Thursday, March 25, 2010

I Opine on Green

(This photo is a bit of trick. Wanna guess why?)

Taken March 13, 2010.

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  1. Not in your woods is my guess.
    Color is starting to blossom here in Texas.
    Will turn the fan on high and blow it to you poor folks in the GRAY north.

    Thursday Winking at Friday.

  2. Morning Lisa. And nope, that's not it. Thanks for the thought of warmer temps -- it's going to be below freezing tonight and tomorrow night. :(

  3. I do not have a guess at your trick but I do have a reaction to your pun. ;p

  4. Oh noes, I make kitties cry! :P

    Was the reaction to yesterday's pun even more litter-al? :P :P

  5. Guessing this photo was not taken from ground level?

    Morning, gang! Working for the mimes from home today. Have some documentation to write and yesterday was pure fail in that regard. Loads of interruptions and distractions, so today, I'm staying home to finish up.

    ONE WEEK until I move!!!!!! So very, very psyched.

    Discovered a new obsession yesterday: cinnamon roll latte from a local cafe. OMG, YUM. Unfortunately, it's not located conveniently. I only detoured there yesterday a.m. because traffic was mighty sucky, so I thought I'd wait it out a bit.

    Hahaha on the crying kitties!! ::g:: Puns = work of devil...but sometimes, the devil is deliciously fun!

    Terrific Thursday, peeps!

  6. That was my guess, Maria. Yay for moving - you're going to love your new space, and it'll be worth all of the hassle getting there.

    Basketball tonight, woo hoo! Had a slight case of food poisoning last night, so I'll be on the couch all day writing and waiting for the games. Heck of a way to lose weight...

    I love puns. The worse, the better. :-)

    Off to see if my stomach likes cereal this morning...have a great day, all!

  7. You're good, Maria (but we knew that). The trees and I are on a steep slope and I'm shooting down at them. So that's not land and sky behind the trees -- it's the lake.

    I'm not big on sweet stuff, Maria, but I understand that kind of obsession. There's a coffee shop in Wakefield, MA that makes the world's greatest blueberry cornmeal muffins that I must have for breakfast if I'm within 20 miles of the shop.

    I hope I can count on you to root for Butler tonight, Beth. And I know that such righteousness will cure you of any linger tummy troubles.

  8. That's the lake? Wow. Thanks for the hint. Very cool.

    Sorry andi, I'm a huge Syracuse fan. One of my 3 favorite teams, since I worked there in the early 80's. (I actually worked in the office where the Orange costume was kept - one of our interns wore it during the games. Fond memories.) So although I'm usually rooting for the underdog, can't help you there. I'll root more quietly than usual though, in your honor.

  9. Okay Beth, I can be mature and respect that (though the immature side just whispered ... but I take back everything I said about curing your tummy troubles)

  10. Fair enough! :-)

  11. Yeesh, my comment to Lori got eated last night! Oh well. Having got here late, I know how you got that shot and I likee. Was the lake foggy?

    Not much going on here, just reading through some specs for work and typing notes into an outliner. The glamourous life of a gearhead tech writer. The choc chip cookies all got gone, so I started some peanut butter cookies last night. Since the dough has to chill for "at least three hours," I left it overnight & will have them done for lunch…

  12. Mmm, cookies. I <3 homemade peanut butter cookies. They are my fav.

    I'm fighting the MAJOR urge to stop writing documentation on a web application and go WRITE. The muse done struck and ideas for book 5 are flowing. I did spend about 2 hours this a.m. jotting down notes into Scrivener. Discovered a few things that emerged that will be kick-butt!

    Also know where my short story is going, too. Good, because it's due all too soon. :)

  13. Hi everyone. Would love the recipe for the peanut butter cookies - sounds delicious.

    My big chore for the day - picking the book I plan to read when I proctor tonight. Decisions, decisions.

  14. Interesting trick Andi.

    Hope that you're feeling better Beth.

    It's still nice here. Looking forward to the weekend.

    Waves to all.

  15. Go Butler!!!!

    I know what side my bread's buttered, Andi.

    I'll root for your underdog.

  16. Maria, you and Mrs. Fetched!

    Dina, the recipe is in the Betty Crocker cookbook, this is ever so slightly modified from that:

    1/2c regular sugar
    1/2c brown sugar, packed
    1/2c shortening, butter, or margarine
    1/2c peanut butter
    1 egg
    1-1/3c self-rising flour

    Mix together first five ingredients. Stir in flour. Cover and refrigerate dough at least 3 hours.

    Heat oven to 375°F. Roll dough into 1-1/4" balls, place on ungreased cookie sheets 3" apart. Flatten with a fork, using a criss-cross pattern (dip the fork in flour if it sticks). Bake 10-12 minutes. Allow to cool 2-3 minutes, then move to a cooling rack. See how long you can stay out of them (hah!).

  17. Thanks so much. These sound yummy and simple - a great combination.

  18. Farf, I think I can smell the lovely aromas coming from you all the way up here. :)

    Dina, good thing we didn't do our book club or you'd just have to keep rejecting the choices. :)

    Hi b2. Not nice here -- mud season has arrived.

    Lisa you are one smart woman. :D

  19. Well, andi, since I know you're rooting for Butler, I'm not nearly as upset over how terribly Syracuse is playing so far...

  20. There's lots of time left, Beth. I'm not getting cocky about the score.

  21. Woo hoo! Yay Butler.

    Sorry Beth. If it makes you feel any better, I grew up 8 blocks from Butler and so it's my "neighborhood" team.

  22. I figured they must be from IN, but had to look it up.

    And to be honest, I was rooting for them the whole game. I usually go for the underdog, but when it's one of my teams that hard. But they played so well, and SU didn't. The better team won. So woo hoo to you, too!

    Now if Cornell can win, it'll be a great day. Of course my bracket is now completely demolished...

  23. Well I'm delighted to root for Cornell. Go Cornell! Beat Kentucky!