Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Melt Week: Breakthrough

Taken February 28, 2010.

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  1. 3:26 a.m. wakefulness broke through. Have a good day, all.

  2. And you didn't even wake me up. And now you've dirtied up the VGW for Beth. You're such a nice fella. :)

  3. Very nice mosses.

    'Night all.

  4. Night Lori! Hope our day is as good as yours was. :-)

    Yay for green! And for dirty VGWs. Sorry about wakefulness tho, Jim.

    Didn't get much accomplished yesterday: too many interruptions. Will do better today; I beat myself up too badly when that happens.

    Might have found an at-home job I can do. Learning more about it this afternoon - fingers crossed.

    Hope everyone has a productive day!

  5. Nice green poking through the snow! We've been at lovely temps for a few days, but still have a few stubborn piles o'snowmaggedon that are hanging on. They'll be gone tomorrow when the rains come, though.

    Today: tummy bug wins. I'm staying home from the mimes b/c this is definitely not conducive to productivity.

    Lori, very cool pic of your place - love the misty mountains in the background and that agave is freakishly huge! We used to have a couple in Texas at my dad's place, but never of that size.

    Think I'm going to go back to bed for a bit.

    Cheers, all!

  6. Hi, all. We have had very nice weather the last couple of days. The snow is disappearing rapidly but there was quite a bit of it.

    Maria, feel better soon!

  7. ANNOUNCEMENT: it's 68!

    Pleasant dreams of cria's not crying, Lori.

    Fingers and claws crossed here, Beth.

    I hope you feel better after your second waking up, Maria.

    Snow here is down to a few tiny spots here and there. I hope you get to the same place soon, Dina.

  8. Drive by hi. Internet is spotty today. < sigh >

    Waves to all.

    BTW, we've got that melt thing well underway.

  9. Nice to see you on FB, b2! Funny when we discover the aliases of our blog buddies... :-)

    Yay for melting!

    2.5 hours til training - thanks for the good wishes.

    Hope you're feeling better, Maria.

  10. Thanks for more mojo, gang - feeling *much* better!!

    Napped a lot, read a bit. Even managed to pack 1 box of books. Taking it easy peasy, though.

  11. Hey, it's spring out there. Well, that which is not covered in mud, snow, or pavement is green. Which is the same thing, right?

  12. That is a very pretty picture.

  13. Daffs have been opening up here too, but still kinda frowsy-looking. Back to the mimes tomorrow.

    Warm hugs all around…

  14. Training was cancelled at the last minute - rescheduled for next week sometime. Can you recross your fingers and toes then?

    My girlfriend's coming over for wine and laughter and chatting - and hopefully solving the world's problems.

    Have a peaceful evening, all.

  15. Hi all.

    Some more photos of the new Cria at the Dog Blog.

    Last night's checks were all uneventful - with mum and bub sitting nicely tucked up together.

  16. Just stopping by to say hi to everybody who I haven't said hi to yet and then heading off to bed.