Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It is Easy Being Green

Also, wonderful.

Taken March 11, 2010.

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  1. Speak for yourself, I've spent much of the day delivering pamphlets all over my rural district for the Tasmanian Greens party. The election is this Saturday.

    We have a parliamentary government and neither of the two major parties (Labor [left] or Liberal [right]) are likely to get an outright majority, which means one of them will have to try and form a coalition government with the Greens.

    This should be very fun to watch, as Labor here is so corrupt it's more likely to be a Liberal/Green coalition.

    You know you've lived in Australia for a long time when bright green plants like the one in your pretty picture look "wrong", or at least out of place. Anything that color here is an introduced garden plant. Irises?

  2. Daffodils. That and cisterns are the easy way to spot old home sites, of which they are many. Abandoning homes has been a popular pastime in this county for most of its history. People thought they could farm this rocky, clay-ey hill country and they were mostly wrong.

    Go Greens!

  3. FRACKING BLOGGER keeps eating my posts!

    Anyone else having that problem?

  4. What I had meant to post, before Blogger ate it, was that we too have rings of daffodils indicating old home sites.

  5. The only time I have that problem is if I type before blogger "signs" me in.

    I guess being an easy to grow, colorful early flower made daffodils really popular.

  6. Blogger ate my post too, Lori. It hates me...

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  8. Blogger eating my post happens so often, I copy my post before hitting post.

    Blogger is having problems this morning. The deleted post is mine. For some reason when I logged it it put up a comment that I made a few weeks ago.

  9. And the powers that be said, "Lo, there shall be spring. And there was green--leave shooting out of the earth and coloring our world with joy."

    Morning, folks. I am beyond tired--the darned insomnia wand beat me over the head most of the night. Stupid fairy.

    Lori, I meant to post last night that I *love* my Birks--don't go anywhere without them. Now that the weather's better, it's unlikely you'll find me wearing any other shoe.

    Happy Tuesday all, and may the Blogger gods be kinder to those following than to Lori/Jim. :)

  10. I'd taken to do that too, Jim. Just not the last one, which had all sorts of comments like: I love the Astronomy Pic. of the Day, etc.

    Sorry, it's late and I can't be bothered to rewrite everything.

    (copying before posting this time [good thing too, it ate it)

  11. It wasn't Blogger that caused my post's strange behavior; it was me. Well actually it was my password manager. Evidently I'd captured some text as well as my login info when I set it up.

  12. ::glancing around nervously as she types, waiting for the Blogger Gremlins to eat her comment::

    You guys are busy this morning! Or this evening, in Lori's case. Maria, you and I should IM in the wee hours - 3 hours playing Mahjong and Solitaire in the middle of the night. Hope you make it through the day.

    Nasty cold continues to kick my rear end. I hate being sick. Boo, hiss. My fam comes back today for a couple more days, then head north for good. Won't see them til June, sigh.

    The green is gorgeous - the columbines I planted are starting to peek through, so maybe I'll have flowers soon, too.

    Off to find hot tea and more tissues. Hope everyone's Tuesday is peaceful.

  13. Waves to all!

    Half asleep but off to water yoga. Coherency impossible.

  14. Good morning, Maria. There's way too much brown in view for me to be celebrating yet but just seeing those daffodil shoots did my heart good.

    Good night, Lori.

    I love columbines, Beth. What color(s)?

  15. Oops -- missed Dina. Hope you have an excellent body and mind stretching time at yoga?

  16. They're my favorite flower, andi. No clue about the color - bought a box at Sam's Club with 15 starts, so will find out once they start blooming. Had flowerbeds full of them in ID, and fond memories of wandering through the woods in CO and seeing them everywhere. I'll take pix if I'm still here once they bloom!

  17. And I am apparently alone in a time change lag, feeling less like I turned my clock forward an hour and more like I turned it backwards 23 hours.

    ::waves at everyone through the haze, tosses fresh bull into the Blogger gods' sacrificial altar fire::

    Back to bed now, kthanxbai.

  18. Good way of describing it, Jen, that's how I feel too. Still trying to figure out why this particular time change is kicking my butt; it's never been like this.

    Oh well. I was up late last night (still trying to adjust to the time change) sorting through photos of The Boy's gig from Saturday. I found that even the built-in flash lit up an ugggly concrete wall behind the stage (I didn't even try the Speedlite after seeing that), so I just cranked up the ISO and shot flash-less.

    Off to grab my 2nd cup of joe & get out the door.

  19. Andi, it is water yoga and the water was too cold so we had a very strenuous workout instead.

    I am exhausted but in a good way.

  20. Also thumped on the head and left for dead by the time change here.

    Blogger has always been kind to me, but now I'm going to have sacrifice another goat just to be sure.

    It's 60 out there right now and I just got back from a 2 mile walk to drop some flowers on Dr.Mc's desk. I thought she could use a bit more spring than the climate is going give us for another month or 2.

    Need to get back to beta reading a friend's novel nextish.

    A lovely day to all.

  21. You walked 2 miles to give your wife flowers...Kelly, we need to clone you!! You get gold stars AND brownie points!

  22. Crimson columbines are my favoite, Beth, so I hope that's what you got.

    Jen, good afternoon -- assuming you didn't just decide to stay in bed until time catches up with you.

    Those photos turned out really well, Farf. I like the way you shot the drummer.

    Being exhausted in a good way is a very good thing, Dina. :) It's one of things of love about hiking.

    Wow, 60 in Wisconsin in March -- the weather gods are feeling kind. Clearly, you are being rewarded for being a good hubby, Kelly.

  23. Nice photos FarF. I'm a big fan of the low-light/high-ISO/orangy-glow.

    Forget the Brownie points Kelley, that deserves brownies.

    Jen et al. I hatehatehate daylight savings time. We get ours on April 3rd (just to confuse things, Western Australia is the week before).

    Maria, I've been known to wear Birkies in the snow (I do have really warm skin). As a bonus Lily and Hector enjoyed chewing up the boxes from the new pairs. My floor is now, well, covered with the shredded remains.

    Beth, I recommend cloth hankies over tissues - less irritating to your nose. Get well soon.

    (Ctrl A Ctrl C - here goes nuttin' [trying again])

  24. Lori, I had no idea about the hankies - thanks for the pointer!

    You had to mention brownies...(runs to the kitchen looking for goodies)...

    I'm still in jeans, socks and sweatshirts, and it's 70 outside. Yes, I be a wimp.

  25. Beth, my nose actually turns red and swollen from contact with the wood fibers in tissues, hence the clear hankie preference (plus, hankies are more environmentally friendly). Chalk this up under "things I learned from hay fever".

    Also under the "things I learned" banner is: don't put too much in the blender. Usually I'm the "helpful hint" person. Not necessarily of the hints from Heloise variety, but useful nonetheless. So when I forgot to clean the blender yesterday after making a banana smoothy I did my usual short-cut clean by filling it full of warm soapy water and putting it on "liquefy" to self scrub. Only I put in just a little too much water and it popped the cap with a woosh. Oh well, the floor and counter needed cleaning anyway (but probably not the bowl of apples).

    It's nearly noon and I' still in my terry cotton robe (but soon to take a bath and head to Hobart).

    As for brownies . . .

  26. Thanks, Lori & Andi. White balance correction gets the orangy-glow out, but it *does* add a little atmosphere, doesn't it?

    Mrs. Fetched made banana pudding. Not as ultra-wonderful as brownies, but definitely good enough. Off to see if she needs help with Mason… she fed him black-eyed peas and he ate them readily enough (with the usual "WTF?" face at the first bite).

  27. Well I hope everybody's sweet tooth was satisfied by all this talk of brownies and now pudding (but not black-eyed peas).

    And so to bed.