Nice to see Giddy up and about. :) I've been able to see grass and ground for two whole days now but there's still a part of my brain that doesn't entirely believe it's real.

  3. Is the weekend over already? Nice to know spring is on its way up there. Temps are finally returning to normal here, after months of record-breaking cold. Now we have to clean up the mess winter left - as do all of you. We're just not used to it.

    Family has moved to a friend's house for the week, so it's back to normal life for me - whatever that is!

    Off to do something productive - hope everyone has a stellar Monday.

  4. Yep, Lisa, Bebo was just stopping to enjoy the pause that refreshes. Daffodils are starting to show here too. Does my heart good. And hey, only 5 more days.

    Jen, it was very nice. I was worried that this might be the beginning of the end of her going for walks, but as soon as the snow got down to a few inches, she was back to (her version of) bounding through the woods. Hope the melting snow has given you some similar freedom.

    Beth, just think of this winter as a pretty tame hurricane and maybe the cleanup won't be so bad. Hope you have a fine day.

  5. Morning on a fine Monday! Sun + springlike temps = happy Lima.

    Beth, did I miss your birthday? Hope it was grand!!

    My apt looks a wreck now, dismantled 2 shelf units yesterday and packed up some boxes. My buddy reneged on me Saturday due to her dad's illness, but that's okay. She's coming over tonight with boxes. :)

    How I managed to get 5 big trashbags full o'junk after the declutter, I'll never know...but I have done. I'm sure there's more lurking.

    Wishing you all a fantastic day!

  6. Beth, sorry for missing your birthday, hope you were able to enjoy it at least a little bit through the rough stuff.

    Andi, yeah, thankfully I have gotten out a little bit, too. Some personal bs I've been going through for the past couple of months is giving me aftershocks for longer than I'd anticipated, which is stopping up my writing and making me growly, but the fact that spring is finally springing is going to help all of that tremendously.

    Best wishes to everyone!

  7. {{{Jen}}} Life's bs sometimes takes too darn long to pass. :(

    Hope things get better soon!

  8. Aww, thanks hon, well received and right backatcha.

  9. That picture makes me go fetch another Emily Dickenson poem, this one easier to follow!

    Hope is the thing with feathers
    That perches in the soul,
    And sings the tune without the words,
    And never stops at all,

    And sweetest in the gale is heard;
    And sore must be the storm
    That could abash the little bird
    That kept so many warm.

  10. That's how it looks in my neck of the woods, patchy melting snow.

    Happy belated birthday, Beth! I hope that it was a good one!

    I managed to do lots of painting this past weekend, even doing a small one for the upcoming Netroots Nation auction. Woohoo!

    Good day to all!

  11. Stop in and hugs Jen ((((Jen)))) then goes back to digging and sipping Empire Kemun--hugs tea too (((EK))).

    Down from the five kinds of extra crazy I had two weeks ago to one and half with both those hopefully dropping away by the end of the week to restore things to baseline crazy.

    Hope everyone has a lovely day!

  12. Happy junk tossing, Maria. And good luck with the actual packing stuff.

    Damn Jen. I hope you are able to get back to your writing very, very soon.

    Nancy, I do love that poem but this photo is the one I'd pick for it.

    It's even patchier here today, b2. Just a few isolated bit of snow in very shady spots or where it drifted a lot. Woo hoo from me too on the painting.

    Hi Kelly. Baseline crazy sounds like a reasonable goal.

  13. Waves to everyone. Jen, so sorry and hope that RL gets better.

    Maria, good luck with the packing.

    Back to errands now.

  14. Thanks Dina! I hope your errands went smoothly, or at least were productive/entertaining.

    restore things to baseline crazy

    Yeah, I'll have that too please. :p

    ::is hugged::

  15. We had a long weekend here (Aus Labor day was Monday/yesterday) and managed to see the nieces, go to the Taste of the Huon and get the house cleaned up a bit. And, while Imogen bottled tomatoes, I pimped her prius with a new stereo head unit so that she can now play music from her iphone in her car. It was a tricky installation given all the computer interfaces (one 1/2 watt 68ohm resister was need to bridge two wires - they came in a pack of eight for 45 cents, so I have seven extras if anyone needs one).

    Lisa - how did I end up in Australia? Imogen. We're one of those met-on-the-internet couples. She came and lived with me in the US for awhile, and then we both came here. Fortunately for us, Australia allows their citizens in same-sex relationships to sponsor their partners. So I now have duel citizenship. Oh, and pademelons are the cutest roos. They're very wide at the bottom and make me think of webbles. Bennetts, otoh, have plush chocolate gloves and noses. There was another Bennetts in the yard last night, but this one managed to get out without drama.

    Hi Jen, I've been in a bit of a trough myself of late. Hang in there.

    Baseline crazy sounds like an admirable goal, Kelly.

    Andi, I suppose I can share that photo with ED, as I did rip off the title of my poem from hers. I'm glad the melting snows have helped Giddy get back on track. Give the pack a scruffle from me.

  16. Nancy, I've put a little something up on YouTube for you.

    Minnies' recent clutch has produced some fine blues and one lavender - unfortunately mostly boys.

    Anything you want to know about Muscovy ducks (like why they are not really ducks), I'm your nerd.

  17. blogger ate my post?

    Lori, awww. I love the sound effects and the end where he was all, "Hey, where did everybody go?" I used to know a few Muscovy. I was very fond of them, esp. one old fellow with a bum eye. I had no idea they aren't really ducks, though.

  18. Baseline crazy here is… somewhat elevated. And that's where we are, baseline crazy. But I got home just in time for Spring #3. If we even get Winters #4 and #5, they'll have to be pretty brief.

    Been busy today, the typical vacation at home kind of day: chicken houses, cattle roundup (not so typical), firewood gathering.

    I kowtow to Lori's hardware geekery…

  19. Hi Dina. How's your snow melting going?

    Oh jeez, Lori, why did you parade all that unobtainable food in front of me? Cruel. Cruel. I guess I'm not surprised that you go round tipping little babies into tubs of water. ;)

    Farf, are you going to tell us the story of the cattle roundup or just dangle it in front of us?

  20. Nancy, I love Muscovy's personalities. I've had other ducks and none compared. That, and it's so cute to be greeted with tail wagging and head bobbing every time you go outside. Muscovies were first domesticated by Native Americans from Mexico down to Argentina (where there antecedents still live in the wild), and they continue to look very much like the wild type bird. Because they hiss and chortle rather than quack, have a full breast and only moult once a year they are actually more similar to geese. They are usually grouped with a few other oddball species and classed as a "perching ducks", because will readily roost in trees. They can be crossed with either a duck or a goose which will produce a sterile ("mule") hybred. All other domestic duck species are descended from the Mallard.

    FARf, what kinda doggies do you have? Oh, and I'm no-where as geeky as I used to be. It took me close to a week on the web to figure out the best (and cheapest) options for this project. Dang new-fangled computerized components.

  21. Andi, I told you Tasmania is basically an "eat your way around it" island. To which the forty pounds I've put on since getting here can attest.

    We picked up fresh nectarines, nashi pear-apples, and lot of traditional European pear types on the drive home. Most of what we bought at the Taste we ate there, but we did manage to bring home a jar of Ecuadorian salsa and a bottle of mead. It's such a sacrifice to live on an island with no big cities. When you get here, you'll see.

  22. I cannot wait to see ... and eat, Lori. You're at the top of our retirement to-do list.

    And a good afternoon to you and a good night everybody else.

  23. w00t! Round 1 down. Thanks for the special Jen mojo. Apts called and verified my employment. Now I'm just waiting for them to call me to tell me I'm in. This wait is keeeeling me. I'm such a pre-planner, I can't stand waiting on other people. ::g::

    Might I beg a wee bit more mojo from y'all?